Crash Gambling Canada at LeoVegas

Crash gambling is a form of online game that has recently become popular across online gambling sites due to the unique gameplay that separates it from standard slot titles.

What Is Crash Gambling?

To begin with, online crash gambling was based around Bitcoin as sites accepted cryptocurrency for the bets that players placed for each round. Since then, this online casino game has become more widely available on crash gambling sites, allowing players to bet with standard currency options.

General rules remain the same across crash game gambling but providers have developed various different themes and features for each, with some even providing a multiplayer option.

More games are continuing to be released as the genre grows and new concepts are developed. Currently, you can experience both Bustabit-styled games and Mines, which take on similar concepts but offer unique ways of playing.

How To Play Crash Gambling

For those who are new to crash gambling games, the concept is very simple. After placing your initial bet, the round begins with a starting multiplier, which eventually grows as the game progresses. You have the option to cash out at any point, but the aim is to do so before the multiplier "Crashes" and you lose the round.

The longer the game lasts, the higher the multiplier value grows.

Crash casino games are based on chance, meaning that the round can come to an end at any moment. If you don't choose to cash out before the round crashes, you will lose the stake that you placed at the beginning of the round.

Some games offer a little variance, with players needing to reveal symbols without uncovering the game-ending icons.

Crash Gambling Pros and Cons

Offering a very unique gameplay, crash gambling is different from traditional online casino games that you might be familiar with.

One of the main differences is that crash gambling games do offer you an option to decide when you would like to cash out. Other forms of games can come down to complete chance, taking the choice away from the player.

Despite having some level of choice, the outcome of the game is based on random chance so there is no information to inform your cashing-out decision.

When it comes to the unique gameplay aspect, some games have gone a step further with the introduction of multiplayer functionality. Here, players can experience the same round playing out with other players, adding a social element to the game as each individual watches the progress of the multiplier.

There is no guarantee of winning so having an approach and budget in place can help to limit losses when playing crash gambling games.

Types of Crash Games

Within the crash gambling category, there are various types of games that offer a slightly different approach to the general concept.


Originally a Bitcoin crash game, this form of game originally accepted bets in the form of bitcoin, rather than the typical stakes that are placed with online gambling games.

The game sticks with the general crash game concept, but the theme is very basic. On the screen, you will notice that the growing multiplier is displayed with a simple number that is growing in value. This number can crash at any time, bringing the round to an end.

Bustabit is one of the versions that allows you to play with other players, adding live chat functionality to the game.


Mine games use the same rules when compared to the original concept of crash gambling but there is a small difference in the way the game is played.

To play, you will need to click spaces on the grid that you are presented with. This will reveal the positions to show what lies beneath them. If you hit a mine, the game comes to an end and you lose. If you are able to reveal positions without hitting a mine, the multiplier will continue to grow.

What are the most popular crash and mines games?

Crash gambling has a range of games available, with each offering different themes and features for a unique gameplay experience.

LeoVegas Mines

This LeoVegas exclusive is formed around the Mines crash game concept, where you are presented with a grid of hidden spaces.

As you click to reveal spaces on the grid, you will either find a coin or explosives hidden beneath. When explosives appear, the round will end, resulting in a loss. If a coin appears, you then have a possible win available if you choose to cash out. There is also the option to continue playing, potentially increasing the multiplier if you manage to avoid the explosives.

Before starting the game, you can select the bet size and the number of explosives that should be positioned on the grid. LeoVegas Mines has a minimum bet requirement of 0.20 and a maximum bet cap of 100.00 per round.

1000x Busta

With the 1000x Busta crash game, you will be presented with a growing curve where the aim is to predict how high the curve will reach before crashing. One of the unique features of the game is the addition of the historic results table, previewing how previous rounds have played out.

The original version of the game was created to be played with cryptocurrency but the 1000x Busta game has been designed for all players to experience at online casinos.


In terms of themes, Spaceman is one of the most well-designed crash games available. Within the game, you will notice the game's Spaceman character travelling through the galaxy as the multiplier progresses.

The aim of the game is to cash out before the Spaceman crashes and the stake is lost. The higher the Spaceman climbs, the higher the multiplier value becomes.

To Mars and Beyond

As another space-themed crash game, To Mars and Beyond is set on the planet Mars where you will find a small space station and a rocket ready for take off.

The game's progressive multiplier will be triggered once the rocket launches, rising higher and higher as the rocket climbs into space. To win, you need to predict the right moment to cash out, before the rocket crashes and the round ends.

Bonus features are also included to add more unique gameplay elements for an alternative to other crash games.

Crash and Mines Games FAQ

How to win at crash gambling?

Crash Gambling games are based completely on random chance so there is no approach that can guarantee you a win.

To be able to achieve a win within these games, you will need to cash out before the round crashes and your bet is lost. As you can't predict when this will occur, having a budget in place can limit losses.

Is there any crash gambling strategy?

Based on Random Number Generator (RNG) software, the outcome of the game is randomly decided so that you can't predict when the round will end. This means that are no specific crash gambling strategies that can result in a win.

Some crash games provide a list of recent results to show how previous rounds have ended. Although this cannot inform your decision as your round will be random, it can show you how the game works.

How does crash gambling work?

These types of games are typically based around a rising multiplier that grows as the game round progresses. Rounds come to an end when the multiplier bursts which is decided by a Random Number Generator software to create an unpredictable game.

How to choose the best crash gambling game?

Choosing the best crash gambling game comes down to personal preference. Each crash betting game adopts different themes, bonus features and mechanics that appeal to various players.

Crash gambling can come in the form of Mine and Bustabit games, providing unique alternatives for you to select on a crash gambling site.

What are the key features of crash games?

The standout feature of crash games is the growing multiplier. As the game progresses, the multiplier will continue to increase, leading to improved payouts. This multiplier does have the potential to burst, leaving you with a loss if you don't cash out.

Each game can also have unique bonus features, potentially providing you with modifiers if triggered.

Can I play crash games for free?

Demo versions are available to allow you to try the game and understand the rules before playing with real bets.

You can also play crash gambling games right here at LeoVegas with various titles available for you to try.