Piggy Smash

Gaming Corps
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Take a Swing at Piggy Smash

Ready for a smashing good time? Piggy Smash slot machine will have you squealin’ as you attempt to smash open a Piggy Bank for a cash prize! The goal is simple - smash the Piggy to win an instant prize or send the Hammer on a Rampage. Piggy Multipliers or a combo of both will also work hard to fill your own Piggy Bank balance. So wind up and hold that Hammer high, it’s time to start swinging and spinning!

Piggy Smash Features

If you’ve ever tried to smash open your own piggy bank, there can be a little technique involved. Piggy Smash slot machine features are here to help crack that piggy for you!

Piggy Multipliers

When the Hammer drops and the Piggy Bank smashes open, it can trigger the Multiplier feature of Piggy Smash slot machine. The multiplier that is revealed will then be applied to the following round - which is a guaranteed one hit smash! Cha ching!

Rampage Feature

Piggies can get frustrated too. After smashing a Piggy Bank ball, the Rampage feature may come into play. Don’t worry, you’ll recognize Rampage Mode when it hits, as the Hammer will automatically smash Piggies until it eventually fails. In this mode, at least two Piggies will get smashed and pay a prize.

If you’re a lucky little piggy, you may also trigger the Multiplier Rampage, a combo of these two bonus rounds! During such a round, all smashings will get multiplied by the multiplier awarded at the bonus’s start.

Instant Win Feature

Every time you hit PLAY and attempt to smash the Piggy Bank open, it can reward an instant cash prize as follows:

- Mini: x10

- Minor: x25

- Major: x100

- Grand: x1,000

Piggy Smash’s Theme & Design

To be clear, there are no reels on this game board. Instead, a red Hammer takes center stage and is surrounded by Piggy Balls on its left and right. When one rolls under the Hammer, it morphs into a Piggy Bank and you can bet (literally) that it gets smashed. It may take a few rounds to get used to, but once you’ve dropped that Hammer a few times, you’ll fall in love!

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How to Win Piggy Smash

Once Piggy Smash slot machine launches, you’ll be introduced to a new betting experience. Rather than reels, a Piggy Ball rolls out into the middle of the screen, becomes a Piggy Bank, and awaits a smashing by the giant Hammer.

The goal of the game is to smash it open. But, its destruction can lead to prizes and feature rounds, rather than a nasty mess in your room.

- Smash open the ball for an instant cash prize.

- Smash open the ball to launch a feature bonus round.

- Or, a smash attempt can be a total loss! If this happens, another hit of PLAY will simply act as another attempt on this same Piggy Bank.

Now, to be clear, the ‘active Piggy’ does not get replaced until there’s a successful whack that cracks it open and reveals a prize. Once that occurs, a new Piggy rolls in, and the smashing attempts begin again.

How to Play Piggy Smash

While this betting experience may appear quite different, you’ll still start by setting the BET VALUE box. The value shown represents your cost per ‘spin’ - which in this game, is the drop of the Hammer. Now, to make the Hammer fall on the unsuspecting piggy, hit the PLAY button.

Once the PLAY button is pressed, the Hammer drops and reveals - no dent to the piggy bank, cracks in the piggy bank, or, it smashes it to pieces and reveals a cash prize or triggers a bonus round feature play! Keep in mind that each drop of the Hammer equates to a ‘spin’!
This game is licensed outside of Malta.