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Online Blackjack at LeoVegas Live Casino

A great live casino is one that pays homage to one of the most beloved online casino games of all time... Blackjack! Nothing compares to the excitement you get when you land that perfect 21! If you’re a blackjack enthusiast, you certainly know what we’re talking about and you’re going to love the LeoVegas Live Casino. Filled from head to toe with a huge variety of live blackjack games, our live casino is your go-to place to play blackjack online!

This casino classic is a game of skill, more so than most other card games, so you definitely have a great chance to beat the dealer and win big! Time to immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of live blackjack at LeoVegas, are you ready?

Blackjack Rules

Your ultimate goal in blackjack is to beat the dealer .

There are several ways to achieve that. First, you can draw a hand value that’s higher than the dealer’s. The best hand you can get is a natural blackjack, 21.

The only way you can’t win, is if the dealer also gets a natural and it’s a tie, or push. In that case, you don't win but you don’t lose. You also win in blackjack if the dealer goes bust and you haven’t, no matter what cards you’re holding.

There’s definitely a lot more to this simple concept of reaching but not exceeding 21. Beyond building your hand value by drawing more cards, there’s splitting, doubling down, insurance, surrendering and a whole lotta fun strategy in between.

Our how to play blackjack guide will help you with all these details and improve your play along the way!

What are the main types of blackjack actions?

If Kenny Rogers was singing about blackjack and not poker, the lyrics may have gone like this, “You got to know when to stand, know when to surrender’. Blackjack has its own table lingo, and knowing it will teach you a lot about the game and feel like a pro. Let’s get into it.


A hit means you’ll take another card from the dealer and it will be added to your card value. You can take as many hits as you wish to try to reach 21 but remember, you don’t want to go over!


In a sense, to stand in blackjack means you rest your case. You’re saying no to drawing any additional cards from the dealer and are sticking with your total card value. A useful action when you’re at risk of busting!


Corey Hart was wrong, you can surrender! In blackjack, surrendering means calling it quits on the hand and folding. You’re waving the white flag to surrender in blackjack, and surrender half your bet you will! So while you get half your original bet back, the other half is forfeited.


Quite literally, it means to split one blackjack hand into two. This action is only available when you’re dealt two cards of matching value. Once split, your newly created hand requires a bet that matches your original. Bonus: two hands in play mean two chances to win (or lose, but we’re half full kinda people). 

Double Down

Like your first two cards? Consider doubling the bet you’ve put down, hence double down. It’s essentially a vote of confidence in your hand with a twist. When you double down, you get one and only one additional card. Strategy comes into play here as well as an assessment of the dealer’s hand which is why it’s commonly only used with card values of 9, 10 or 11. 


If the dealer is showing an Ace, chances are they may snag a blackjack on their second card.

Blackjack Insurance lets you bet on that! It’s a side bet that pays 2-1, banking on the dealer hitting blackjack. True, you may feel like you’re betting against yourself but you’re doing so in an effort to recoup losses you may endure.


If your final card count matches the dealer’s, it’s a tie. In blackjack terms, a tie is a push. And in this case, the dealer pushes your bet back to you as there's nothing gained, nothing lost.

What are the main types of online blackjack games?

You might think a game based on 21 wouldn’t have so many variations, but you’d be wrong! Let’s dig deeper into diversity among our LeoVegas blackjack games.

European blackjack

The difference is all in the deal. In American blackjack, the dealer gets two cards, one face-up and one down. In European blackjack, the dealer gets a second card only after players have acted. Another difference from across the pond? You can only split when holding two matching face cards. 

American blackjack

American Blackjack is a player vs. dealer game in a hunt for 21, or as close to it without going over. Players are dealt two cards and build value by drawing cards (hit) or holding where they’re at (stay). Higher card value wins as long as it’s not over 21 (bust). Its simplicity has made it the world’s most popular casino game, but so has its challenge!

Live blackjack

Jumping onto a live blackjack game at LeoVegas Live Casino means that a real live dealer is dealing you physical cards. Sure, they’re in a studio and you’re acting at home but it all comes together with the wonders of real-time live streaming. It might just be as close to metaverse blackjack as it gets for a while. Give it a go for that live casino buzz!

Spanish 21

Ever been elated to catch 21 only to tie with the dealer and push? Not in this game! In this variation, 21 always wins. End of story. Doubling down is also possible after any number of cards are dealt, rather than just the first two. Oh, such possibilities! 

Atlantic City

In Atlantic City the action is fierce. Most notably, you can split your hand up to three times. That means you may end up playing four-handed, if you catch cards of equal value thrice. Only exception falls to the Ace; it can be split only once and is a one-hit wonder after doing so. More action? You got it. You can also double down on any hand including splits. 

Multihand blackjack

Action lovers, high rollers and ballin’ blackjackers may choose to play more than one hand at the same table - and that’s multihand blackjack in a nutshell. It increases your stake at the table without putting your eggs all in one basket!

Multiplayer blackjack

Blackjack is not always a one-on-one battle of you versus the dealer. Multiplayer blackjack is when there are other players at the table with you, and this goes for both our live or video tables. Whether your fellow players win or lose is irrelevant to you as your eye is on the dealer, but it always feels good to collectively win!

The Finest Online Blackjack Games For All Tastes!

What makes our blackjack portfolio so impressive is the diversity that exists within it.

From traditional tables to modern tables with innovative twists, from live dealer tables to RNG tables, from high-speed titles to ones with a more laid-back feel, from unlimited-seating tables to exclusive VIP tables, we’ve got them all at LeoVegas Live Casino... and the list continues!

Whichever you pick, rest assured that you’ll be treated to the best live casino entertainment out there, made possible through our collaboration with the top providers in the industry.

The immersive studio environments, the crystal clear streaming and the multiple camera angles continue to make your experience with us even more seamless and enjoyable!

Play Blackjack Online From Your Smartphone!

Playing blackjack has never been easier! With full HD streams delivered straight to your smartphone and all portable devices, this literally means you can enjoy the blackjack card game wherever and whenever!

If that doesn’t sound amazing enough, here are some more top-notch app features: you can have a quick peek at the seat availability, mark your favourite blackjack tables and even find your last played games for the ultimate personalized experience - all from your Android or Apple devices! Simply download the LeoVegas App and let the blackjack online fun begin!

At LeoVegas, technology and innovation pave the way into the mobile future, and we are proud to be the winners of the ‘Mobile Operator of the Year’ title at the 2020 EGR Nordic Awards. Double down with ease, make that effortless split and rest easy with insurance by joining us in the mobile revolution!

Play Online Blackjack in Canada With a Welcome Bonus!

Here’s something else we think might put a smile on your face...upon signing up with LeoVegas, get ready to be treated to a Live Casino Welcome Bonus fit for royalty! As new members of our LeoVegas family, we love to raise the bar and heighten your levels of fun!

And it doesn’t stop there, as regular promotions and offers of all sorts are constantly rolled out. Simply make sure you opt in for communications when signing up or later on in your journey with us! Of course, we cannot forget to mention our loyalty programs, unique to all the different levels of high rollers.

Caring for Our Canadian Blackjack Players!

Besides the Welcome Bonus, promotions, offers and the VIP treatment we offer to our beloved Canadian lions, keep in mind that our friendly agents are always at your service with 24/7 customer support accessible via live chat, email or phone. Alternatively, hop over to our detailed FAQ pages in our Help Centre for quick answers and easy solutions.

We want you to enjoy our blackjack tables with the utmost responsibility, so should you or anyone close to you have any gambling-related concerns, please feel free to refer to our recently-launched responsible gaming platform:

21+3 Blackjack Side Bet & Many More!

Apart from the classic blackjack rules, in recent years many online blackjack tables have started offering a variety of blackjack side bets too.

These have quickly gained popularity so much so that more and more players are learning how to use them and love them each passing day.

Indeed, the most common side bets are the ‘21+3’ and the ‘Perfect Pairs’ side bets which you can practically enjoy on almost all blackjack tables at LeoVegas Live Casino.

What are online blackjack odds and payouts?

Keep in mind that there are many blackjack variations offering different payouts and odds. In general, here’s what to expect.

  • Blackjack pays 3 to 2
  • Insurance pays 2 to 1

Side bets add a whole new level of excitement and action to our blackjack tables! Perfect Pairs or Bust Bonuses allow you take a chance on other factors in the game, not just if you win or lose. These are luck-heavy, and as such can pay big!

Take Crazy 7 for example, it pays a whopping 2000:1 side bet! Peaked your interest? Discover what you’ve been missing in our blakjack side bets.

How to win at blackjack?

Blackjack is not just a game of luck and chance. No siree. Skill has a seat at this table as well. In this game of you versus the dealer, every decision you make should take into account both your hand value and the dealer’s.

It’s this amalgamation of luck, chance and skill that make this game so popular, simple and yet challenging all at the same time!

Lucky for math lovers, stats and odds are on your side. To win at blackjack, players usually, first and foremost, consider the basic blackjack strategy table. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this table provides statistically based moves based on what cards you hold, versus what the dealer is showing.

For example, hitting on 12 is a smart move if the dealer shows 20, but not 15. Why? You’ve got cards 10 through King valued at 10, so the odds of catching one is strong which will, of course, take you to bust land. 

 A few more blackjack tips to drop into your memory bank are:

  • Always double down with a hard 11.
  • Always split Aces and 8s.
  • Never split tens, they’re usually an easy win!
  • Remember that the dealer must stand on 17 and draw on 16.

Another blackjack math based strategy that’s discussed a lot is card counting. If you’re taking this route, be observant, as the goal here is to keep count of high versus low cards played in the game, so you can make guesstimates on what’s left in the deck and adjust your bet heavily or lightly accordingly.

Don’t worry, you’ll find all the tips, the strategy table and more in our how to play blackjack guide

Keep Exploring Beyond Our Blackjack Casino

Kick your live casino experience up a notch by discovering what else we got to offer apart from our thrilling blackjack tables. Why not continue the fun on other card games, such as our poker and baccarat offerings? If a break from card games is what you’re after, then let the wheels have their say, either on our various iconic roulette.

Blackjack FAQ

What is the best blackjack strategy?

This is a game where strategy trumps chance. And in blackjack, you’ll get friendly with math courtesy of a basic blackjack table that helps you determine what the best play is, based on stats.

It’s not always going to result in a win, but it's a basic guideline that allows you to make optimal decisions based on your cards versus what the dealer is showing. If you’ve ever sat at a table and heard players refer to ‘the book’, this is it!

You’ll find this handy table, alongside many other strategy tips in our blackjack basic strategy guide.

Can I play blackjack for free?

Of course! Playing free blackjack games with virtual coins is a great way to acquaint yourself with blackjack’s basic flow, rules and to give your strategy a test run. The exception is our live casino blackjack tables, which can be played only for real money.

As they’re played live, you can’t jump in with virtual coins but you can certainly observe the action and see how plays pan out for other players. You’ll find all our LeoVegas blackjack games here.

Is it better to hit or stay on in blackjack?

As they say, it’s all in the cards and this is in true in blackjack’s main decision of whether to hit or stay. Since you don’t want to bust (over 21), a common rule of thumb is to hit on 8 or less but stand on anything 12 and higher. But, you can’t just take stock of your own cards here. You’ve got to take the dealers into account too - after all, it’s you versus the dealer.

If you’re holding a 10 + 5 (15), but the dealer is standing on J-J (20), you’ve already lost and may as well try your luck with a hit. If you’re holding that same hand versus a dealer’s 10 + 3 (13), you may stand and hope the dealer snags a 10 and busts! 

All of this is covered nicely with a blackjack chart guide in our handy LeoVegas blackjack basic strategy guide.

What are “soft” and “hard” hands in blackjack?

There are two hands in blackjack, a soft hand or a hard hand. Let’s start with the lucky news. A soft hand implies that you’ve got choices, and choices are possibilities! A soft hand includes an Ace as those count as 1 or 11 in your tally. 

A hard hand is as it appears; it’s without Aces and there’s no leeway in the values. A hard hand would be a 10 + 5 for 15, while a soft hand could be an Ace + 5 for 6 or 16. From here, you can see how the Ace’s appearance opens up a lot of possibilities on the road to 21.