LeoVegas Plinko

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Take a Shot at LeoVegas Plinko

If you want to play online slot games with a twist, LeoVegas Plinko slot machine could be right for you. This amazing title by Gaming Corps, developed exclusively for LeoVegas Casino, has no reels or paylines, but features the popular mechanic borrowed from pachinko games. Play LeoVegas Plinko slot online and let the balls drop and land as you try to win up to x3,200 the bet!

LeoVegas Plinko Slot Features

LeoVegas Plinko online slot is a game that features a somewhat unusual layout and doesn’t rely on special bonus features. Therefore, you won’t find Wild or Scatter symbol, but there are still a couple of other perks to enjoy. They will provide unique customization possibilities, making the game hit all your soft spots.

Choose Your Number of Rows

Players can choose how many rows they wish to play. The more rows appearing in your triangle, the more action-packed the drop will be. Settling on 8, 10, 12, 14, or 16 rows is possible.

Decide on the Number of Balls

Another important factor in LeoVegas Plinko game is balls. The more balls you play with, the higher your chances of winning big. Kindly note that the bet amount applies to each ball. For instance, if you bet on 10 balls with a $1 stake per ball, the total bet is $10.

You can play with 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 balls simultaneously.

Manage Your Risk Level

Another great feature in LeoVegas Plinko you won’t find in other slot games is the risk level tool. Choose between low, medium, and high risk and set those balls on fire!

LeoVegas Plinko Demo Slot

Are you new to plinko online slot machines? Don’t worry! At LeoVegas online casino, you get to test LeoVegas Plinko for free! Launch the demo mode on this very page and you’ll notice we added $99,999 to the demo balance. The virtual demo money cannot be cashed out, but it is a valuable tool for finding out more about this intriguing title, available exclusively at our casino site.

Fool around with the number of rows, balls, and risk level until you find the perfect combo for you. The demo feature is available to all visitors to our website, even those who haven’t signed up yet!

LeoVegas Plinko Theme and Design

LeoVegas Plinko (2024) slot game is inspired by traditional Japanese pachinko games, so the minimalistic design is not surprising. Bright shades of yellow and orange make it look cozy and inviting, while suggesting action-packed drops at the same time.

In the middle of the screen, you will notice a triangle-shaped board with a big hole on top. The board is decorated with pegs, while the hole on top drops the chosen number of balls. Intuitive, yet striking, it is one game you simply have to play!

Other Games by Gaming Corps

Gaming Corps is our valuable partner, always ready to listen to our ideas and suggestions. That is why we selected it as the production company for our exclusive games, such as LeoVegas Plinko and LeoVegas Mines. However, Gaming Corps does more than that. It regularly releases action-packed video slots in a traditional format that will make your gaming juices flow! Play [Tikiz N Juice]https://www.leovegas.com/en-ca/game/tikiz-n-juice) or Bank or Bust, and see why our users can’t get enough of this brand!

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How to Win LeoVegas Plinko

As said before, LeoVegas Plinko game has no traditional symbols, a Wild symbol or a Scatter. It all boils down to balls that drop from the hole on top and land on multipliers located at the bottom of the triangle.

The higher the number of balls, rows, and risk levels, the higher the multipliers will be. The maximum multiplier in the game is x3,200, while the minimum multiplier is x0.1, both available on the high-risk setting with the maximum number of lines and balls. All ball multipliers add up and the total win will be displayed on the left side of the screen.

How to Play LeoVegas Plinko

Launch LeoVegas Plinko mode in real money or demo mode. Read the rules and adjust the bet amount, number of balls, rows, and risk level. Hit the Play button to drop the balls. If you like, you can also activate auto drops by hitting the auto button. The auto button allows you to play 10, 50, or 100 drops at once. Have fun and good luck!
This game is licensed outside of Malta.