1000x Busta


Busta Move in 1000x Busta

Are you tired of traditional video slots? Then 1000x Busta online slot could be a game for you. Instead of reels and symbols, this 4ThePlayer extravaganza relies on charts and your ability to predict how high a little dot can go. Cross the palm with silver and see if you have what it takes to trigger the top 1,000x payout! Challenging, innovative, and completely unorthodox, 1000x Busta is a slot machine for adventurers!

The Best 1000x Busta Features

1000x Busta is a simple game with no bonus features, yet it delivers some extraordinary tools that can help you play the game!

Results History

In this game, it’s all about charts! The Result History chart displays your actions and results in the past few games you’ve played. It comes in handy if you want to keep track of your recent sessions.

Last 500 History

Just as the name implies, this 1000x Basta feature is created for long-term analysis. Use it to fine tune your gaming style to your budget and analyze what happened when things went wrong!

Try the 1000x Busta Demo Mode

1000x Busta is not your average slot online, so we highly recommend you use our free demo mode first. The demo game doesn’t ask for a deposit or even registration however, it is equipped with all the features the real money game has and allows you to figure out the rules of the game before spending any money on it. All successful and responsible gamers take advantage of it and so should you! Once you feel ready, real money 1000x Busta will be only a click or two away.

1000x Busta Theme and Design

1000x Busta is a mobile casino and desktop game released back in 2020. It is based on popular crypto crash games where players have to predict when a plane, car, or a simple chart will crash. However, such releases were unavailable to wider casino audiences especially those who still prefer making fiat payments. But now you can play it here! 1000x Busta is available at LeoVegas and will thrill you with its simplistic, yet modern design. Bright colours make navigation a dream while the minimalistic soundtrack allows players to focus on what’s most important - their bets. This game is substance over style and it shows. It delivers a sensational experience, one cannot find in basic slot games.

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4ThePlayer is an online gaming studio famous for its elaborate mobile slots and thrilling desktop games. In fact, it could be said 1000x Busta is an exception to the rule! Every single game coming out of this powerhouse is vivid, bright, and full of unorthodox features waiting to be triggered. You don’t believe us? See it for yourself. Play the elaborate 4 Secret Pyramids, join the 60 Second Heist, or explore 3 Secret Cities. All 4ThePlayer online slot machines are dressed to impress!

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How to Win 1000x Busta

The main premise of 1000x Busta is to correctly predict when the chart will come crashing down. The game has a couple of main elements you have to focus on, but generally speaking, it is rather straightforward.

Here are the gaming features you ought to use:

- Bet size - how much you want to stake.

- Target - at what point the chart will crash.

- Payout - fills out automatically, according to the former two.

- Cashout button - the option to take the money and leave, if things get a bit risky.

Remember, you can cash out before the crash happens. Otherwise, if you don’t win, you’ll have to do it all over again!

How to Play 1000x Busta

Playing 1000x Busta is different from playing video slots, but it is still not something that requires an instruction book. Set the stake and target and see if the potential payout suits you. Then, click the Bet button. The chart will start to move. You can cash out or wait to see if you have secured a win. It is also possible to activate the Quick Graph, but in that case, you can’t use the cash out option. The game is also available in auto-mode.
This game is licensed outside of Malta.