The Incredible Balloon Machine

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The Incredible Balloon Machine, blow up balloons in this online slot game.

In this game: increase your winning potential when you pump to inflate the balloon. Hit the collect button before the balloon pops and claim your rewards.

Game details: created by gaming giants Microgaming, The Incredible Balloon Machine casino slot will have you on cloud nine with higher winning potential.

Climb Up The Incredible Balloon Machine

Do you want a break from classic slot games with spinning reels and quirky characters? Maybe it’s time to try something completely different like The Incredible Balloon Machine slot by Microgaming. In this peculiar release, you’ll get the chance to play like never before. Oh, and you better take a deep breath as this stunning release has a maximum payout of 3,082x.

The Incredible Balloon Machine Slot Features

We won’t rain on your parade, but gladly inform you there are some cool features that make this simple game a total sensation.

Multiplier Feature

This exciting feature is triggered at random, but what does it do? As the name implies, it multiplies your wins up to 10x. The game will introduce you to a couple of multipliers at different rates and choose one for you!

Pick Bonus Feature

If a bonus balloon appears, then two things may happen:

1. The balloon will pop. Shame.

2. The balloon will reward you with Pick Bonus.

Pick Bonus consists of up to 8 rounds of balloons and every round has 5 balloons with 2x multipliers. What a great way to build your balloon empire!

Play The Incredible Balloon Machine Demo

We get it, this is not your ordinary slot game. That is why we decided to add a free demo mode, just like we did for all other online casino slots in our portfolio. Explore how far a single balloon can go, and whether you even like this game or not, before placing any real money bets. You know what they say, better safe than sorry! Once you master the technique, you will be able to switch to real money gaming in no time. A few simple clicks are all it takes!

The Incredible Balloon Machine Slot Theme and Design

The Incredible Balloon Machine was released in 2020 and immediately caught the attention of slot aficionados from all over the world. A unique take on casino games, this is one of those mobile slots and desktop games that can be played on all platforms. Designed to fit the carnival theme, it still has a steampunk vibe around it, mostly because of elaborate ribbons and wires that surround the playing interface. Pretty to look at and simple to play, it is a breath of fresh air you’ll simply love.

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How to win The Incredible Balloon Machine Slot Online

We already said there are no reels to this game, so how do you play it? The main goal of the game is to blow as big of a balloon as possible without bursting it. Of course, you have no clue when the elastic rubber will snap and hit you right in the face!

There are three levels of tension related to your balloon:

- Red- you have to pass it to wager.

- Yellow - the tricky part where the balloon bursts.

- Green - guaranteed win, as long as you collect it on time.

You see, in this game you can keep blowing the balloon, but, if it bursts you lose. Yes, even if you’re in the green zone! Once you click “Collect”, the balloon flies away and you get to enjoy your sweet prize. The more ‘in green’ you are, the more coins will come your way!

How to Play The Incredible Balloon Machine Slot Machine

To play this game, you have to click the big red button - that’s your spin button, but its function in this game is slightly different. It serves as your balloon pumper! Also, don’t forget to set your bet amount. You can do so by clicking the coin icon.

The volatility is reasonable, so you can expect frequent wins. The maximum payout is 3,082x the stake.
This game is licensed outside of Malta.