Play LeoVegas on your mobile

Play LeoVegas on your mobile

LeoVegas - Best Casino Mobile Apps

As the King of Mobile Casino, LeoVegas will go anywhere with you. And, we’ll bring an unparalleled gaming experience along with us giving you access to all your favourite online slots, casino games, live dealer tables, and sports betting action.

Our lions are at the forefront of the mobile gaming revolution, guided by a mobile-first philosophy centered on intuitive design.

This guarantees effortless navigation and a unified LeoVegas experience across all platforms - from desktop to tablets to phones.

Whether you're in pursuit of massive jackpot games, aiming for blackjack victory, cheering on (with bets, of course) a team's quest for the Stanley Cup, or rooting for the Raptors to reclaim the NBA Championship so you can once again chant 'we the north' – we've got all your excitement covered.

It’s this roaring commitment to mobile that has earned LeoVegas industry awards, including:

• Online Casino Operator of the Year, Global Gaming Awards 2023

• Mobile Operator of the Year, International Gaming Awards 2023

• Online Gaming Operator of the Year, International Gaming Awards 2022

• Online Casino, Global Gaming Awards 2022

We’ve created an exceptional casino app that caters to the preferences of our players like you. This is the age of convenience mobile online casinos, and LeoVegas is here for it!

Play online casino games on your mobile at LeoVegas!

What are Mobile Casino Apps?

Casino apps empower you to enjoy slot games, casino table classics, and sports betting, conveniently from your mobile device – iOS or Android. These casino apps operate just like other apps on your device, easily downloadable from the app store and installed within moments.

Once downloaded, a simple tap on the LeoVegas button on your home screen instantly connects you to all the excitement and entertainment we offer.

What's even more impressive? The seamless integration within our mobile casino app, harmonizes settings and banking functions, meaning you only need one account to access everything across every platform.

Advantages of Online Casino Apps

With our mobile devices becoming so ingrained in every aspect of our lives, from basic communication to ordering dinner and rides, why stop at your entertainment and casino play?

To let the advantages of online casino apps sink in, consider your bank and its online banking app. Do you send money on the go? Check your savings? Trade stocks?

If we were gambling folk…and we are…we’d bet you do. Casino apps function in the same way, extending the convenience, security, and entertainment of LeoVegas to your mobile device.

The most significant advantage of mobile casino apps lies in their ability to seamlessly deliver a full spectrum of gaming experiences - and it’s all accessible with one account.

This unmatched convenience allows players to enjoy their favourite casino games, from slots to table classics and sports betting, regardless of their whereabouts or time constraints.

From the couch? Sure. During your Skytrain, subway or bus commute? Absolutely. Whether waiting in line or simply relaxing at home, the best casino apps will deliver it all so you can enjoy LeoVegas anytime, anywhere.

Getting Started with Casino Apps

Casino apps work no differently than other apps you’re accustomed to. It all starts with a visit to the app store that works with your mobile device - iOS or Android. Once in the store, you’re a few simple clicks away from downloading, installing, and playing our LeoVegas casino mobile app here. In fact, with the LeoVegas button on your mobile home screen, you’re always only a click away.

If you’re not already a LeoVegas account holder, you’ll need to register and set one up. This can quickly be sorted on your mobile. If you’re already a player of ours, go ahead and enter your login credentials to access your account, bankroll, and favourite games. Oh, and welcome back!

Popular Mobile Casino Games on Apps

Playing LeoVegas games on our online casino app is a truly entertaining and immersive experience, amplified thanks to touch screen tech. From slots to roulette, games are optimized for mobile play, meaning, buttons, menus, and controls are tailored to fit smaller screens.

So, what will you play?

Slots are a perfect fit for mobile. Simple to play, filled with vibrant, colourful reels, they are easy to follow and spin, no matter how and where you are playing. Plus, progressive jackpots, hit titles, and slot themes keep your choices rich.

Classic casino table games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and online poker lend themselves well to smaller-screen real estate. Blackjack’s straightforward moves and clean card values make for an easy, yet engaging option, while the roulette wheel translates well on mobile with touch betting for numbers, colours, and sections. In fact, once you’re used touch screen controls, you may never want to go back!

Live dealer games are uber entertaining on mobile. Colourful studios and real-time play pull you right into the action. Mix in a little friendly host banter to fulfill your social quotient, add in big winning potential, and you’re bound to have an amazing experience.

Casino App Bonuses & Promotions

Can we say seamless too many times? That’s debatable. But what’s not, is the fact that our mobile navigation is familiar and intuitive. And, you won’t miss a promotion or special offer on mobile either - quite the opposite in fact, as our lions often craft up exclusive, mobile games and bonuses.

Here's how to claim a bonus on your mobile:

  1. Sign Up/Login: Open your mobile browser and visit the LeoVegas website or click your LeoVegas button if you’ve downloaded our casino app. New users will need to select "Join Now" to create an account. If you’re already a lion, go ahead and log in.

  2. Promotions or Offers available to you can be viewed via the upper left menu bar under. Almost there…

  3. Select a Bonus: Browse through the promotions and select the welcome bonus or promotion you wish to claim. Make sure to read the terms and conditions and select ‘claim’ or ‘opt-in’ to get your bonus started.

Now, some promotions and offers may require a deposit. If needed, go ahead and fund your account (yes, this can be done on mobile too!) and start earning free games, slot spins, golden chips or straight up cash.

This might be instant or take a short while, depending on the promotion (and those T&Cs you read through like we asked)!

How to Add LeoVegas Browser App To Your Home Screen

First off, let’s define what a browser shortcut is: it’s a browser button that links to the website of your choice, in this case LeoVegas, and adds it as an icon on your home screen with no downloading or installing required.

Let’s get started. Here’s how to get it done on Android in three easy steps.

  1. Launch your preferred browser and head to

  2. On your browser bar, find the three dot icon at the very top right corner. On this menu, look for an option similar to (varies slightly depending on browser), ‘Add to Home Screen’ or ‘Add shortcut’. Tap ‘Add’ or ‘OK’.

  3. You’ve done it, tech master! A new LeoVegas shortcut icon will be added to your home screen. Tap it anytime you want to enjoy LeoVegas casino, live casino, or sports.

For Steve Jobs fans - iPhone, iPads, or any iOS device, simply follow along below:

  1. Open Safari and visit

  2. Tap on the share icon at the bottom of the screen (a square with an upward arrow).

  3. In the share menu, locate and tap on ‘Add to Home Screen.’ that’s it.

It’s a done deal. You’re now always one easy click away from all your favourite LeoVegas action, from casino and live games to sports betting.

Casino Mobile Apps FAQ

What is a casino app?

Casino apps, like LeoVegas casino gaming app, are mobile casino game platforms where you download, create an account (if you don’t already have one), play games, and place bets using your smartphone or tablet. They offer optimized gameplay, secure transactions, and the convenience to enjoy casino entertainment wherever you may be.

How do I deposit and withdraw money from the casino app?

We aren’t the King of Mobile for no reason - depositing and withdrawing is easy when using our LeoVegas casino app with zero detriment to security. Simply head to the Cashier via the green button/chip icon for all your banking needs. LeoVegas offers plenty of different deposit and withdrawal methods, which you can on our payment methods page.

Fun fact, if you’re playing an Evolution or NetEnt game and wish to deposit, you don’t even need to ‘get up’ from your gaming table to make it happen.

How can I download a casino app?

Great question. Just like any app, casino apps are available in the app store that works with your phone - iOS or Android. Simply visit the app store on your device, search for the casino app of your choice, and download it. Alternatively, you can find a link on the casino website and get directions, so to speak.

What types of casino games are available on casino apps?

You’ll find all your favourites on casino apps - slots, bingo, live dealer, sports betting…the latter being particularly handy, especially if you happen to be placing bets on the fly from wherever you cheer on your favourite team (or just the one you’re betting on that day).

Do I need an internet connection to play on casino apps?

While WiFi often offers a stable connection, so long as your mobile device can connect using data, you’ll be good to go. If you’re taking a mobile non-WiFi route however, it may be worthwhile checking in with your data plan provider to ensure you’re not incurring additional costs.

Can I use the same account on multiple devices?

Of course! We are the King of the Mobile afterall, and if we haven’t drilled it in just yet, we’ll take this opportunity to hammer down that your LeoVegas cross platform experience will be seamless! Same account, same bankroll, same login credentials, same perks - no matter what device you’re joining us on.

Are casino apps free to play?

Casino apps offer all the casino games that would be available on your desktop/laptop, only with added convenience. So, if the casino app you’re using features free games or demo modes to play, they’ll be ready and waiting for you to join in on the fun on mobile too.

Is it better to play on a desktop or mobile?

Let’s approach this with a few questions to consider - comfort, how long you intend to play, and your data plan or WiFi situation. For longer sessions, many players enjoy the comforts of their desktop setup, while others play mobile exclusively mainly for its convenience and touch screen tech. It’s all personal preference!