Let the Multipliers Fly High in Aviator

Are you sick and tired of mobile slots? Do you want to take a shot at crash and mine games? We have prepared something that will thrill you - Aviator game! A slot with unlimited multipliers that’s ready to take off. Up, up and away they go! Feel the thrill of the chase and experience gaming in a completely different way than you would in any other online slot. Remember, when everything seems to be going against you, keep in mind that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it! This is one crash you’ll be thrilled by!

Aviator Crash Game Features

Aviator is a seemingly easy game. You place the bet and watch the plane go up! Not really, as it is much more than that. The first asset that makes Aviator crash game so special is the cashout option. The other is the Provably Fair feature. Let’s look into them.


Aviator’s cashout feature is not one that banks on the plane crashing, rather it's one that allows you to cashout when you find it convenient. Watch multipliers grow, while keeping a close eye on those risk levels. When you feel like the plane might crash, take the money and run!

Provably Fair Game

Do you feel wronged? The proof is in the pudding…and the pudding is receipts! Use the code of your session and apply it to the Aviator calculator to see if the result is really fair or not! We bet it is!

Aviator Demo Crash Game

Like any slot online you’ll find at our online casino, Aviator game also has a free-to-play demo. We highly recommend it, especially considering this is not your average slot machine, but a rather intuitive game with slightly different commands. The demo mode has all the features and options as the real money Aviator, but you will be putting virtual coins at stake, and not real money. Of course, once you feel ready, you can easily switch to real cash gaming.

Aviator Theme and Design

Look, this is not one of those slot games with wacky leprechauns or juicy fruits. Far more minimal in style, Aviator is a casino game that focuses on what matters the most - the excitement of chasing a good bet.

The game puts you in the position of an air traffic controller. You get to use the controls to predict when the airplane will crash and act on time to cash in on its movement. This title is so exciting, it needs no flashy animations. A simple and elegant interface with a few basic colours here and there will impress you more than all the cheerful slot machines you usually play. Put your flying goggles on and see if you have what it takes to let those multipliers fly sky-high! Almost meditative music and realistic takeoff sounds make Aviator a real gem among casino games.

Other Games by Spribe

Spribe is a relatively young online gaming company that ditched the idea of working on classic slots and jackpot games and decided to focus on something completely different. By entering the crash and mining niche, it managed to find an audience looking for a different type of entertainment. Although Spribe is still not as big as some other studios you’ll find at LeoVegas, it has a promising future. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

Similar Games from Different Providers

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How to Win Aviator

The main premise of Aviator game is to guess when the plane will crash. This can happen at any point in time – at the very beginning of the flight, after 15 seconds, or even longer. The player can place two bets at once with different stakes.

The win multiplier starts at 1x and grows with every millisecond the plane hangs in the air. If you manage to cash out before the plane crashes, the multiplier is applied to your bet and you pocket a win!

How to Play Aviator

Aviator game is played slightly differently than other games we have at our casino. First, you will have to manually adjust the stake. Do so by hitting the buttons next to the bet window. It is possible to stake one or two bets at once.

After you set the stakes, place a bet and wait for the round to begin. The buttons will change colour and indicate the multiplier applied at any given moment. Keep a close eye on the screen, listen to your guts and cash out on time to prevent any losses!
This game is licensed outside of Malta.