LeoVegas Mines

Gaming Corps
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Enter the LeoVegas Mines in This Exceptional Game

We all know video slots can be fun, but this time, LeoVegas is introducing something completely different! In collaboration with Gaming Corps, we created LeoVegas Mines online slot, a game you can’t play anywhere else! Inspired by Minesweeper, one of the first computer games in the world, we made things even more fun by adding multipliers to the mix. Can you make your way out without triggering an explosion, or will you explode your bankroll?

The Best LeoVegas Mines Features

Even games so simple and straightforward such as LeoVegas Mines have special features added. That’s just how we roll here at LeoVegas. To help you navigate through the minefield, we’ve added Treasure Boost. It is quite bombastic!

Treasure Boost

Treasure Boost is a nifty little feature that increases your chances of landing a multiplier coin. It is not active at all times and is available only within a certain bet range and mine combos. When it's on, you’ll see a little dice displayed on the interface.

Try the LeoVegas Mines Demo Mode

You’ve played Minesweeper, so you may think you know what LeoVegas Mines slot online is all about. Think again, because this is not your typical slot machine with spinning reels and funky characters. A true rarity in the world of slot games, LeoVegas Mines is a title that may require a trial run. We enabled you to do so with our free demo, equipped with virtual cash to spend as you like. Learn how to play it, fool around with the bet amount, and have fun triggering bombs. When things get serious with your own money, you’ll have this training under your belt.

LeoVegas Mines Theme and Design

LeoVegas Mines is a very popular game in our mobile casino and on desktop platforms. Available since autumn 2022, it has captivated the imagination of gamers looking for something different and more peculiar. The game takes place on a simple, yet effectively designed 5x5 grid decorated with lion paws. Each paw hides a secret. Is it a multiplier that allows you to move on or perhaps is it a mine that will eliminate you from the game. By creating high levels of suspension and anticipation, LeoVegas Mines succeeded in what many other online slot machines fail to do - keeping you at the edge of your seat.

More Games by Gaming Corps

This masterpiece wouldn’t be possible without Gaming Corps, a niche gaming studio specializing in mobile slots. Thanks to their creativity, we now have something that can be easily called one of the most intriguing games on the market. Responsive solutions, intriguing concepts and the will to push things just a little bit further is what’s made Gaming Corps one of the most promising companies out there. Play their casino extravaganzas like Bank or Bust, Coin Miner, Clumsy Witch or take a look at our other custom-made titles in our LeoVegas live casino.

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How to Win LeoVegas Mines

LeoVegas Mines can’t be categorized as one of the megaways slots. Some might even argue that it is not a slot at all, however, the gaming mechanic behind it is pretty much slot-based.
The game is not based on any symbols but on multipliers. On a 5x5 grid, you will see 25 positions each adorned with a lion’s paw. The paw hides one of the two:

- A lion’s coin - a symbol with a multiplier attached to it.

- A mine - a symbol that resets all the multipliers and kicks you off the board, restarting the game from zero.

The game allows you to choose how many mines you want to add to the board. The more mines there are, the better the payouts! The maximum win in the game is x995 the bet. As you move across the board, multipliers grow until you clear all the winning positions or hit a mine.

How to Play LeoVegas Mines

Playing this game is fairly easy, albeit it is a bit different from other slot games. LeoVegas Mines gameplay begins with you setting the bet amount. Do so by clicking the chip icon. Then, click the massive ‘Play’ button and start revealing the tiles. If you wish to find out more about the paytable and options in the game, don’t hesitate to consult the information behind the menu button.
This game is licensed outside of Malta.