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Deposit and Withdrawal Methods at LeoVegas


Settle for good or go for MuchBetter? Aptly named, these guys provide quick and easy depositing and withdrawing from LeoVegas.

The perks are all in their app, which clearly indicates limits and any fees associated at the point of each transaction.

Transparent and upfront, although you have little to worry about since accounts are 100% free and fees are among the most competitive in the industry.

Deposit and withdrawal minimums are $10, while maximums are $2k and $5k respectively. Fast and secure, transfers into us take moments while withdrawals will usually be sorted within 1-3 business days. Note, you’ll need to deposit first with MuchBetter in order to withdraw back to them.

Visa and MasterCard

A true plastic classic, credit card deposits require no extra steps. For depositing, they are a comforting go-to but note it’s a one way street as withdrawals would need to be received via another route.

As with any credit card purchases, it’s instant and at LeoVegas, deposits are set at a minimum of $20 and a max of $2k with no associated fees.

A hurdle to watch out for is the bank your credit card is linked to as some may not process gaming charges. If that’s the case, no worries, as this little blurb is surrounded by a myriad of fabulous options to explore.


Fun fact, INTERAC is Canadian to its core, having started here in 1984 to give us broader access to our own funds. If you have online banking with any of Canada’s major banks, you’ve got INTERAC. Immediate, secure and easy, it zips those funds (minimum $10/max $3k) straight out of your bank account and fees usually don’t top $1. But, INTERAC is deposit only so you’ll need to sort out a withdrawal method. Bank transfers? E-wallet? Many choices await.

INTERAC e-transfer

Let’s clear this up first - what’s the difference between INTERAC and INTERAC e-transfer? Both offer the ability to deposit with us, pulling funds directly from your bank account. But, as the name suggests, e-transfer is an electronic transfer of those funds while INTERAC uses a different back-end process. It’s a moot point really.

There’s no fee associated with deposits with us, for which minimums are set to $10 and max at $3k. As we just alluded to, this is deposit only so you’ll need to use bank transfers or an e-wallet solution for withdrawing.


Two huge NeoSurf perks - there’s no need to divulge any personal information and it’s all pre-paid so you can keep your budget in check. Purchased via a Neosurf account, a local outlet or an online reseller, you simply need to grab a voucher. Each one carries a 10-digit pin which is all you’ll need to make your deposit.

Bonus, you can use Canadian funds to purchase vouchers ranging from $10 to $1k, and fees start at $1.49 per voucher. Now the un-perks if you will. NeoSurf vouchers have limits, so if you fancy yourself a high roller this may not be your best bet.

It’s also a deposit only option, so withdrawals require another route, like a bank transfer or an e-wallet.

How to deposit at LeoVegas?

Let’s get you started with real game play at LeoVegas! First things first, create your new Account. This is a step-by-step intuitive process that kicks off by choosing the Play Now button (green coloured for go) in the top right corner of LeoVegas.

With a new account ready to roll, we can officially welcome you to the Den! Now, in your top right corner you’ll find a green button adorned with coins and a balance - which is likely $0. To fund it, simply click that green button to access our Cashier.

STEP 1: Deposit Tab accessible via the coin button the top right hand corner is where you’ll make all your deposits.

STEP 2: Choose the Amount of your deposit. Choose a button with a pre-set amount, or customize your deposit by entering it manually in the space provided.

STEP 3: Choose your Method from credit cards to e-wallet. Keep in mind that using a deposit method that allows withdrawals will ensure your account is set up for future banking ease!

No more steps! Simply check your balance in the top right corner, and you’ll be playing our tables, from Live Casino games to slots in no time. Good luck and welcome to the pride!

Deposit FAQ

How long does it take to deposit at LeoVegas?

Almost all deposits will fall into the instant category. Afterall, that seems to be the way the world likes everything these days, isn’t it? On very rare occasions however, a deposit may take up to 5 hours - but we stress, this is incredibly rare. If you’re on the lookout for your recent deposit, keep an eye on your balance via the top right corner icon. If you’re watching the clock thinking ‘it should be here by now’, refresh your screen and check your balance. Still don’t see it? The lions are here to help. A screenshot or photo proof of translation will help us investigate at or use the Chat option for help.

Can I use someone else’s card to deposit?

Here’s the deal. To fund your LeoVegas account, you must use a payment method attached to your name - whether that’s a credit card, an e-wallet account, or a shared bank account where you are listed as a registered owner. Given this, it won’t be possible to fund your account using a credit card is someone’s else's name, a company card or bank account whereby you’re not a registered owner.

How can I save a new card to my profile?

Easily. You’ll need to deposit using your new card, and once you do that information will be automatically saved as your default payment method. If you’re a Kondo organizer sort, you can keep your account tidy by heading to your Profile page > select Payment Methods > click ‘remove’ next to your old or unwanted linked card > and confirm. Voila, your account is tidied up and your new card is officially on deck!

Why hasn’t my latest deposit been added to my account?

Depositing is quick, easy, and secure at LeoVegas. And while it’s fast, keep in mind everything is not as instant as Tap. If you experience a slight delay in seeing your deposit hit your balance, not to worry. Simply refresh and reload your screen, allowing a few moments for that deposit to register with us. If for any reason, you follow those steps and there’s still no sign of your deposit, contact our support lions at with a proof of transaction (a screenshot or photo will suffice) and we’ll be happy to assist!

Can I deposit using cryptocurrency?

Not directly, no. But here’s the good news crypto fans - e-wallets like MuchBetter, which can serve as both a deposit and withdrawal method with us - do. So if you’re keen on using your BTC or ETH for game play, you’ll need a middleman of an e-wallet for help.

Can you use PayPal at LeoVegas?

Unfortunately, no. But fortunately, we do offer a myriad of other secure solutions that allow you to deposit just as securely and quickly. As a PayPal user, you’re likely well versed in e-wallet apps so MuchBetter is recommended.

Can I deposit using LeoVegas mobile app?

Yes of course, we are the King of Mobile afterall! Ensuring a seamless mobile experience is our top priority so depositing is easy when using our LeoVegas mobile app. In fact, if you’re playing Evolution or NetEnt games, you won’t even need to ‘get up’ from your table to make it happen. Simply go to Menu and select Cashier.

How to withdraw money from LeoVegas?

Sounds like you’re getting to know us a little better at LeoVegas - you’ve set up an Account and already have a deposit or two under your belt. Good stuff! Now, you’re looking to withdraw funds and we’re here to help. Two things to pay attention to are how you initially funded your account and if your account requires any additional verification. Let’s walk through this together:

STEP 1: Withdrawal Page is where you want to be within your LeoVegas Account.

STEP 2: Choose your Method and enter the amount you wish to remove from your Balance. Special notes: You can only cash out funds from your balance as bonus funds require a wagering requirement to be fulfilled.

Secondly, this should be a method you’ve previously deposited with.

If your deposit method does not offer withdrawals (credit cards, NeoSurf vouchers, INTERAC), you’ll need to initiate a bank transfer or e-wallet.

STEP 3: Verification. As a security measure that benefits us all, you may need to verify your account before we can safely ship your winnings to you. If this is the case, an email will be sent to you with the action required. It won’t take long, it’s a one time deal, and rest assured any documentation provided is kept encrypted and secured by our lions.

STEP 4: Receiving your Withdrawal. It’s not much of a waiting game as cashouts are usually processed within a business week .To check the status of your cashout, head to your Withdrawal page. Pending means it has yet to be processed, and if it’s not pending, well, it’s on its way - let your 5 business day countdown begin!

Withdrawal FAQ

How long does a withdrawal take from LeoVegas?

This all comes down to the withdrawal method you’ve chosen, but it’s always good to allow up to 5 business days for withdrawal transactions to be completed, and up to 7 if it's via a bank transfer. If you wish to track your withdrawal request, simply head to the Withdrawal' page within the Cashier, to see if it's moved past pending status.

Does my bank accept funds from LeoVegas ?

The big banks of Canada will not accept funds from LeoVegas, or any other online gaming site for that matter. These include big guns like RBC, CIBC, TD and Bank of Nova Scotia, as well as online banks like Tangerine. Worry not Northern friends as you’ve got other options that once you’re set up, are simple, secure and quick to use.

Am I able to cancel my withdrawal?

If your withdrawal request is listed as ‘pending’ in your LeoVegas account, simply click on ‘Use Money’ to immediately cancel the transaction. Once the hen has left the henhouse so to speak, or rather the withdrawal is no longer listed as pending’ - there’s no turning back. That simply means the funds are processed and making their way back to you through your desired withdrawal route, and should be delivered within 5 business days.

Why am I unable to withdraw my winnings?

First, a few checkpoints. Ensure your withdrawal is a minimum $20 and that the cash you’re wishing to withdraw is sitting in your cash balance, not bonus. If you’re nodding yes to those scenarios, you should be good to go so long as you’ve set up your withdrawal method.

Why have I not received my winnings in full?

If you’re noticing the amounts of your withdrawal and what was received aren’t an exact dollar for dollar match, exchange rate fees or a bank fee applied to the incoming transfer is usually the culprit.

Can I withdraw using LeoVegas mobile app?

As the King of Mobile (toot, toot), we’re 100% dedicated to a friendly, mobile first experience. And if that doesn’t answer your question about withdrawing via our app, the answer is quite simply, absolutely.