Play Live Roulette Canada at LeoVegas Live Casino

Can you imagine a casino floor without a roulette table? Neither can we. That big shiny wheel that sends the ball into a mesmerizing spin, bumping about until it finally picks a pocket to land is a staple in every casino. Roulette is a favourite that’s been around for over 300 years and still hasn't lost its charm! Play classic European or American roulette or dip into our live casino for roulette variations packed with extra features and special effects. Playing roulette online is easy, thrilling, and full of winning potential, at LeoVegas!

How to Play Live Roulette

Here’s how to get the ball rolling…

Register: First, create an account with us. An account will give you seamless access to our casino, live casino, and sports betting action. And to get you started off on the right paw, be sure to grab your Welcome Offer for up to $1,000 and 10 x $5 Golden Chips!

Deposit: Drop a deposit into your account using a credit card, Interac, or an e-wallet solution.

Select your Table: Now the fun part! Scroll through our LeoVegas roulette games until one suits your fancy. You’ll find everything under the sun in terms of table variety, with buy-ins starting as low as 10c a bet. Explore classic American and European tables, or try an enhanced version with exciting features like multipliers, jackpots, and social chat.

Made your game pick? Now it’s betting time. Choose a chip denomination and click the virtual betting felt on your desired bet. If you’re a complete newbie, don’t worry! In most games, hovering your mouse over the felt will guide you through betting options from simple Straight Up lucky number picks to less risky bets, perfect for beginners, like red/black, odd/even, or high/low. These return ‘even money’, should luck be on your side!

Live Casino Bonuses and Promotions

We’re excited to have you as part of our pride! New lions get off to a roaring start with a Welcome Offer of up to $1,000 and 10 x $5 Golden Chips. After choosing the Welcome Bonus at registration, select it on the deposit page by clicking ‘Choose your Bonus’ or the orange ‘Deposit’ button in the ‘My Offers’ tab.

But it doesn’t stop there! Loyal lions are always in for a treat! By checking the 'My Offers' tab and 'Promotions' whenever you visit LeoVegas, you'll stay updated on all our recent offers. Be sure to say ‘YES’ to our communication so your paws never miss a bonus beat!

Roulette Variants

At LeoVegas, roulette is more than just a spinning wheel! Traditional European and American roulette, the elegant French variant, and live casino roulette tables infused with bonuses, multipliers, and special effects each bring their own unique rules, perks, and odds.

Hands down, European Roulette offers better odds than American Roulette. While Europeans play on a wheel with a single zero (37 pockets), the Americans super-sized theirs (go figure), adding a double zero pocket (38 pockets). While this may seem like a minor change, it spikes the house edge from 2.7% on European tables to 5.26% on American roulette.

Now, let’s talk about the French roulette wheel. Much like European roulette, the French roulette wheel features only one zero pocket but offers an even lower house edge of 1.35%. This is all thanks to two distinct French roulette rules, La Partage and En Prison, that give players the chance to recoup half of their bet should the ball land on zero.

At LeoVegas, you’ve got your pick of the litter for roulette variants but also, themes! Immerse yourself in the world of luxury with live casino roulette games streamed from bougie studios like Diamond Rush Roulette or hit up Mega Fire Blaze Roulette for animated bonus rounds and jackpot-esque features that can ignite wins up to x10,000!

How To Place Roulette Bets

Placing a bet in online roulette is as easy as choosing the chip denomination you wish to wager, and then clicking on the designated area for your bet - be it on the square of a single number for a Straight Up Bet (pays 35:1) or, an area of the felt for, say, Dozens or Column bets.

If you're new, you may want to start with even money. Keep it straightforward by wagering on whether the ball will land in a red or black pocket, fall within a high or low number range, or end up on an odd or even number. These pay 1:1, so a winning $10 bet, would return $20.

Looking to get a bit fancier? Roulette’s Dozens and Column bets offer more complexity, but also thrills! Here's how it works: instead of betting on individual numbers, you wager on groups of twelve consecutive numbers. With dozens bets, you can bet on the first (1-12), second (13-24), or third (25-36) set of numbers. The ball simply has to land within this range of numbers for you to win 2:1.

Live Roulette Game Features

Online live casino roulette offers features, animations, engaging hosts, and luxe studio settings that are unparalleled! For beginners, online roulette is the perfect place to start with intuitive features that will help you learn your way around the roulette betting table.Let’s talk about placing bets. Picking a single number for a bet is easy, but if you’re unsure of how to cover more of the board through say, a Dozens, Column or Street Bet, hovering the mouse over the felt will act as your guide. Beyond customizable sounds and stimulating visuals, roulette wheels at LeoVegas are dressed in many themes. Sports fan? Try Live Football Roulette. How about music? Yes, there’s also a K Pop Roulette Live! We could go on, but it’s best you scroll through to find a classic table, or a themed one, that suits your style!

Live Roulette Experience at LeoVegas

The anticipation and that unmistakable sound of the ball dropping and whirling around the roulette wheel make roulette such a beloved casino game! At LeoVegas, live online roulette delivers that same experience, full of casino sounds and ambiance, right to you.

Live casino roulette lets you immerse yourself in a 100% authentic experience, engage with the charming croupier, get social in chat, and play for even bigger wins! All of this live-action plays out in real-time, live-streamed from a vibrant studio with real dealers making every move. It’s got the live casino action you crave, but it’s delivered straight to you - wherever that may be.

It’s indeed, next level. Just take a look at Mega Fire Blaze Roulette, a souped-up version that features straight-up bets and wins that can hit x10,000, or, play within a Wild West vibe on Sticky Bandits Roulette Live with or without your Stampede souvenir.

At LeoVegas, your live casino experience goes beyond the roulette table. For more of that authentic, chip clanking, live casino vibe, pursue more live casino tables like blackjack, baccarat, poker, and more!

Responsible Gaming

When roulette or any of our casino and live casino games become more than a game, we’ve got your back. LeoSafePlay offers a host of tools to manage, promote, and practice responsible gaming.

Deposit limits, session limits, loss limits, and time alerts are a few of our LeoVegas Responsible Gaming tools and settings that will help keep your gameplay light and entertaining. Should you need assistance, our team of dedicated lions will listen and suggest a course of action to help get you back on track.

Mobile Roulette Experience

As the King of Mobile Casino, we pride ourselves on providing the best mobile gaming experience, paws down. The LeoVegas app for Apple or Android mobile devices brings you the action, no matter where that is; sitting on a bus in the HOV lane, sipping a $7 coffee at your local shop, or stretched out on your couch.

All of your favourite roulette games are optimized for mobile play in landscape or portrait. Lightning fast, you can drop onto one roulette table or play multiple roulette tables all at once! The best part - mobile knows no bounds. Our live casino and casino roulette tables are open 24/7 - wherever you may be.

Play Online Roulette For Fun

Roarin to play roulette, but aren’t sure of where to start? LeoVegas’s casino roulette games like American Roulette and [European Roulette, offer a free-to-play option that entails zero risk.

Free mode is available even for players who have yet to sign up with us! How’s that for risk-free? Simply launch the casino roulette game of your choice using ‘Try Game’ and place bets using virtual currency. Of course, wins will be virtual too, but the experience is 100% authentic.

Live casino roulette tables are played in real-time with live dealers, so while you can’t try a game like Mega Roulette Live for free, logged-in LeoVegas players can jump in as a ‘watcher’ and learn all about roulette rounds, betting, and a game’s specific mechanics through the power of observation!


What is live roulette?

Live roulette online is played in real-time with a real dealer live-streamed straight to your mobile, tablet, or desktop. So, we’re not kidding around when we say ‘live’. It gives all the live casino vibes you’re looking for, from chip-clinking ambiance to the dealer’s social chatter.

How do you claim a live casino bonus for roulette games at LeoVegas?

At LeoVegas, we’re always roaring rewards your way! Once logged in to your LeoVegas account, your ‘My Offers’ page will showcase all our current promotions, bonuses, and offers. To claim one, simply click on the specific Offer Card you’re interested in, and fulfill the deposit and/or wagering requirements. Once you’ve achieved this, simply ‘Claim’ your Bonus Cash or Reward Games to play.

What is the minimum bet for online roulette tables at LeoVegas?

You’ll be roaring to know that LeoVegas offers online roulette tables for all levels and budgets, starting with bets as low as 10c.

Can you play roulette online in Canada?

Absolutely. At LeoVegas, Canadians can play roulette online and live roulette games, including European roulette, American roulette, and many other exciting variations.

Can I play roulette on my phone?

You sure can. The King of Mobile Casino would have it no other way! All our online roulette games are optimized for mobile gameplay, offering intuitive controls and betting options that allow you to focus on the fun of that big dashing red and black wheel spinning on your mobile, tablet, or at home on a big screen desktop.

How do I withdraw money from roulette?

When playing roulette in a brick & mortar casino, simply ask the dealer for a cashout. They’ll make time to transfer your table chips back into casino chips so you can take them to the Cashier for a full cashout, or simply drop in another casino table game. Playing online roulette, live or otherwise, all it takes is a quick closing of the table game screen to drop your funds back into your balance.

Is live dealer roulette played in real-time?

You bet (literally) - live dealer roulette games are just as they sound. Online live roulette tables are played in real-time, live-streamed from a studio where the action happens as you play and bet.

Do I need fast internet to play live dealer roulette?

A stable Internet connection is always recommended, especially when you’re playing live dealer roulette games. As they are live-streamed in HD quality, and happening in real-time, you don’t want to miss out on any action due to a weak signal.

What is the most profitable bet on roulette?

In roulette, a ‘straight up’ bet on a single number offers the highest payout of 35:1. If you’re looking for the most profitable roulette strategy, The Martingale System is often regarded as one of the best.

What is the Best Roulette Strategy for Beginners?

While no strategy guarantees success at any casino table, there are a few options when it comes to the best beginner strategy for roulette newbies. Beginners can ease into betting by choosing lower-risk bets. A good place to start is with basic bets like odd/even, red/black, or high/low that pay even money.

The Martingale System is a simple beginner's strategy for roulette as well. Simple in theory, this roulette betting system will have you doubling your bet after a loss to recoup your losses quickly. However, note this requires a mighty bankroll and isn’t 100% foolproof!