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Online Jackpot at LeoVegas

If massive wins are just what you are looking for, you have come to the right place! Get ready for an exhilarating experience at LeoVegas online casino, where a varied selection of amazing jackpot slots are itching for you to try them out!

In partnership with some of the industry’s top providers, we give you the chance to score some significant prizes that even reach the millions! With popular top-rated games such as Mega Moolah, you’re guaranteed to experience some mega blood-pumping action and excitement! So go on and try your luck and see if your numbers rise to immense heights!

What does Jackpot mean?

The term was conceived in the poker world. More specifically, Draw Poker dictated a ‘Jacks or Better’ rule whereby players are required to have two Jacks or better in hand to open the bidding.

If none of the players fit the opening requirement, the table would have to place another ante, making the opening pool - or rather the Jackpot - all the more fruitful.

Over the years, the word came to be integrated into online casino games.

Understanding Jackpots

Make the most out of your time on our jackpot slots by staying in the know about the different types of jackpots out there. So let’s get started: what’s the difference between static and progressive jackpots?

  • Static jackpots: As the name implies, the amount of such jackpots is determined from the beginning and will stay the same. If someone hits this jackpot, the same amount is re-added so that the next winner will grab an identical sum as the one before.

  • Progressive jackpots: On the contrary, a progressive jackpot evolves and can keep growing to an incredibly high degree until someone finally wins it. This works because every time a player wagers in-game, a proportion of that wager is transferred into the pot. It will then go back to its original amount when won, and the process will kick off again.

How do Progressive Jackpots Work?

You can’t miss progressive jackpots. They’re the big ones. The jackpots we all dream of snagging, offering life-changing cash that can reach well into the mega millions. Progressive jackpots, quite simply, continue to build and build, and build, until they’re won.

How they grow is interesting. Every time a player wagers in a game connected to a progressive jackpot, a small percentage of each wager is added to the pot. Progressives continue to build through linked slot machines; some within one casino only, some across an entire network of global games and casino floors, virtual and brick & mortar. This process of feeding jackpots from wagers continues until some lucky gamer wins it all, at which point the jackpot resets and the process begins again. They rarely reset back to zero as these are seeded amounts, often starting big and ending even bigger.

What are the Differences Between a Local and Wide Area Progressive Jackpot?

Let’s get straight to the goods - a wide area progressive jackpot will often be much larger than a local one, but they have a much larger pool of players you’ll need to compete with to win it.

Wide area progressive jackpots cover a whole lot more ground - technically and literally. These pooled jackpots have slot machines in various locations all contributing to the pot.

Local progressive jackpots pull from one casino only. So, they’ll likely have lower jackpot amounts depending on their rules and seeding, but as we mentioned before, less competition.

Let’s talk examples. We’ve got our very own LeoJackpot, fed only by participating players in our den hosting a current jackpot of $18 Million (no typo there!). But, we’ve also got global hits like Microgaming’s Mega Moolah, as wide area as a progressive can get spawning multiple casinos and often featuring a prize pool that exceeds $4 or even $5 Million.

Types of Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots can also be of two types; pooled or local. While pooled jackpots signify that several different casinos are pitching into the same jackpot prize, local jackpots receive contributions from players of a single casino. Even though local jackpots typically enjoy lower amounts, the truth is that with less competition, your chances of hitting the jackpot turn out to be much higher!

What Types of Games Can Have Progressive Jackpots?

If we do a quick recap of what a progressive jackpot is, we know that every time a wager is made on the game, a small percentage of it goes towards building the jackpot. And while many slots have this delightful feature, progressive jackpots certainly aren’t limited to reels alone. Casino table games like roulette, blackjack, poker, and variations like Caribbean Stud offer progressive jackpots that work the same way!

What jackpot casino games are available at LeoVegas Canada?

Mega Jackpot Slots

If you thought one jackpot was exciting, try a mega jackpot slot that often features three or four tiers of jackpot goodness. To keep it simple, they usually build up from a Mini Jackpot, Minor, Major, Maxi, all the way to the grand-daddy of all prize pools, the Grand Jackpot.

Jackpot King Slots

Using our new lingo, Jackpot King Slots are a wide area progressive jackpot game series. Meaning, this particular collection of slots, created by Blueprint Gaming, all contribute. And in a special twist that surely helps build their jackpot, they are also fed by scratch cards. Jump onto a Jackpot King slot and you’ll be privy to claiming one of three jackpots, the Jackpot King (largest), Regal Pot and the Royal Pot. Want a shot? Try Goonies Jackpot King or Diamond Mine Megaways and take a shot!

Mobile Jackpot Slots

You want in on the jackpot action? Good news, with LeoVegas mobile slots you can play anywhere and win anywhere! And our jackpot games are no exception. Jump into a progressive jackpot and play for some of the biggest prizes out there, on a mobile interface designed to deliver the best experience in the industry!

LeoJackpot Slots

With the name Leo stamped on this jackpot, you know this four-level progressive jackpot is exclusive to our den! Starting with the LeoJackpot Mini, Minor, Major and building to the Mega, these prize pools are fed by over 500 slot machines on our virtual casino floor. To be a part of this progressive jackpot madness, you’ll need to opt-in when playing an eligible game and meet the wager requirements per spin.

Ready to Drop Games

Our Ready to Drop games are a collection of online slots that are, for lack of other words, ready to drop. Their jackpots are designed to drop within a certain time frame and that time is pretty close to…now. Jump in any of these games, from Jackpot King progressives like Ted to slots like Gems Gone Wild that drop hourly. Now that’s action!

What is a jackpot slot?

To put it simply, a Jackpot Slot is a game with massive win potential. Such slot games may feature more than one prize pool, typically categorised as Mini, Minor, Major, Maxi, and Grand.

Progressive vs Fixed Jackpot slots

Jackpot slots can come in different shapes and sizes:

Fixed Jackpots slots - The prize value does not fluctuate within these casino slots games. The providers of the game predetermine the sum of such pools. For this reason, most often, they carry a lower prize value.

Consequently, these pots are typically more often won, carrying a higher RTP than other forms of jackpot games.

Some examples of these slots are Mustang Gold and Caishen’s Gold, both in which landing the Grand pot multiplies the winning bet by 1000 times.

Progressive Jackpot slots -Whilst fixed prize pools can be very consistent, progressive casino games offer a unique experience. Charged with dazzling elements and valuable prizes, progressive slots have seen our players winning over $11 million.

How this work is that the prize value continually increases until one lucky player wins it. Approximately 7% of each bet played on the slot is contributed to the respective pool. For this reason, as the cash pool remains untouched, its value exponentially grows. Once the value is won, it is resumed to its default minimum amount, which varies from game to game.

Given the large sum of money involved, one can understand why the progressive pot value is not won as frequently. Then again, the best things come to those who wait, and our jackpot winners are proof of that.

Local Jackpots - These slots offer a prize value contributed directly by players from a single casino. Therefore, prize pools on games such as Mr Holmes & the Stolen Stones are augmented by bets placed from LeoVegas players alone.

Network Jackpots - These games are composed of bets placed by players across all casinos.

Jackpot Slots for Every Taste

To the amusement of our valued jackpot enthusiasts, a quick scroll through our jackpot casino immediately makes clear the variety of jackpot slots on offer.

Each jackpot game will transport you to a different immersive setting, be it on a luxurious yacht, on the plains of Africa or in battle alongside Vikings.

Love the sound of the latter? Or perhaps you’re more into classic slots...the likes of Joker Millions? You’ll be delighted to hear we’ve got loads of those too!

And on those days when you feel like something different, be sure to get a fresh taste of our new jackpot slots in our Newest Games lobby!

What are the Most Popular Jackpot slots?

Mega Moolah

Set in the depths of the jungle, Microgaming’s 2006 classic Mega Moolah reigns as king of the progressive jackpots. Often featuring grand jackpots that exceed $4 or $5 Million, it’s all about the bonus wheel to get the top prize!

Joker Millions

Get the last laugh with Joker Millions featuring a joyride of tiered cash prize pools and one gigantic jackpot. Five reels and 25 paylines give you the chance to stick'em, match’em and aim for a Joker takeover to release the jackpot that will leave you laughing all the way to the bank.

Absolootly Mad Mega Moolah

The Mad Hatter has set the table and stakes with a tea party that could earn you millions. Microgaming’s blockbuster, Absolootly Mad Mega Moolah features 243 ways-to-win including four tiers of wonderland jackpots. And as the Dodo from Alice in Wonderland would say, ‘the best way to explain is to do it’!

Mega Moolah Goddess

Be blessed by the gods on the 5 reels and 25 paylines of Mega Moolah Goddess! Get a taste for royal life on the reels with scatters that can trigger up to 30 Free Spins, x6 multipliers and randomly unlock the jackpot!

Genie Jackpots

We all know what happens when a Genie escapes from the bottle - wishes! Well, we hope you wished for millions with Genie Jackpots as it may just come true! Simply enchanting, this jackpot slot features 3 Wishes Power Spins, wilds, a Magic Carpet Bonus and more. It’s part of the Jackpot King progressive pool that’s currently sitting at a whopping $4.5 Mill, and our first wish is for you to win it!

Fishin' Frenzy Jackpot King

Debuting in 2014 from Blueprint Gaming, Fishin' Frenzy Jackpot King slot is by no means rusty! In fact, you can still create a fish story that will truly be hard to believe! Cast into sea worthy symbols that can snag you wins of up to x10,000. The real catch? You’ll be fishing in a progressive pool that’s linked to Jackpot King’s top prize that can hook you $4 Million+.

Book of Atem WowPot!

Embark on a journey through Ancient Egypt where hidden treasures, like the progressive WowPot! can reveal riches in excess of $4 Million. Wow, indeed! Book of Atem WowPot! is a slot adventure featuring Free Spins, scatters and expanding snake headed symbols. If the granddaddy seeded $2 Million jackpot makes you nervous, three other tiers from Mini to Major await should you trigger a Jackpot Wheel spin.

Wheel of Wishes

Microgaming wheeled this jackpot slot into play in 2020, adding it to its WowPot! collection. Rolling in a seductive Arabic theme, Wheel of Wishes is an intense play featuring power spins, lustrous symbols and of course, the WowPot seeded tiers of Mini ($10 start), Minor ($100 min), major ($50k min) and grand WowPot! ($2 Mill start), which currently sits at over $4 Million.

Major Millions

Sometimes Microgaming gets militant about their millions, and that time is now in Major Millions. Join an army of shiny shoed gamers marching along to wilds, scatters and Free Spin features. Top rank goes to landing 5 wilds on payline 15 - that will get you drafted for the Major Millions progressive jackpot that currently sits at over $900,000.

Cash’N’ Riches Megaways

Part of Microgaming’s epic WowPot! collection, Cash’N’ Riches Megaways is a colourful, gem vibing gateway to Mini, Minor, Major and WowPot million dollar madness. Currently sitting at over $4 Million, it's the top cash prize but there’s still 34,300 other ways-to-win in this groovy slot filled with bold rocks and sparkling diamonds.

What are the Top Jackpot Games by our Game Providers?

There really are so many whopping jackpots to be won out there in casino land! At LeoVegas we’ve curated a list of Ready To Drop games with cash prize pools ready to be released and Jackpot slots that offer monster progressives in the making.

Microgaming is a true powerhouse in progressive slots. Fun Facts - did you know they were the first to release a wide area progressive back in 1998 called Cash Splash and that they hold the current Guiness Book of World Record for the highest paying progressive, ever? It’s true. These days they’re home to the world famous Mega Moolah (2002) series linked globally which to date, has awarded 18 MEGA jackpots for a cumulative 1.3 Billion awarded. Beyond their all star progressive, they’re also home to WowPots!, like the Book of Atem which seeds at a very noteworthy $2 Million.

Play’n GO also offers a flurry of progressive jackpots including their most popular games, Fruit Party, Riches of Ra and the huge money, adrenaline pumping Diamond Strike.They’re slots designed for players with lower bankrolls to enjoy the game, and higher rollers to play maximum bets for the opportunity to cash in big.

Drop & Wins are the result of innovation and creativity from our friends at Pragmatic Play. You’ll find them nicely tagged within each slot game icon and they feature random jackpots awarded via mega multipliers or cash prizes surprising players with bigger than expected payouts on wins along the way. Try to catch one in Big Bass Bonanza or their hit Wolf Gold.


That’s right, we have our very own progressive jackpot - LeoJackpot. And before we get into the nitty gritty details of how ours works, let it be known it currently sits at a whopping $18 Million and counting!

What makes this jackpot unique is that it's not fed by a variety of linked slot machines across other sites and networks. No siree. The LeoJackpot is entirely ours, serving players in our den as an opt-in promotion streaming from 500+ slot games across our virtual casino floor.

LeoJackpot features four tiers of cash prize pools, increasing in value from the Mini, Minor and Major, all the way to the Mega.

  • Mini Jackpot seeds at $7.50

  • Minor Jackpot starts at $150

  • Major Jackpot seeds at $15,000

  • Mega Jackpot starts at a whopping $7.5 Million

So, the big question is how can you get your paws on this stash of cash? You’ll first need to find games that host the LeoJackpot badge. Select the ‘Opt In’ button on the bottom of the game screen, followed by ‘Join Now’ (after reading all the T&Cs of course). Set your stake for a minimum of $0.15 and begin your quest for life-changing moola.

In order to participate and be in the running for winning, you’ll be required to set a minimum bet of $0.15 per spin when playing your chosen LeoJackpot game. Now, if you’ve opted in to this promotion, you’ve agreed to $0.15 to feed the Jackpot each round.

As an opt-in member of this promo, you’ll be privy to a Jackpot bar on your screen which shows all the current jackpot prize pools and even alerts you within 30 seconds of any of them being awarded and re-seeded to starting amounts. If you want to get super technical, we’ll take you there too. Let’s talk about how they are fed. The LeoJackpot four tiers are contributed to as per the following scale:

  • 10.50% of Jackpot bet feeds the Mini Jackpot (25% goes to the next Jackpot)

  • 21% gets contributed to the Minor and Major Jackpot (10% and 20% towards the next Jackpot, respectively)

  • 17.50% of each bet helps build the Mega Jackpot (of which 20% goes to the next Jackpot)

If chosen randomly, you could very well get to spin the LeoJackpot wheel vying for that pointer to land on the MEGA for mega million and safe to say, life-changing wins. And with that, we wish you the very best of luck!

Your Place to Be for Mobile Jackpots

Bored waiting in the line, on your lunch break or commuting to work? Then LeoVegas has got you covered with some of the best mobile entertainment out there! Experience our thrilling jackpot casino, which is loaded with high-quality jackpot games, straight from your smartphone, be it on Apple or Android, wherever and whenever!

This innovative slot technology allows players to play the game anytime, anywhere. Players must use compatible devices and a stable internet connection. The software was created with specialized hardware to run on any device, from smartphones to computers and tablets. So gamers can play jackpot slots online on your sofa or your commute if they like to go for a ride.

After being awarded the title of ‘Mobile Operator of the Year’ at the 2021 EGR Nordic Awards, we strive to continue leading the way into the mobile future and embracing innovation in full force. Now’s the time to download the LeoVegas app and give our mobile jackpots a go!

Enjoy Jackpot Games Daily!

But that’s not all! Increase your chances of hitting a whopping jackpot by heading onto the reels of our plenty of slots that have been blessed with a daily jackpot. How’s that for your daily fix of jackpot fun?

Under the Ready to Drop tab, you can find most jackpot slots that release a jackpot per day.

Several of our slots are included in the 'Ready to Drop'. This means that these are slots that share the jackpot and jackpot amount. When you browse the Daily Jackpots lobby, you will see an icon on the slot that says 'Ready to Drop'.

Slots with this symbol share the jackpot, and any of these jackpot games will trigger the daily jackpot. Will you be today's jackpot winner?

The Royal Treatment for Our Jackpot Game Players

Upon signing up with LeoVegas, we gear you up with a fantastic Welcome Bonus to enjoy across our Casino, not to mention the plenty of promotions and offers that we frequently drop in your inbox. Our VIP program ensures our most loyal players are kept on their toes at all times as they receive exclusive offers and promotions from us regularly!

On top of that, rest assured that Customer support will answer any queries you might have throughout your journey within the pride. Our Customer Support agents are available for you 24/7 through live chat, phone and email. For some quick information, check out the detailed FAQ pages in our Help Centre. For any gambling-related concerns or queries, please check out LeoSafePlay; a website to honour our duty of care to all players through the availability of many valuable resources regarding responsible gaming.

Play Jackpot Slots & More

If you're looking for something beyond jackpot games, you are in luck as we have an incredible selection of different casino slots that you can play here at LeoVegas. With more than a thousand slots available to our Canadian lions, you’ll be hard-pressed to make that final choice! Which one will you pick?

Alternatively, make a detour and let the excitement begin in our live casino, where a whole new world awaits you! Picture this. Roulette wheels in action, the tension rising in a game of blackjack, the feeling of being in a James Bond movie during a game of baccarat - you’ll find it all and much more at LeoVegas Live Casino. Just pick the right table for you and get ready to immerse yourself in unparalleled LIVE fun alongside thousands of other players, whatever the time of day!

Jackpot FAQ

What is the meaning of jackpot?

While the true meaning of the jackpot may be financial joy, the more Webster friendly definition is a large cash prize. Specifically, a jackpot is a cash prize that accumulates until it's won via a game or lottery.

Where did the term jackpot come from?

Oh, we enjoy a good piece of trivia! The term jackpot is actually rooted in poker - specifically, Draw Poker. It’s derived from Jack (the playing card) + the pot (cash prize) and came to be with forced antes that built a cash pot up if players weren't holding jacks or better. Over the years, slots took this gem of a word over and attributed it to an accumulating cash prize pool.

What triggers a jackpot on a slot machine?

Slots are a game of luck, run using a random number generator (RNG). So, truth be told, there’s no real strategy that can be applied to beat these machines. An RNG is a microprocessor that generates numbers several billion hundreds of times per second - and these numbers determine the position reels will land. There’s just no predicting with RNG!

How do daily jackpots work?

Just as they sound, daily jackpots pay out a jackpot daily. They’re simply programmed to award a jackpot within a specific time period. And if that time constraint is daily, they’ll drop a jackpot at some point during that time span - like those in our Ready to Drop slot section.

How do you analyze jackpot games?

Read the rules of the jackpot. The less the number of matches the better. Consider head to head past results. Consider the current form of both teams.

Do slot machines ever hit the jackpot?

Yes they sure do, and this is evident by jackpot amounts. At certain times, you may return to your favourite progressive and see a lower grand jackpot - and this is because it has been awarded to some lucky player!

Are jackpot slots worth it?

If you’re playing, why not play the games with the biggest potential payout? That’s one way of looking at it. Keep in mind that many jackpot slots require a minimum wager to be placed to qualify for ‘the big one’, and it's usually the max bet. So always take into consideration the types of slots you like to play (smaller yet frequent payouts or larger but less frequent ones) and your personal bankroll.

How often do slot machines hit the jackpot?

There’s a few factors in this question. Our Ready to Drop series, for example, are slots that will drop a jackpot every 24 hours. This is not the case for all progressives, and the higher the grand jackpot, the more likely the odds are stacked against you, just like in a Lotto 649 or Max draw. It’s tricky to land the big one, but hey, somebody’s gotta win it! And as they say, why not you?

Do all slot machines have jackpots?

Not all of them! But, we’ve made it easy to find the one that does at LeoVegas. A handy Jackpots tab as well as our Ready to Dro tab is where you’ll find our curated list of progressive jackpot slot machines.

Which slot machine gives you a better chance of winning the jackpot?

Just like any slot on the market, jackpot slots have a return to player percentage. Of all slots, progressive jackpots are on the lower end of this spectrum, often featuring less frequent wins, but big payouts when they do hit.

How do progressive jackpots work?

For slot machines and table games featuring a progressive jackpot, the cash prize pool is fed by a small percentage of each wager spent. Over time, this builds and builds into one fat cash prize pool or a series of tiered jackpots, like a Mini, Major and Grand.

What are progressive jackpot slots?

Progressive jackpot slots host an ever-building, accumulating cash prize pool. Every time the slot game is played, a percentage of each spin’s wager is added to the jackpot. Some slot machines are part of a network that share a jackpot, while others may pull from one casino or one particular slot game. Of course, the larger the network feeding the prize pool, the larger the cash prize will be!

Can I play jackpot slots for free?

Our slot machines at LeoVegas all come with a handy free demo mode option. This allows you to test the game and check out its bonus features, without any monetary investment. However, you need to be playing real money to win a jackpot that’s not virtual coins.

How to win a jackpot in a slot machine?

All you can do is go by the old saying, you can’t win if you don’t play! A jackpot is released solely based on the Random Number Generator. There are no secrets or strategy that can help swing it in your favour. But, when playing a slot game with a jackpot, or progressive one, be sure you are playing the limits that allow you to qualify for it!

How to win a progressive jackpot?

Whether it's a jackpot, a progressive jackpot, a bonus round or Free Spins, with any slot machine the Random Number Generator (RNG) is in charge, so there’s just no predicting or strategy that can help land the big one. We repeat, there’s no secret strategy.

What is the biggest jackpot ever won on a slot machine?

To date, the Excalibur Casino takes the trophy for the biggest jackpot ever awarded - and it’s a whopper. $39.7 Million was awarded back in 2003 to a software engineer playing a MegaBucks slot. Not too far behind, Absolootly Mad Mega Moolah awarded over $23 Million. Dare to dream!

What happens when you win a slot jackpot?

Winning online requires no cashier assistant tapping you on the back for a chaperoned walk to the cashier. No sirree, landing a jackpot online means that all those funds, millions if you’re a grand jackpot winner, are shipped directly to your player account and made available for withdrawal. Of course, given there are at least two companies involved in the win, it will go through a quick channel of verification before it’s official.

How can you tell when a slot machine is getting ready to hit a jackpot?

Straight up - there’s just no telling when a slot machine is ready to pop. Every spin and symbol is determined by the RNG, random number generator, and nothing more. Now, that being said, we have mentioned that our Ready to Drop slots release prizes within a daily time frame, so at least this helps narrow it down a tad for you!