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Complete Guide to Daily Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are one of the key reasons so many players keep coming back to online casinos, day in and day out. This also rings true for daily jackpots.

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Daily jackpots are a special kind of jackpot prize awarded on a daily basis. What makes daily jackpots unique, is the time restriction attached to when the jackpot must be won by. Stay with our guide to learn more about these rewarding cash prizes!


Understanding Daily Jackpots

Similar to regular progressive jackpots, the prize pools with most daily jackpots grow as players wager on a specific game. Daily jackpots are sometimes linked to a series of games created by one provider or simply a single slot game. Still, the mechanics are the same: a small percentage of each bet is added to the jackpot.

Each daily jackpot has a fixed, or guaranteed, amount that is reset once a player won.

There are two ways to win a daily jackpot. First, you can get the prize before the time is up by landing a specific winning combination or by triggering the bonus feature that can award the jackpot prize. Daily jackpots are different from regular jackpots because they come with a time restriction.

Exploring Different Types of Daily Jackpots

There are three main variations of daily jackpots. Once you learn more about them and take your gaming style into consideration, you should be able to gauge which one suits you best.

Progressive Daily Jackpots

Progressive daily jackpots grow over time, as you and other players place wagers and spin the associated slot(s). Each spin contributes a small percentage of the stake to the overall jackpot, which continues to grow and grow, until it’s eventually won. To win, there’s usually a set objective, perhaps landing five matching symbols within the game or triggering a bonus round that releases the ultimate jackpot prize.

Fixed Daily Jackpots

As to be expected by the name, with fixed daily jackpots, you're dealing with a set, fixed prize. This means that the number of players spinning the reels and the size of their bets does not affect the prize pool in any way whatsoever.

Local Daily Jackpots

These jackpots are associated with a specific casino - hence, they are localized. In other words, the total jackpot payouts are based on players’ bets within that particular casino. They can acquire portions of the bets wagered on one or more games.

The odds of winning here are higher than with ordinary progressive jackpot games. There’s also a sense of competition and socialization shared when you are part of a localized community chasing such bonuses.

Daily Jackpots FAQ

How do daily jackpots work?

Just as they sound, daily jackpots pay out a jackpot daily. They’re simply programmed to award a jackpot within a specific time period. And if that time constraint is daily, they’ll drop a jackpot at some point during that time span - like those in our Ready to Drop slot section.

What is the difference between a daily jackpot and a progressive jackpot?

Daily jackpots are jackpot prizes awarded on a daily basis - with a time restriction of when they need to drop by. Progressive jackpots aren't time limited, and can continue to grow and grow until won, no matter how long it takes! Daily jackpots can be progressive or fixed.

Are daily jackpot games available on mobile devices?

Yes. It's possible to play and win daily jackpot games when you play on your smartphone or tablet.

How are daily jackpot winners determined?

Daily jackpot winners are determined randomly. The exact way you can win a daily jackpot is determined by the online casino game you are playing. Sometimes you have to play a mini-game to win the prize, while in other cases, you must hit a specific winning combination on the reels. Of course, if there’s no winner within 24 hours, the casino uses a different method to award this prize.

Can I win a daily jackpot multiple times?

Yes, but you'll need to wait until the following day to get a chance to play for another daily jackpot if you’re choosing the same game.

How often do daily jackpots hit?

You can expect a daily jackpot to be awarded within its set time frame. It’s probably better to win a daily jackpot right before the time ends in the case of a progressive jackpot, as it would allow for more time to build and grow.

Can I play daily jackpot games for free?

Yes. You can play daily jackpot games for free to practice. Still, you can’t expect to win real prizes when you use the demo version.

What happens if no one wins the daily jackpot?

It’s up to the casino/provider to determine the winner if no one wins the daily jackpot in the time frame. Typically, they give it to the player who won the last spin.

Are the odds of winning a daily jackpot better than a regular jackpot?

The answer depends on factors like the game’s RTP, volatility, betting options, etc. Remember that both options depend on luck, not on skill or strategy.

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