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3/2 Roulette Strategy Explained

Roulette is a game of chance but strategies exist that can improve the prospect of winning. The 3/2 Roulette System is one method players use to increase their odds of winning on every spin.

The 3/2 Roulette Strategy uses two separate bets. One bet is on the outside section and the other is on the column. Players can select any outside bet or column. The objective is to cover both portions to even out the risk.

There are several advantages to using the 3/2 Roulette Strategy. Let’s explore some of these reasons.

The Basics of the 3/2 Roulette Strategy

Different sections of the roulette table provide different payouts to players. Payouts increase based on the odds of a number coming up. A number that doesn’t often come up has a higher payout than a number that is more likely to come in.

Black/red and even/odd bets (outside bets) are the most conservative in roulette. These bets pay at odds of 1/1. It is a safe way to wager on roulette for long sessions. The column bet is riskier. It pays out at odds of 2/1 and covers 12 numbers at a time. Players can choose from three different columns.

Using the 3/2 strategy, players can bet on both parts at one time. A player places three chips on black, red, even, or odd. Then, the player places two chips on one of the three columns. The aim is that enough numbers are covered to provide a profit from every spin.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the 3/2 Roulette Strategy

As with all casino games, there is some risk when playing roulette, even when using a strategy like the 3/2 plan. Firstly, the disadvantage to playing roulette is that the house always has the edge. In European roulette, the house possesses an edge of 2.7%. Therefore, for every $100 wagered, the house will make $2.70. Bettors run the risk of burning through their bankroll quickly.

Unlike some betting strategies, the 3/2 strategy doesn’t consider long-losing streaks. In addition, it doesn’t cover all the numbers on the table. Streaks occur in roulette, but there is no evidence that a previous spin has any effect on the next.

One of the reasons players implement the strategy is due to large potential winnings. If both wagers are successful, players can win seven units.

For example, if a player wagers $5 on black/red and columns, and both bets win, the bet pays out $35 ($5 x 7 units).

Moreover, the 3/2 Roulette Strategy allows players to cover more of the table. There is a higher potential of winning with each spin with more table coverage. One bet should win 70% of the time. Bettors can make multiple bets on each roulette spin.

Implementing the 3/2 Roulette Strategy

Implementing the strategy isn’t difficult, however, it may take some practice to fully understand the method. Let’s work through an example:

  • Start with $3 on black and $2 on the second column for a total wager of $5.
  • The ball falls in one of the four black pockets which are in column one. There is a $3 payout for the bet on black and a $2 loss for the bet on column 2, leaving a net profit of $1.
  • The next spin results in 16 red, which is in column 1. Result? A $5 loss and so far, a $4 net loss.
  • The third spin is much better and ends on 2 black which is in column 2. It pays out $3 for the bet on black and $4 for the column bet for a net profit of $3.

This is from just three spins and over time, there is hope that the system will lead to more wins and more profits. Players should always keep roulette sessions to a minimum amount of time. Playing short sessions prevents spending an entire bankroll quickly and can lead to retaining winnings.

Exploring Alternatives and Variations

The 3/2 strategy isn’t the only one available for roulette. There are several popular strategies available for players to employ.

The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale Strategy is considered the most popular method in casino betting. Players continually place outside bets (even/odd; black/red; high/low) and double the size of their stake after a losing bet. Following a win, players reset their stake. Unfortunately, the Martingale System can see players spend their entire bankroll without winning. A large bankroll is needed.

D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

The D’Alembert System is more advanced than the Martingale. It is only possible to use the D’Alembert for even money payouts. Players decide on a betting unit size based on their bankroll. Players place a bet of five units. If the bet wins, the player subtracts one unit. Players add one unit following a losing bet.

Parlay Strategy

Parlay is ideal for conservative bettors. It rewards players on a winning streak, and it is the opposite of the Martingale System. Players double their stake after a winning bet. The stake goes back to the original bet following a loss. Players should have a winning payout target when using Parlay. Once the target is hit, players should walk away from the table.

3/2 Roulette Strategy FAQs

Is the 3/2 Roulette Strategy suitable for all types of roulette?

The 3/2 Roulette Strategy is ideal for either American or European Roulette. However, it can be used on all variants of the game.

Can the 3/2 Roulette Strategy guarantee consistent winnings?

Roulette is a game of luck, so no strategy can promise consistent 100% winnings. But the 3/2 strategy does provide players with the chance to cover more of the table. Thus, players may have more opportunities to win.

How much should I bet using the 3/2 Roulette Strategy?

Players can wager $3 on an outside bet and place $2 on the columns. The idea is for the outside bet to be a multiple of 3 (3, 6, 9, 12, 15...) and the columns bet to be a multiple of 2 (2,4, 6, 8...). The outside bet should always be more than the column bet.

What are the common mistakes to avoid when using the strategy?

Players can mismanage their bankroll by using the 3/2 strategy. Multiple bets add up quickly, so having a large bankroll can help when utilizing this strategy. The system is not for players to get rich quickly, but rather serves as a long-term method for winning.

Can I combine the 3/2 Roulette Strategy with other betting systems?

Players should focus on one strategy at a time. Mixing strategies can be confusing and lead to quickly losing a bankroll.