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James Bond Roulette Strategy


The James Bond roulette strategy involves breaking a large bet down into three parts. Your first part amounts to 70% of the total, the second to 25%, and the third to 5%. When a loss occurs, you double the wager to attempt to claim back lost money

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Speak to any seasoned roulette player and each one will give you a different roulette strategy. Some prefer to use ones that cover losses, others may prefer risk but high payouts, while some may use ones that walk a middle ground. However, for those who want to play like Ian Fleming’s famous spy character, they will need a high starting bankroll and the ability to hold their nerve.

If you are looking to mix up your roulette tactics, or are just getting started with the game, then we can help. Below is our essential guide on the James Bond roulette strategy.

What Is the James Bond Strategy in Roulette?

If you have ever seen a James Bond movie or read the novels, then you will know how much the character tends to win big in the casino. One of his favored games was baccarat, which changed to poker in the modern Daniel Craig run. Yet in the original novels, roulette was his game of choice. However, no actual James Bond strategy was ever written down. It was created later and then given his name, so it actually has very little to do with the super spy at all.


The James Bond roulette strategy involves breaking a large bet down into three parts. Your first part amounts to 70% of the total, the second to 25%, and the third to 5%. When a loss occurs, you double the wager to attempt to claim back lost money.

How Does the James Bond Strategy Work in Roulette?

The James Bond strategy splits into two parts. There is the section where you play and make bets, with the second being how you react when you encounter losses.

When playing the first section, your task is to stake 70% of your base wager on the high numbers, these being 19 to 36. The next part of your bet takes up 25%, and this must go on two rows of three numbers. This should cover 13 to 18. You are then left with 5% of your bankroll, which should go on the green zero section, assuming you are on a European or French table. If you are on a US table, then split the 5% between the two zero sections.

When losses occur, it works in a very similar way to the Martingale strategy, which is another very popular tactic used both in casino games and investing. With the Martingale strategy, the amount wagered stays the same unless you lose. In this case, you double the amount of your base wager. Lose again and this amount then doubles. It is a strategy that aims to recoup your losses, though many professionals do not like it as the rewards are not enough.

The James Bond strategy works in the same way. However, the Martingale is only applicable on even money bets. These are high/low numbers, red/black, even, or odd. This rule does not apply to the James Bond strategy.

How to Use the James Bond Strategy Roulette

To begin, you need quite the bankroll. Each spin requires 20 units, so look at having at least $20 every time you spin the wheel. However, if you have the money you can up this as you see fit. For the example, we will use $100 a spin. The first part of the wager gets placed on the high numbers, 19 to 36. As we have an overall bet of $100 we take 70% of it and bet $70 on them.

Secondly, we need to place 25% of the stake on two rows of three numbers. We can use $25 from our bet to cover 13 to 18. By now, with both bets, we have covered the numbers between 13 to 36. Our remaining bankroll, which should be 5%, will go on the green zero section. If we are on a US table, then $2.50 would go on each.

Many people choose to limit the James Bond strategy to this tactic. However, if you lose you can then employ the tactic from the Martingale strategy of doubling up on losses. Should you lose one game, double all bets on the next round. If this loses, the standard bet should be tripled, and so on. The theory is that eventually a win will arrive and recoup your losses.


What Are the Pros and Cons of Using James Bond Strategy in Roulette?

The strategy has some great advantages, though it may not be suitable for everyone. Below, we give you the advantages and disadvantages.

Pro – Good Bet Coverage

When you use this strategy, a total of twenty-five numbers get covered out of a possible thirty-seven. This is quite a high amount of coverage over the board. The only other strategy to offer similar coverage is the 666 strategy but it will bring lower returns. In total, you have a 67.6% chance of winning. Thus, the probability is in your favor but do remember that this is not a guarantee.

Cons – You Can't Win With All Bets in Play

One of the cons is that you can't win with all the bets you put into play. Therefore, even with a winning result a lot of your money is wasted. For example, if the 19-36 bet comes in you won't win the zero bet or six-number group at the same time.

Pro – Can Be Used to Avert Loss

If you use the second part of the strategy, similar to the Martingale, you can help avert any losses that you have made. The only problem is that you should make sure you have the bankroll, as the amounts required can scale up quickly. Table limits should also be checked as if you reach them you are at a dead end and have no way of reclaiming your funds.

Con – It Takes a Lot to Build a Profit

To boost your profits, you need to land a zero result occasionally. The payouts are below:

  • 1 – 12 is a total loss
  • 13 – 18 is a 5/1 result
  • 19 – 36 is a 1/1 result
  • 0 is a 35/1 result

The chance of a 1 – 12 appearing is quite a high margin. However, if it did appear this would wipe out three 13 – 18 winning bets. Thus, it is quite easy to see a large share of your winnings deplete quite quickly.

James Bond Roulette Strategy FAQ

Is the James Bond Strategy Considered Good for Beginners?

The James Bond strategy can be employed by beginners. It manages to cover a lot of bets, giving a strong probability that a win will occur. However, as a new player, it can be quite restrictive. People who have just begun should try a range of different bet types and wagers to help understand the game. Once they have grasped the concepts, they should then consider using roulette betting strategies.

Does the James Bond Roulette Strategy Work?

No betting strategy is guaranteed to work. However, the James Bond strategy does give you an advantage in some ways. It allows you to cover a large part of the table, increasing your chance of a win.

The payoff is that winning amounts are generally lower than other bets. Thus, it takes longer to build up profit but can help you manage your bankroll efficiently and enjoy a longer casino session.

What Is James Bond’s Favorite Roulette Number?

James Bond’s favorite roulette number is unknown. However, his favorite bet according to Ian Flemings's books is to bet on the two dozen. He tends to place half his wager on the first dozen, and the other half on the second. As he does not play on American tables, he does not bet on double zero, and neither does he combine it with a bet on 7.

What Other Roulette Strategies Are There?

There are several different roulettes strategies, each suited to certain types of players. One of the most common is the Martingale strategy. This is a defensive strategy that provides slow and small gains but recoups any losses well.

It involves setting a minimum stake at the start of the game. When a loss occurs, the stake then doubles. This increases until a win happens, with the aim being to recover losses and make a small profit. The drawback is that it only works if even money bets are being made repeatedly.

A similar tactic is the Fibonacci. It works similarly, but instead of doubling the minimum stakes works its way up the famous sequence. The sequence goes as follows: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8. It does continue after this, but it is unlikely you will end up going that far. When you encounter a loss, your next bet moves up the scale and you stake one unit. On the next, you move to the next point on the scale and stake two units. If this continues, you stake three units and so forth.

Finally, another popular strategy is the 666. It involves using a bet of $66 exactly and breaking it down to cover as much of the table as you possibly can. While it reduces the chances of a loss, the payout is quite low so it does require patience and discipline.

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