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666 Roulette Strategy Guide


The name of this tactic comes from two main areas. Firstly, the sum of all sections on the roulette table equates to 666. Secondly, for this betting tactic to work, it requires the use of 66 betting chips. The tactic involves placing bets on almost all numbers on the felt, using different-sized wagers.

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Upon hearing the combination 666, many people would immediately think of the devil and conjure up fiery pictures of hell. This imagery has always been associated with the game of roulette itself, which has often been referred to as ‘The Devil’s Game'. Thus, it is quite apt that one of its most famous strategies carries this number as its name.

A form of spread betting, the tactic aims to reduce loss while bringing regular and small returns. For some people, it does not bring high enough returns. Yet for those who are patient enough, it can be a useful strategy that may keep their bankroll, and wins, in check. Below, we outline the essential guide on the 666 roulette strategy.


What is the 666 Strategy in Roulette?

The name of this tactic comes from two main areas. Firstly, the sum of all sections on the roulette table equates to 666. Secondly, for this betting tactic to work, it requires the use of 66 betting chips.

The tactic involves placing bets on almost all numbers on the felt, using different-sized wagers. The concept is that one of the numbers will almost always hit and that you will only lose a small amount on each wheel spin if it does not.

Bets are placed on all but four numbers, wagered in pairs, along with red. This means the chance of losing their bet is only 10%. You hedge all the other wagers as you bet small amounts on high odds.

How Does the 666 Strategy Work in Roulette?

The strategy works by spreading your bet over most of the wheel. Patience and a large bankroll are the keys to an effective strategy. The amount bet each turn is $66 exactly, which may be considered a lot for a standard game of roulette. $36 goes on red, with $24 spread amongst a series of pairs. This leaves only four numbers not covered by your spread.

To get it right, you need to understand that you are aiming for small wins consistently over a prolonged period. Once you start to double and triple bet amounts, the strategy won't work. When these big bets don’t come up, losses are extremely large making it hard to reclaim money or they will wipe out previous wins. Therefore, you need to work hard to make small amounts.

This allure of doubling and tripling bets is why casinos find the 666 strategy perfectly acceptable. It is not banned in casinos and is not frowned upon. The house knows that most people won't be able to resist placing extra money to increase profits and this is where the tactic falls apart. If you don’t have discipline, it may not be for you.

How to Use the 666 Strategy Roulette?

This strategy only works with a large bankroll, as for every spin of the wheel you need to bet $66. Division of the money should be done as follow:

Place $36 on red

$24 is broken down into $4 bets. These go on the following pairs: 0/2, 8/11, 10/13, 17/20, 26/29, and 28/31.

By the end of the bet, you will only have four numbers that are not covered. You have also limited the possible outcomes to two simple results meaning you either win $6 in profit or lose $66.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using 666 Strategy in Roulette?

There are both advantages and disadvantages to the strategy. Below are point you may wish to consider.

Pro – High Returns

This strategy attracts many players over other strategies as it has a high payout. In others, you need to employ patience and while losses are minimized, cash returns are generally very low. The returns will also change depending on your bet size, but when it comes to the 666 you know what you are getting.

Con – Variance

This tactic relies on short-term variance. A player is placing their money on the fact that four numbers out of the selection will not turn up. While statistically, this is low, you are dealing with a chance. There is no guarantee the player will not lose multiple times in a row. While they may be fine over the short term, long-term variance states they will lose money.

Pro – Limiting Possible Outcomes

Depending upon if you are playing roulette on a European or American wheel, there are 37 to 38 possible outcomes should you bet on single numbers. Other types of bets can reduce these possibilities. However, when you use the 666 strategy you limit it to two: You either win $6 or lose $66, with the possibility of a win being greater. It sounds simple, but by limiting these outcomes you have a much higher chance of winning.

Con – Negative Losses

Imagine the ball spins 37 times, and each time the ball rests in a different pocket so that all numbers have appeared. 33 numbers have won and four have lost. When you multiply your four losses by the $66 wagered, you will lose $264.

Now work out the winnings from his scenario. This is the $6 from each bet multiplied by the 33 wins. This comes to $198.

Once you take your $264 loss away from your $198 winnings, you will find yourself $66 down. Of course, this is a very unlikely scenario as you would not expect every number to arrive once. It is down to chance, but this can equally mean you lose less or win more depending on how the balls fall. However, following the law of averages, you would certainly come out with a loss.

Con - A 10% Chance of Loss

If you compare 10% to other games in the casino and their chances of a loss, 10% is pretty high. Even slot games will have better statistics over time. There are bets in roulette that have better odds than this as well, though they may not have the return.

Once you do have a loss, it is also extremely hard to recoup your money. While other strategies allow you to do so and are actively focused on it, the 666 strategy offers very little chance to get your money back. Once you have lost, you will then need 11 winning spins afterward to reclaim the funds. Increasing bet amounts will do very little except deplete your bankroll quicker. In these instances, it is better to change strategy or pack up and come back another day.

666 Roulette Strategy FAQ

Do Roulette Wheel Numbers Add Up to 666?

When the number on a roulette wheel are added together, they will equate to 666. This includes all the numbers from 0 to 36.

Is the 666 Strategy Considered Good for Beginners?

The 666 betting strategy is not recommended for beginners, mainly because it does not allow players to get used to the variety of bets available on the roulette wheel. Instead, a beginner should play the table, trying different bet types and combinations to help them learn the rules.

This strategy also requires a large bankroll. It involves covering the table so that only four numbers are not bet upon. On each spin of the wheel, a $66 bet gets placed which is broken down into smaller bets. This leaves a 10% chance of loss, but a 90% chance of a win. Losses are also high and it would only take a few in a row to destroy most beginner bankrolls.

What Other Roulette Strategies Are There?

If you don’t want to play the 666 strategy, there are plenty of other roulette betting strategies.

One of the most popular is the Roulette Martingale strategy. Unlike the 666 strategy, it focuses on recovering losses as opposed to making constant wins. It is easy to understand and very simple to apply.

Start by having a standard bet amount. Whenever you lose, you then double this standard stake. If you lose again then you triple it, and this continues until you have a win. The theory is that when you do finally win, you will recoup any loss you have made and make a small profit.

To be most effective, keep it on even money outside bets. Red or black, odd, or even and half the numbers on the table are the safest ones to make and should keep your bankroll even. However, as chance is involved it is not foolproof and can result in quite quick, sizable losses when it goes wrong.

Another is the Fibonacci strategy, which follows the famous mathematical sequence. Like the Martingale, you increase the size of your wager every time you have a loss. You also need to have a standard betting unit set at the start of the game. After a loss, your next bet should involve gambling the number of units equal to their position on the sequence.

The sequence goes 1,1,2, 3,5, and so on. As an example, after a first loss, you move to the second number on the sequence and bet 1 unit. Another and you would move to the next which is 2 units. Another loss you move up to the next one, which is three units. This continues until you win and recoup a loss.

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