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Kavouras Bet in Roulette

The Kavouras roulette bet strategy might not be a well-known method for betting on the much-loved table game. Indeed, many roulette players may have never heard of the betting system because it’s newer than the more famous methods. But bettors who are familiar with the system have used it to their advantage and many implement it every time they play roulette.

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The Kavouras betting strategy has multiple benefits, and some of them arose unintentionally when the system was created. The latter were only discovered after years of using the method.


What is Kavouras Bet?

The Kavouras bet is both unique and new compared to other roulette betting strategies. It was invented by a gambler named Kavouras and was published for the first time in 2010. Due to the system being new, it is still unknown amongst many roulette players.


The method was designed to cover 20 different table numbers using different bet alternatives to create a specific betting pattern. Bettors should always wager the same pattern for every round. The ability to cover over 50% of the table is one of the reasons why players use the Kavouras bet.

The aim of the bet was to include as many numbers as possible. This makes every round less volatile. It enables players to chaotically select the numbers to wager on. This is in accordance with the dynamic way in which the ball stops on the roulette wheel. The goal is not to focus on a specific sector of the table.

Roulette fans using the Kavouras bet don’t wager the same amount of money on every number. Some numbers have a higher bet, while others have a lower wager. The idea behind this system is to keep the bets per unit low for each round.

The possible gains are one of the reasons punters use the Kavouras bet. Every win on the roulette table offers a potential profit. Unlike other roulette strategies that may try to curb losses, the Kavouras bet focuses on every selection providing a profit.

How Kavouras Bet works

The Kavouras bet follows this specific pattern:

  1. One unit wagered on the corner covers Nos 0, 1, 2, 3.
  2. Two units wagered on the double street cover Nos 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36.
  3. One unit wagered on each and one of the following five splits: 8/11, 13/14, 15/18, 17/20, 27/30.

This system gives players the chance to cover a lot of the table at once. Players should use the same betting pattern on each round and not switch it up. The Kavouras bet is a chaotic betting selection. It matches the chaotic nature of the roulette ball that lands in a number pocket indiscriminately.

The amount of each betting unit is up to the player as there’s no set unit amount. For example, a $1 bet as one unit. Using the Kavouras bet, a player could place $1 on the corner, $2 on the double street, and $3 on the five splits, resulting in a total stake of $15 for the splits. The total betting stake for the pattern would be $18.

To prevent changing betting stakes for wins and losses is one of the benefits the Kavouras bet system offers. It’s straightforward and the same amount of money is used on the pattern for as long as the roulette session lasts. Players can alter the stake of each bet from time to time if they choose.

Components of Kavouras Bet

The Kavouras bet has different components that combine to make this an effective betting strategy. Roulette players have plenty of elements to remember to implement the method. Once a player learns the system, it becomes clear when to use it at the roulette table.

With regard to the different components, players should use the following bets:

  • Corner: One unit wager on the corner of Nos 0, 1, 2, and 3
  • Double Street: Two units wagered on the double street cover Nos 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36
  • Split: Five one-unit wagers on the splits 8/11, 13/14, 15/18, 17/20, and 27/30

Let’s take a look at the payouts:

  • Corner net: nine times the initial stake
  • Double street: six times the original stake
  • Split wager: 18 times the initial stake.

The use of the system can lead to a profit with each win.

Implementing Kavouras Bet

The Kavouras bet requires a sizable bankroll. Players need a total stake of eight units to make the wager and cover the pattern. This system guarantees a net profit of one, four, or 10 units. Players have to determine the unit value for their session, and the former shouldn’t change during the round.

It is paramount that the player uses the same 20 numbers for each round of roulette betting. Changing the numbers means players alter the system and prevent it from working effectively. It is important to note that the Kavouras bet works with European roulette. This means it is effective with single-zero roulette.

There is an alternative to the Kavouras bet, which features just 16 numbers. This system omits the 0-1-2-3 corner bets. The Kavouras bet is meant to be chaotic to match the chaotic nature of the roulette wheel. It also prevents players from sticking to the same sector for each bet.

Regardless of the amount of money each unit equals, the Kavouras bet can be quite expensive. Players are betting on 20 numbers at a time. Therefore, a serious amount of cash is needed to employ this system. Players should always set limits on their bankroll for each session.

Advantages of Kavouras Bet

There are several benefits of the Kavouras bet. For starters, there are no rules to follow like in other systems. Players don’t have to bet more if they lose or bet less if they win. The pattern is set, and players simply follow it. It may take some time to learn the pattern, but once learned, players will be able to play it repeatedly.

The Kavouras bet allows players to cover 20 of the 37 numbers on the table, which translates into more than 50% of the potential winning numbers. Players are more likely to win on the spin of the wheel than lose.

Due to covering more than half of the roulette table, players are able to limit their losing streaks. Losing on consecutive spins is possible, but the idea behind the system is to reduce those losses. The Kavouras bet also prevents a casino or dealer from purposely ignoring the sector a player plays.

The enjoyment is another advantage of the Kavouras bet system. Adjustments aren’t necessary as it should remain unchanged during the entire round. In addition, the Kavouras should hit wins more often than losses. Consecutive wins can lead to a significant amount of profits. The chance of winning each bet while using the Kavouras system is around 54%.

Unfortunately, the bet does not affect the house edge. Although players will win more rounds, the house will win more in the long term. Moreover, when losing a round, a player will lose eight units.

Not all wins will cover losses. Back-to-back losses could lead to a total loss of 16 units. This can be difficult to recover during a session. Losing eight units at once requires a significant bankroll to start out with.

Kavouras Bet FAQs

Is Kavouras Bet suitable for beginners?

The Kavouras bet strategy is not for beginners. Although it may not seem like a complex system, a big bankroll is needed. Players must wager eight units on each round. Thus, players can burn through their bankroll quickly if they are not experienced with money management.

How much should I initially invest in Kavouras Bet?

It is best to use low-value units when initially using the Kavouras bet. Players can set the value for their units. Therefore, setting a unit value as low as possible would be the best way to begin using the Kavouras bet.

Is this strategy applicable to other casino games?

The Kavouras bet system is only usable for roulette. The system was designed specifically to cover the numbers on a roulette table and create a pattern. Therefore, it cannot be applied in blackjack, poker, or slots. It is a betting system completely unique to roulette.

Is the Kavouras bet a flawless system for betting on roulette?

No betting system is 100% flawless. There is a risk involved with every betting system. The Kavouras bet offers players a chance of winning on each bet of about 54%, which means there’s still a 46% chance of losing.

How much do bettors wager using the Kavouras bet?

One of the best aspects of the Kavouras bet is that players choose the unit amount. This allows players to determine how much they bet.