Spread Bet Roulette

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Feel the Excitement of Spread Bet Roulette

Looking to change up your video slots routine and try something new? Then get ready to play the best live roulette there is – Spread Bet Roulette by Playtech. This thrilling live table game is a casino staple and something every player has to try at least once. See what the buzz is all about, bet two wheels for the ultimate roulette action, and enjoy payouts of up to 400x the stake!

The Best Spread Bet Roulette Features

The best asset of Spread Bet Roulette is revealed in the name: the mega-popular spread bet! This is something you won’t find in online slot machines or any ‘regular’ roulette game. Here’s what the spreads are all about!

Sensational Spread Bet

Spread Bet allows you to place bets on the additional wheel - the spread bet wheel - located behind the croupier who hosts this live game. There are 7 additional betting options and players wager on what the total result of both roulette wheels will be. Here is what this bet pays:

- Spread 0 -1 pays 400:1

- Spread 2 -11 pays 15:1

- Spread 12 -18 pays 10:1

- Spread 19 - 33 pays 2:1

- Spread 34 - 54 pays 1:1

- Spread 55 - 67 pays 7:1

- Spread 68 - 72 pays 80:1

Try the Spread Bet Roulette Demo Mode

Most online slot games on LeoVegas have a demo mode and that’s a fact. However, we can’t say the same for our live casino games. Live-streamed 24/7, the technology they use doesn’t support demo gaming. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to go in head first and take risks without having a clue what to do. Have a read of our guide above and below as these details will help you approach the game studiously. You’ll also find additional explanations set within the game. On top of that, you can sign up and observe as many rounds as you like until you feel confident to join in!

Spread Bet Roulette Theme and Design

Whether you play it in our mobile casino or on your desktop, Spread Bet Roulette will always look more realistic than a slot online. That is because it is real! In a luxurious Playtech studio, a real dealer will introduce you to two elegant wheels you’ll use to place bets on.

One wheel is the traditional European roulette wheel with 37 positions (36+0), while the other one features spread bets. Now, that is much more exciting than any slot machine! The entire roulette interface is beautifully designed and matches the spirit of our LeoVegas live casino. Instead of music, the game features real casino sounds which adds to the overall atmosphere.

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How to Win Spread Bet Roulette

Perhaps you know how to play even the most complicated megaways slots but have no clue how to master Spread Bet Roulette. Believe us when we say, it is one simple game with massive payout potential.

The main element of the game is the European roulette wheel. It has 37 positions (36+0), and features basic black, red and green segments. You can bet on the main wheel, thus meaning you are actually playing European roulette. If you choose to add in a Spread Bet, it will payout as mentioned above reaching heights of 400:1!

Here’s what standard payouts are for your European roulette wheel bets:

- Straight - 35:1

- Split - 17:1

- Street - 11:1

- Corner/Basket - 8:1

- Line - 5:1

- Column - 2:1

- Red/Black - 1:1

- Even/Odd - 1:1

- High/Low (1-18 or 19-36) - 1:1

How to Play Spread Bet Roulette

To play Spread Bet Roulette, you first have to set the stakes. Do so by clicking the colourful chips at the bottom and then place them in the position of your choice on the virtual roulette table. If you like, you can also place a Spread bet. You’ll have approximately 20 seconds between rounds to make a call. Once the croupier announces the winning numbers, you collect the payout if you hit a winner and a new round will begin.
This game is licensed outside of Malta.