Vinnie Jones Roulette

Real Dealer

Meet the Stars in Vinnie Jones Roulette

Are you familiar with Vinnie Jones? The British footballer, actor, and superstar has now dipped his toe in the world of gaming with Vinnie Jones Roulette casino game. This venture puts so many mobile slots to shame with its $64,500 maximum win! Meet Vinnie as you play a round or two or seven, or as many as you wish on this fresh new take on European roulette games!

Vinnie Jones Roulette Features

Despite being RNG-based, Vinnie Jones Roulette is not a slot machine. Yet, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a fair share of features for you to enjoy.

Racetrack Bets

With the help of the Racetracks feature, you can quickly place multiple bets at once. As usual, the Racetracks supports three kinds of call bets:

- Les Orphelins

- Les Voisins du Zéro

- Tiers du Cylindre

Additionally, you can stake money on Neighbour bets - bets on numbers next to a Straight Up bet as they appear on the wheel and not the table.


Although roulette is a game of pure chance, there are plenty of players who believe it is possible to predict the winning numbers. Vinnie Jones Roulette gives you a sneak peek into the statistics of the game, so you can easily make a decision based on past results if that’s what you prefer.

Vinnie Jones Roulette Free Demo

Vinnie Jones Roulette might not be an online slot, but it still features a free demo you can use as long as you need. The demo mode is available to all gamers, without any restrictions. You don’t even have to sign up! Start the free-to-play game and explore the world of gaming with Vinnie by your side. Listen to his stories and learn the game of roulette, before you are ready to play real money stakes!

Vinnie Jones Roulette Theme and Design

In this highly immersive game released in 2022, Vinnie Jones is a croupier. He welcomes you to a fancy land-based establishment, in rich shades of gold, beige, and burgundy. And may we say, he is looking really sharp in a black vest, shirt, and red tie. His mannerisms are professional and his voice stern, which puts you in the right mood. Vinnie means serious business and is not afraid to show it!
In the background, you not only get to see the lavish venue, but also hear sounds typical for brick-and-mortar casinos. All this helps you immerse yourself in the world of gaming. Once you are ready to place the bet, you’ll get access to a digital roulette table.
The table is very clean and sleek with a layout you can find at traditional roulette tables. Colourful chips make placing stakes easy and you are granted a fantastic overview of the betting felt.Vinnie might look like a tough guy, but trust us, you’ll be happy to see a familiar face in our online casino.

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How to Win Vinnie Jones Roulette

Vinnie Jones Roulette is in its essence a European roulette game. The wheel has 36 numbers + one zero (0). To land a win, you have to correctly predict where the ball will settle.
The bets supported in Vinnie Jones Roulette and the payouts related to them are as follows:

- Straight Bet (single number) - 35:1

- Split - 17:1

- Trio - 11:1

- Street - 11:1

- Square - 8:1

- Line - 5:1

- Column - 2:1

- Dozen - 2:1

- Even-Money bet - 1:1

How to Play Vinnie Jones Roulette

To play Vinnie Jones Roulette, you have to set the stakes. Do so by clicking the chip and using the pointers to find the amount acceptable to you. Then, simply click the box on the table where you wish to place your bet. Hit the Spin button to make Vinnie spin the roulette wheel. You can do so each round or choose auto-play to let the game place bets for you. On the left side of the interface, you will find additional features and betting options.
This game is licensed outside of Malta.