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Casino Games for Beginners

Gambling and casino games have been a feature of society for centuries. This is thanks to the simplicity of the rules of the games that remain popular to this day. Some of the best casino games offer more of a learning curve with skill applied, such as with card games like blackjack and poker, while others like slots and roulette remain wholly randomized in their outcomes. In any case, the rules of popular casino games are seldom more complicated than making one or two decisions within a round.

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Still, to help newcomers find their feet, we’ve collected the very best casino games for beginners right here. If you get to grips with these games first, you’ll have a firm foundation going forward.

Getting Started at an Online Casino

To get started at an online casino, you simply need to press the sign-up button, shown as the little person with a plus sign. Next, you fill in your details, set your deposit limits – if not now, then on your account page after signing up – and then verify your account. After that, you’re free to play every single game on the platform.


Table games are the most storied of casino games. They’ve stood the test of time for their simplicity of play coupled with their inherent entertainment values. Here are the best table casino games for beginners as well as some tips to help newcomers get started easy casino games.


Blackjack is one of the most famous casino card games. The idea is to beat the dealer – who represents the casino – by having a better hand than them, without going over 21. It’s you against the house, but what really makes blackjack so popular is the opportunity to apply some basic rules of strategy.

Rules and Basic Strategy

Also known as “Twenty-One,” blackjack aims to acquire a hand with a value closer to 21 than the dealer, without exceeding 21. If you exceed 21, you go bust - meaning you’ve lost. You’ll start with a two-card hand and will then be able to hit or stand to try to improve the hand or stay as you are.

Basic Strategy is essentially the bible for any blackjack player – although it is a lot shorter and easier to read! It lays out the correct decision to make for whatever hand you hold and whatever card the dealer is showing. You can get a Basic Strategy graph anywhere online.

Common Mistakes for Beginners

The most common mistake for blackjack beginners is hitting with a high hand. As a rule, you shouldn’t hit on a hand that has a value of 17 or higher. Too many get carried away pursuing 21 when standing on a lower value still offers a chance of winning because the dealer can go bust.


Some would say that roulette is the easiest of table games for beginners. The betting zones are clearly labeled, and all that you need to do is place your chips and watch the wheel spin!

How to Play (for Beginners)

On the betting table of roulette, you have what are called inside and outside bets. Inside bets are the single numbers, which you can bet on individually or in groups by placing a chip between adjacent numbers. Outside bets are those outside of the numbers. These cover more numbers in their categories, with the famed pick being red or black.

Betting Options (Best Bets for New Players)

On a nice and straightforward table of European roulette, all bets are perfectly fine for beginners. It’s very much a game without complexity. As every outcome is entirely randomized, you can’t go wrong with any bet. Each option within that category carries the same likelihood of occurring. The key is to not bet on an American roulette table as the house edge is greater due to the 00 pocket.


Some describe baccarat as being like blackjack or having similar origins, but the gameplay itself is so different that it’s best to put this notion out of mind. Baccarat is very much its own experience and, in many ways, it’s simpler for beginners to grasp.

How to Play (for Beginners)

To play baccarat, you need to place your bet on the Banker, the Player, or a tie. Next, the dealer will deal hands to both. One of the hands will win, or there’ll be a tie – which gets long odds because it’s unlikely. If you bet on the winning outcome, you win. The winning hand is the one that totals the closest to nine points on up to three cards.

Betting Options and Common Mistakes

Many beginners see baccarat as a near 50-50 game, but at each table, the dealer takes a five percent commission on Banker winning bets. However, because of the rules of winning hands and dealer reactions, betting on the Banker offers a lower house edge at 1.06 percent to 1.24 percent for the Player hand.

Slot Machines for Beginners

Slots are easily the most eye-catching part of an online casino. Developers have explored just about every theme and feature imaginable by this point, and yet, every month, even more are added to the slots library! Here’s how to navigate this expansive scene of casino gaming.

Types of Slot Machines

There are many, many different types of slot machines. You’ve got your popular high-volatility video slots like Book of Dead and Gates of Olympus, all of the Megaways slots with up to over 100,000 paylines, and even the more classic slots like Fire Joker. Then, there are progressive jackpot games like notorious millionaire-maker Mega Moolah with ever-increasing, randomly-dropped top prizes!

Understanding Paylines and Symbols

Core to slot machine gameplay are the paylines and the symbols. For base game wins, you need to align usually three or more of the same symbol along a payline. A slot, however, can run from one payline to over 100,000 paylines. This is important to consider when picking your slot.

What Are the Best Slots for Beginners?

The best slots for beginners are low-volatility slot games with simple gameplay mechanics and fairly minimal payline counts. You want low-volatility slots as a beginner because, on average, these slots pay out more often in smaller sums compared to high-volatility slots. This makes slots like Wheel of Wishes and Agent Jane Blonde Returns ideal to begin with.

Poker for Beginners

Poker is one of the most popular gambling games in the world. While there are online poker games that pit you against the house, one of the game’s biggest draws is beating your fellow players at the table. For beginners, though, sometimes it’s best to play video poker, to get a handle on the game in a space where others aren’t gunning for your chips.

Overview of Poker Variants

Several different variants of poker can either alter the type of competition or the way the card game is played. Generally for poker variants, you’re looking at draw poker (you get a complete hidden hand), stud poker (you receive face-up and face-down cards), the poker table and community poker (you can use your hand and community cards to make a winning hand).

What Are the Easiest Poker Games to Play for Beginners?

Community poker games tend to be the easiest poker games to play for beginners. The best of these, according to most, is Texas Hold’em poker. You get dealt two hidden cards, engage in up to four betting rounds, and use as many of the five face-up community cards as you try to make the best winning hand.

Specialty Games

Specialty games have long been popular at online casinos because they are very different from other gambling games and the well-known slate of games. Here are some of the best for beginners.


A lotto game, bingo is very a simple game. You get your card of numbers and watch as the numbered balls are drawn. As each number comes out, you dab your card if it matches. You win with rows of numbers or a complete card.

Crash Games

The newest entry to online casino gaming, crash games, and mine games give players a lot of control. In crash games, you enter your bet and press play. In a game like Spaceman, the object flies but will eventually crash. You need to cash out before they do, but the longer you leave it, the greater the return. Mine games like Angry Elf Christmas Miner are similar, but you play as a minesweeper, and you aren’t playing against the clock like in crash games.

Scratch Games

Scratch card games are a classic form of instant-win online casino games. They work just like paper scratchcards: you buy your ticket, scratch the foil, and see if you’ve won!

Casino Game FAQs

What are the Easiest Casino Games to Play at a Casino?

The easiest game to play at a casino is a video slot machine. For each round, you simply have to set your bet and then press the spin button. Most of the time, you don’t need to perform any other forms of input and when you win, your balance is automatically credited.

What Games Should I Play During My First Time in a Casino?

You should play the games that appeal to you the most during your first time in a casino. That said, if you’re a pure novice, European roulette is probably the most accessible. The table and betting zones are clear and you don’t need to perform any moves other than placing your chips.

What is the Best Game in a Casino to Win Money?

If you can get a good grasp on basic strategy and know how to make the correct plays, blackjack could probably be a good game to win money. This is because making the correct moves according to probability will cut the house edge in blackjack from the already-low two percent to potentially as low as 0.5 percent. However, don’t forget that blackjack remains a classic game of chance.

How Do You Play Casino Games for Beginners?

Use the search bar at online casinos to find some of the other games we recommended in this guide for beginners. You can use the links above on this page to go directly to the best casino games for beginners at LeoVegas!

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