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Blackjack Surrender

Summary: Blackjack Surrender is a rule in blackjack that allows players to forfeit half of their bet and fold after seeing their initial two cards and the dealer's first card. It is not available at every blackjack table, but understanding it can enhance overall game strategy.

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What is a Surrender in Blackjack?

Quite simply, Surrender is a blackjack rule that allows you to forfeit half of your bet and fold. Before you make a decision, however, you’ll have the benefit of seeing both of your first two cards and the first of the Dealer.

Taking those into account and the wager you’ve placed, you can then make a strategic decision on waving the white flag and surrendering your hand, and half your bet along with it. You won’t find this rule available at every blackjack table, but learning about it will no doubt improve your overall game strategy.

How to Surrender in Blackjack?

How to Surrender is determined by where your playing. When seated at a bricks & mortar blackjack table, the Dealer will pose the question ‘Surrender?’, if it’s available.

If your answer is yes, verbally say so while swiping a horizontal line behind your bet, similar to a mobile phone side swipe.

Yes, blackjack loves its hand signals! If you’re playing online, similar to all other actions you take at the table, Surrender will appear as a button to click. So, that’s the how, but what about when?

When is a great question for blackjack Surrender as there’s both an Early and a Late option.

Early Surrender is more advantageous to the player as it allows you to toss a hand before the Dealer checks for blackjack.

So, if the Dealer is showing an Ace or a 10-value card, it may be time to bow out and collect half your bet back. You can see the advantage of this timing versus Late Surrender, which only allows you to bail once the Dealer confirms they’re not holding a natural winner.

Again, Surrender is an optional rule and since Early Surrender cuts down on the house’s edge, it may be a tad tougher to come across at live tables.

When to Surrender in Blackjack?

Corey Hard would say ‘Never Surrender’, but he wasn’t playing blackjack when he wrote this hit now was he?! Surrender in blackjack is a good option if your hand has a slim chance of winning.

Using this option can improve your odds against the house in the long run, but you’ll want to use it at appropriate times – remember, when you Surrender you’re still losing half your bet!

If you’re more likely to lose than win, consider a Surrender. Our Blackjack Strategy Guide will help you determine your hands odds. For starters, Surrender gets a green light if the Dealer shows a 9, 10-value or Ace. But, it’s always good to consider how the shoe has been unfolding, and your wager and risk comfort? Is your hand worth the gamble or is it time to retreat?

Blackjack Surrender FAQ

Is it good to Surrender in blackjack?

First up, let’s remember that when you Surrender, you’re forfeiting half of your bet and folding – so there’s a zip, zero, no chance-lance of winning. But, given you’ve seen your two cards and one of the Dealer’s, you can make an educated choice if the timing is right to use this rule. It’s always good to factor in the size of your bet too – is it worth the risk if you’re holding a bad hand, especially if the Dealer is showing a 9,10-value card or Ace?

Is it worth it to Surrender in blackjack?

If you’ve got a big bet on the table and your hand has a slim, let’s say 50% or less chance of winning, then yes. Since you have the benefit of seeing one of the Dealer’s cards, you can make a solid guesstimate based on odds. For many, it also comes down to the stakes they’re playing. We know money is money, but you may be more grateful for the Surrender Rule when you’re betting $200 rather than $2.

Can you Surrender any hand in blackjack?

This all comes down to the ‘when’ factor. When you’ve seen your first two cards and the Dealer’s first, that’s your chance to Surrender. Once you’ve continued with an action – a hit, stand, double or split, the Surrender window of opportunity is closed.

Can you Surrender a split hand blackjack?

We don’t want to sound negative, but the answer is no. The Surrender Rule is available only before you take action on your cards. A split hand is already one action deep into play - as you’ve taken your one hand and made it two. Therefore, the Surrender Rule is no longer an option to either of your newly created hands.

Can you Surrender in blackjack after hitting?

In this situation, a mob boss would say ‘you know too much’. Once you take a hit on your hand, the Surrender Rule is no longer an option. You’ve gone too deep and there’s no retreat!

Can you Surrender in Atlantic City blackjack?

You’ll find the Surrender Rule intact in Atlantic City, but not the Early Surrender. Late Surrender can be found at tables, however, allowing you to forfeit half your bet and fold only after the Dealer who’s holding a 10-value card or Ace has scanned for a possible blackjack.

Can you Surrender in Vegas blackjack?

Yes, apparently Surrender goes on in Vegas, and stays in Vegas! To find Surrender on a Vegas casino floor, hone in on the six and eight deck shoe tables.

Do all blackjack tables allow Surrender?

No, some tables go by the rules of Corey Hart’s classic, Never Surrender. All joking aside, there are many blackjack tables that won’t allow Surrender. So, if you’re keen on having it available, be sure to check in with the Dealer when taking a seat in a live game, and the details of your online table before jumping in. It’s out there, you just have to find it!

Do you lose money if you Surrender in blackjack?

Yes, you’re losing half of your initial bet. But, since you reach out to this rule when you strongly believe a win isn’t possible, a player with a glass half full perspective would view it as losing half as much as they could have!

Is Surrender the same as insurance in blackjack?

Not quite, but to get to the heart of this question, let’s give you the 411 on each option. Insurance is available when the Dealer is showing an Ace. It’s a side bet by definition that pays 2-1 if the Dealer ends up having blackjack.

Surrender is a different beast, and yes, there’s beauty in this beast too! Surrendering half of your bet is an option when you’ve been dealt your two cards and the Dealer has one.

You can then make a strategic decision based on your percentage to win, whether or not you’d like to play out your hand.

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