What are the crash games?

Crash Games are one of the more recent additions to the world of online casino, creating a new gameplay experience for you to enjoy. Originally inspired by the online cryptocurrency crash games, these titles have taken on further innovation to include bonus features and visuals for an improved playing experience.

If you've never seen one of these games before, the concept is based around a climbing multiplier value that will continue to rise until eventually "crashing". The objective for players is to decide when to cash out before the multiplier crashes and the game is lost.

Crash games do come in different themes, with the rising multiplier presented in the form of space ships, fireworks and planes.

What are the mines games?

Mine games follow a similar concept to the one used for crash games; however, they do make use of a few different mechanics to separate the two games.

With mines games, you will typically be presented with several hidden tiles, hiding prizes and "mines". Unveiling the prizes will contribute towards your payout but if you do reveal a mine, it will bring your game to an end.

As is the case with crash games, these titles have varying themes where you might find that mines are replaced with bombs or TNT. Some games provide the option to begin the round with more tiles revealed, however, the chances of landing on a mine will be more likely.

How to play crash games at LeoVegas New Zealand

At LeoVegas New Zealand, you can browse our range of crash & mine games by navigating towards the tab at the top of the page. Crash & mine games are available in various themes, from Sci-Fi to Adventure.

Once you've selected your game of choice, you must select your stake amount before starting the game. Depending on the game that you choose, the minimum and maximum stake requirements will change.

After the stake has been chosen, you are ready to start the round.

For crash games, the gameplay is very simple. The multiplier value will start to rise, and you will need to select a moment to cash out before the game crashes. If you do choose to hold out and the game crashes, you will lose the round and your original stake.

With mines games, once the bet has been placed, you can start to click tiles and reveal the symbols that lie behind them. If you hit a multiplier value, this will contribute to your final payout, but you would need to cash out before hitting a mine to receive the prize. If you do reveal a mine, the round will end, resulting in a loss. As the game progresses and you uncover more tiles, the chances of hitting a mine becomes more likely.

How does crash gambling work?

A random number generator determines crash gambling games to ensure that the player cannot accurately predict when a game will crash.

Some games will offer a history of the previous results, showing you how games would typically play out. Although this can help you learn how Crash and Mines games work, you shouldn't base your game decisions on this data as the outcome is unrelated. Instead, the outcome is related to the random number generator.

Crash and mines games providers

At LeoVegas, you can discover a range of crash and mines games to try, with various providers now offering them as an alternative to standard casino games.


As a provider of multiplier games, Gaming Corps has various options available for you to try with titles such as; Skyliner, To Mars and Beyond, and Jet Lucky 2.

Their games are inspired by the original concept, including a multiplayer focus where several players come together as they experience the same round playing out. Since its first launch, Gaming Corps has become one of the most established providers of the minesweeper crash games, where you uncover hidden tiles to reveal reward symbols or game-ending mines.

Gaming Corps are also responsible for developing our exclusive mines game, LeoVegas Mines where you can trigger bonuses such as the TreasureBoost feature.


iSoftBet has ventured into the world of crash & mines games with the release of the Aztec Gold Mines game. Their popular slot, Aztec Gold, inspires this; however, this mines game presents players with the hidden multiplier and mines tiles for a different gameplay experience.

In this game, you also have the choice to begin the round with more multiplier tiles revealed, but this does mean that it will be more likely for you to hit a mine and lose.


Making their mark in the world of crash & mine games, Pragmatic Play has developed one of the most popular selections with the Spaceman title.

Spaceman combines the simple crash game mechanic with the Sci-Fi theme of space. In this game, the multiplier values are represented by a spaceman climbing through space. If you're too late to cash out, the spaceman will crash, and the round will be lost.

Best Crash and Mines games at LeoVegas New Zealand

LeoVegas New Zealand has an extensive range of crash & mines games available, including different bonus features and unique themes. Some of the top-rated selections can be found below before jumping into the category of crash & mines games.

LeoVegas Mines

As a LeoVegas exclusive, this mines game is a unique title that carries the feel of the LeoVegas brand, along with bonus features for you to potentially activate when playing.

LeoVegas Mines uses the standard Mines concept, with a grid of hidden tiles presented at the beginning of the game. When you click the tiles, a prize or an explosive will be revealed. Revealing the explosive symbols will end the round.

Coin Miner

Coin Miner is a simplified version of the minesweeper mechanics, stripping the game right back to the basics. When starting the game, you will notice the 5x5 grid of hidden symbols.

From the grid, you need to click each of the symbols to reveal the symbol that sits beneath them. If you do hit a mine, the game will come to an end. Revealing all the gold coin symbols will unlock the max win of up to 998x the stake.

Mining Madness

The Mining Madness crash game takes place within the deep caverns of a gold mine run by a certain prospector.

Regarding the visuals, Gaming Corps has created an amazing design with the gold mine set within the backdrop. The aim of the game is to uncover the golden nuggets that are hidden behind the tiles whilst avoiding the dynamite that would result in your game ending.


For an alternative gameplay experience, Gaming Corps has developed the crash game, Skyliner, featuring the growing multiplier and burst mechanic.

With the Skyliner game, the multiplier value grows as the plane glides through the air. However, if you are too late to cash out, the plane will come crashing down, ending your round.

Crash Gambling FAQ

How to win at crash games?

No guaranteed approach can help you to win with crash gambling games, as the outcome is determined by a random number generator (RNG). The RNG creates a house edge by removing any method that would allow you to predict when the game crashes.

Can I play crash games for free?

You can often find crash gambling NZ demo versions available at casino sites, allowing you to test the game before playing for real money.

LeoVegas has a broad range of crash and mines games, with each offering different themes and bonus mechanics; therefore, testing games can be a good way to find your preferred option before playing with real money.

Are there any tips for winning in crash gambling?

There is no guaranteed strategy for improving your chances of winning with crash gambling games due to the random number generator used. Despite this, there are some tips you can apply to improve your experience when playing.

Creating a budget for playing is a common tip that is applied by players before starting a game of crash gambling. Due to the random number generator, it is not unusual to experience a losing streak, which makes a budget more useful for controlling spending.

Some crash games have included a historic results table, allowing you to view how previous games have ended. Although you shouldn't base your decisions on this historic data, it can help you understand the rules of crash games if you're new to the concept.

Are the LeoVegas crash casino games different from Bitcoin crash games?

Bitcoin crash games were one of the first versions on the scene for crash gambling sites, featuring a basic theme and gameplay concept. Many of the games on LeoVegas vary with great visuals and ideas, making the games more unique.

From the name, you might have guessed that many of these games were played using Bitcoin currency, but with the LeoVegas games, you can play using traditional currency.