100 Bit Dice


Roll into 100 Bit Dice Online Betting Game

The dice are nice and occasionally very profitable in 100 Bit Dice, a Crash & Mine game from 4ThePlayer. The question is, will you reign supreme in predicting whether the dice will land over or under what you guess? A game that has been played on street corners and in back alleys for centuries is now brought to life in this stunning digital experience. While there may not be many special features in the traditional slot sense within 100 Bit Dice, there are a few ways you can approach the game. Ready to roll?

Special Features

This game is simple, yet complicated. A brilliant merging of styles occurs in this dynamic online betting experience. While choosing whether you want to bet above or below a certain number can seem straightforward, there are ways you can potentially give yourself a hint or two. These involve analyzing the History window as well as setting the autoplay function to provide faster game play action.

History Window

Within the History window of 100 Bit Dice you can see stats associated with the current session or the last 500 games. Analyzing these details can give you some insight into how you may want to bet. The statistics that are featured include the number of wins, blue wins, green wins, the number of bets, the total of all payouts, as well as the total amount of all bets wagered. When looking at the last 500 bets, you can also see the unique bet ID, the target value, the random number generated result, the bet size, and the overall payout. If you're a whiz with numbers, you may be able to see some patterns occurring, or maybe not!


Using the Autoplay function in 100 Bit Dice can speed up gameplay and potentially give you more chances to roll the dice within the same time frame. The different ways you can set up Autoplay include:
How and when you roll under or over a specific target.
How and when you stop on an overall loss.
Stops for an overall profit target.
Where you want your max bet size to sit.
Setting your bet size and bet size via percentage.
Keep in mind that the Autoplay function can play out the game automatically without any need for interaction. This may or may not be what you are after, but it's there just in case!

Free to Play Mode

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What's it Like to Play 100 Bit Dice Pokie

The simplicity of this game is central to how it comes across to the player. Divisions between green and blue make it simple to understand and easy to use! The slider, which enables you to set your number, is user-friendly and provides a handy visual representation of the game's progression. It allows you to adjust the target number by shifting the green area into the blue or the blue into the green, depending on your target prediction. A series of tactile sound effects mark each button you push, slider you move, and click you make. In the absence of a musical soundtrack, these take center stage in the audio department!

How to Win 100 Bit Dice Online Pokie

To grab yourself a win in 100 Bit Dice online slot machine, you will need to set the target number using the slider, and then decide whether the dice will roll higher or lower than that number.

Higher and lower are represented by two sides of the screen: the first is left and green, the second is right and blue. If you end up being correct in your prediction, you will win the relevant payout. Sounds simple, right?

How to Play 100 Bit Dice Slot Game

At the top of the screen, you will see a betting window for selecting your bet size.
On the right-hand side, you will see a plus symbol and on the left a minus symbol to help create one that suits your budget.

Having settled on your stake, set the target number using the game slider. Then choose whether you want to bet green or blue. Having made your decision, click either the green or the blue side to let the game play out.


4ThePlayer is an igaming company known for its innovative approach to creating engaging and entertaining online slots and games. With a focus on player-centric betting experiences and cutting-edge technology, 4ThePlayer has many titles that are a perfect follow-up to 100 Bit Dice.

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Keep on Rollin’

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