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Fly for a Gaming High in Skyliner

Get ready to take off with Skyliner crash game by Gaming Corp and soar to new heights. Set in the golden age of air travel, your goal is to guess how long this classy aircraft stays on the radar. Join fellow passengers betting on how high it and its multipliers will soar before it disappears into the night skyline. Can this online crash game ticket big wins for you?

Skyliner’s In-Flight Features

Online crash games don’t feature bonus rounds or side mini-games, rather they are simple and strategic plays. Focusing on the latter, there’s a myriad of customizable play options at your fingertips.

Auto Features

Most pilots use autopilot and in the Skyliner crash game, you can play on autopilot! Simply use customizable gaming options like autoplay for continuous rounds at your desired bet, or create an auto-collect trigger by choosing a multiplier target to cash out on at every round.

Multipler Stats

When flying, it’s nice to see the success rate of previous flights, no? Skyliner crash game offers you the ability to view multiplier levels of the most recently completed rounds. Find them just above the main screen when playing on a desktop or below the betting field on mobile.

Passenger Play

As a multiplayer game, there’s a myriad of community bet information available to you that is sure to help your decisions. Check-in on fellow passengers and how they have fared, from their cashout points to their corresponding big wins.

Free Play Skyliner

Free to play, the demo version of Skyliner crash game will acquaint you with how to play and use the game’s simple controls, without risking any of your own money. Demo modes such as this are a great opportunity to try new games before jumping in with real money for real wins. Remember, to play for real money you’ll need a LeoVegas NZ account fueled with a deposit so that you’re ready for take-off.

What’s it like to play Skyliner Crash Game

Launch into an art deco world of travel with Skyliner crash game. The hues of the screen set the tone and quickly immerse you into a travel vibe of a classy era gone by. From the golden vintage model two-seater plane to the dark, night big city skyline, this game is sharp. Too classy to crash, the plane will serve multipliers until it simply soars off into the darkness. A wonderfully simple, yet beautifully executed crash game experience awaits.

Other Games by Gaming Corps

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More Games like Skyliner

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How to Win Skyliner

Online crash games in general have players place a bet on when a ‘crash event’ will occur. In the Skyliner crash game, a flight takes off and the goal is to strategically choose the optimal moment to cash out, attempting to maximize a win with a high multiplier, but avoid risking it all. It’s a tricky balance as once the Skyliner plane soars off into the darkness, the multipliers stop and you lose.

How to Play Skyliner

Before taking off with Skyliner, note that this is a multiplayer game that is played in rounds. Not to worry though as there’s never a long wait since crash games are quick! To get started, set your bet and customize it to your budget using the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons. Below Bet, you’ll see a multiplier that’s also available to set although it will alter the risk-reward factor of the game. When you’re ready, hit Place Bet and wait for take-off. Once in-flight, the Place Bet purple button is replaced with a Cashout yellow one that clearly shows how much your cashout will be. This of course changes as the multiplier and flight soars higher! If you do not cash out before the end of the flight, you lose!
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