1000x Busta


1000x Busta Winning Moves!

Fancy yourself as an early adopter? Then you’ve found the right game! The goal of 1000x Busta crash game is simple - bet on an increasing multiplier and hope your target is hit before it goes…wait for it…BUSTA! Falling into a whole new innovative gaming genre, this online crash game peaks at 1,000x wins and will have you rolling through stats and working on a strategy like a crypto king!

1000x Busta Finest Features

Online crash games don’t play on reels or rely on matching symbols. On the contrary, these are suspenseful games made better by features that are data-driven as you attempt to balance out wins and losses. Here are the top game enhancers of 1000x Busta.

Enhanced Autoplay

For ultimate game control, an enhanced set of autoplay features will help you create an optimal strategy for playing 1000x Busta. For example, pre-set the game to double up on wins or losses, set your own win or loss limits, and auto play up to 100 rounds.

Game Stats Galore

Session stats are in abundance on the gaming screen’s right side. Like a roulette board on steroids, you’ll see the results of recent games. On this board, however, greens indicate wins, reds losses, and you’ll even see how high each round’s multiplier got. Stats can run back 500 rounds.


Want precision? Keep your game plan tight with fully configurable bet editors that give you the ability to enter exact bets, targets, or payout values.

Play 1000x Busta for Free

A responsible gamer doesn’t look to squander real money funds, they look to attack new games with knowledge and perhaps, strategy. The demo free-to-play mode on 1000x Busta crash game is a great tool for this purpose, especially since online crash games are some of the newest games in NZ. Try a few rounds on the house using only virtual coins, before clicking back to wager with real money.

What's it like to play 1000x Busta?

1000x Busta introduces this fresh gaming concept on an organized and bright game screen. The game itself plays out on the left side, which you’ll find is colourful with a pay line-esque display of red, green, and blue ‘reels’ that are for your bet and target selection. On the right side, is a more computerized stock market ambiance or crypto home screen, that’s full of data-driven stats to help improve your game. Optimized for one-handed mobile play, the game is easy and intuitive. It’s completed by subtle ticks and beeps that help add suspense and excitement.

4thePlayer Game Collection

Gaming producer, 4thePlayer, has been referred to as a ‘challenger brand’, having created some of the sleekest and most innovative games in the market. After 1000x Busta was released in 2020, the team followed it up with another online crash game, 100 Bit Dice in 2022. The latter has you picking a target between 1 and 100, and betting on dice hitting above or below it. They’ve also crafted some of the most popular slots at LeoVegas, like online pokies 90k Yeti Gigablox and 21 Thor Lightning Ways.

More Crash Games?

It’s no surprise that online crash games are high on the ladder of popular picks in our LeoVegas online casino NZ. They’re quick to play, easy to learn, and showcase fairness through data-driven results. If you’re keen on the quick pace of play, try flying with Skyliner, cruising space with To Mars and Beyond or get creative and crazy with Circus Launch.

How to Win 1000x Busta

1000x Busta is a very sharp online crash game. To win it, you’ll need to set a multiplier target and achieve it. By that, we mean that the multiplier must hit or exceed your target. If the multiplier crashes before your target is hit, you’ve gone BUSTA and lost the round. Now, that being said, you can hit the CASHOUT button at any time during the multipliers rise and secure the x win, before your target is hit.

How to Play 1000x Busta

The 1000x Busta game screen is divided into two key sections. On the left, you’ll find the gameplay area with a big green BET box. This button starts the game; When clicked, the multiplier will rise. But, before you do this, you’ll need to set your bet size (red bar), target (green bar), and payout (blue bar). These are your main three controls, each set up with a ‘+’ and ‘-’ arrow for increasing or decreasing the amounts. Once you’re comfortable, hit that big BET button and watch the multiplier take off. Should you wish to cash out before your target and secure a win, you’ll notice the BET box becomes CASHOUT with the current multiplier - this is where you need to click to secure a win if you’re looking to cash out before your target is hit.
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