Aviator is part of a new breed of slot-like games featuring a progressive feature that’s been developed by Scribe and is part of our exclusive progressive jackpots.

Look out for: Innovative gameplay whereby you can cash out at any point while the plane is still in view, winning the corresponding payout shown on the screen. Unlike online pokies, this game lets you influence the outcome so many players that are new to this game start by playing Aviator in demo mode.

Game facts: Aviator is a provably fair casino game that doesn’t have any reels, bonus rounds, or paylines. Place multiple bets simultaneously and participate in progressive jackpot drops at LeoVegas online casino NZ.

Take Flight with Aviator Crash Game

Reimagine the world of online pokies and take it to new heights with Aviator online crash game from Spribe. Unlike anything else, this online crash game breaks all the traditions around slot format and structure. It's played live, meaning bets open and close at specific times before the star of the show, the red airplane, takes to the sky! If you like a bit of risk and reward, you'll love this online betting experience! Is this the future of top casino games? You be the judge!

Special Features

Although the format of this risk-and-reward live casino game is new, it doesn't mean it's complicated. In fact, the concept is so simple that it leaves the game without any real special features to speak of. But maybe this is a good thing, perhaps even a great thing? The only aspect you could point to as a feature is the live bet and statistics column.

Live Bets and Statistics

The live bets and statistics in Aviator give you insight into what other people are betting and what they have been betting in the past. You can also see how much they are winning with their specific approach to the game. In conjunction with this, along the top of the screen, you can see all the previous multipliers the red plane has created in ten rounds. You can use this information to inform your next bet!

What is it Like to Play Aviator Online Crash Game?

It goes without saying that Aviator online crash game breaks the online pokies mould. Its new risk-and-reward format can make you feel as though you're in a game of chicken with the computer. Will the plane take off before you cash out? Or, will you cash out just in time? It's a simple concept but the screen suggests otherwise. It has loads of information on it that resembles the electrical controls of an airplane. Perhaps it’s what you might find in the cockpit of a fighter jet. It's a thrilling experience but also a communal one, thanks to the live betting controls that allow you to see what other players are betting and winning at the same time as you!

Spribe Games

So far, Aviator is the only game featured in our LeoVegas online casino NZ from the team at Spribe. However, with such innovation and forward thinking, it’s not the last we’ll hear from them!

More Sky High Slots

Not all flying games need to be as serious looking as Aviator. In fact, LeoVegas has loads of lighthearted online pokies to check out. Search for the word ‘flying’ in the LeoVegas search bar and you’ll find games like Flying Hippo from Pragmatic Play and Flying Pigs by Play’n GO that are sure to give you a chuckle!

How to Win Aviator Online Crash Game

The concept behind creating a win in Aviator online crash game is simple. It all boils down to one basic question: can you cash out before the plane takes off or will you hang on long enough, in the hopes of increasing your payout, to lose your total bet amount in full. An interesting feature of the game is the ability to play two bets at the same time. Meaning, you could go for a safe bet with one and play a bit riskier with the second. This all or nothing approach can also be found in other jackpot games.

How to Play Aviator Online Crash Game

To play Aviator online crash game, you'll first need to grasp the relatively new concept of the game. Once you understand what you're dealing with, it’s essentially a battle between risk and reward. Soon enough, you'll be ready to place a bet and give it a go for yourself! On the main screen, there are two boxes where you can place bets. These have a plus and minus symbol to choose your bet amount manually or preset bet amounts that allow you to quickly select one to save time. Once your stake is placed, wait for the round to begin when the red plane hits the runway. The longer you leave it before cashing out, the higher your potential multiplier climbs. During this time, your aim is to cash out before the plane takes off so that you can win the prize. However, if you haven't cashed out before the plane takes off, you'll lose your entire bet amount and end the game with nothing! Be sure to use the statistics to inform your guess around how long it will take the plane to take off next time.
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