LeoVegas Mines

Gaming Corps

Tread Carefully with ‘LeoVegas Mines’

Be careful where you step with ‘LeoVegas Mines’ from Gaming Corps. Who knows which squares hold coins and which hold dangerous mines; either way you'll find out soon enough! In this heart-racing classic, how much risk you take depends entirely on how many mines you add into the mix; the more you select, the more prizes you could potentially win. As you step around the 5x5 grid, keep your eyes peeled for the Treasure Boost Feature as it can greatly increase your chances of revealing a coin rather than an explosive mine!

Special Features

‘LeoVegas Mines’ is completely unsullied by complicated additional features. In other words, it keeps things simple! The more mines you select to navigate, the higher your prize becomes, and the rest boils down to skill and luck. Having said that, there is one special feature it would pay to know about. The Treasure Boost Feature. With that in mind, let's check out how the Treasure Boost Feature can help you up your ability to land a coin on the 5x5 grid.

Treasure Boost Feature

The Treasure Boost Feature in ‘LeoVegas Mines’ is designed to help you find a coin rather than a landmine. The tricky part is that you can't control when it activates; it triggers randomly on its own accord. However, you will be more than aware when it activates because the associated icon will start flashing on the reels. At this point, you may want to increase your risk taking a little at this point, feeling somewhat safe in the knowledge you will have a greater chance of landing a coin rather than a mine - at least for a short while!

Free to Play Mode

Great news! You can now play all your favourite online slots NZ a on the LeoVegas online casino in New Zealand. This is a great way to try out different online pokies outside of what your normal tastes and tendencies. It's super-easy to adjust the game settings, so you can play for free, and better yet, you won't need to register or download anything to your phone or device to activate it. How cool is that?

What's it Like to Play ‘LeoVegas Mines’ Slot?

As you can imagine, making your way across an area filled with mines really does a good job of getting your heart racing! With every new square, you never know if you're going to step on a coin reward, or an exploding mine. As scary as that sounds, this is precisely what makes ‘LeoVegas Mines’ such an exciting and thrilling game to play. Set on a backdrop of iconic LeoVegas orange, you automatically know you're in for a wild ride! The 5x5 grid holds symbols which mask the underlying mine or coin and are marked with the LeoVegas paw print logo. The sound effects make every place you click feel exciting and gives the overall feel of the game a fun and dynamic energy!

Gaming Corps

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Warning! More Mines!

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How to Win LeoVegas Mines

To win ‘LeoVegas Mines’, you'll need to repeatedly select squares from within the 5x5 grid that hold coins rather than mines. Sounds simple right? As you collect coins your potential payout will increase and at any point you can choose to cash out your winning total. However, if you hit a mine during gameplay, you will lose your bet and will need to start again. An easy way to increase your chances of landing a coin rather than a game-ending mine is to wait for the Treasure Boost Feature to randomly activate!

How to Play LeoVegas Mines

To start playing LeoVegas Mines, you'll need to place a bet. To do so, click on the coin icon on the right-hand side of the screen. Here you'll find ways to adjust the bet value and the number of mines you wish to activate during gameplay. The more mines you have activated, the higher your potential winnings will climb. Once you have selected your bet amount and number of active mines, simply start clicking on the squares or tiles to reveal either a coin or a mine. The more coins you land, the higher your prize gets, which is why you can cash out at any point. Although, if you hit a mine the game ends automatically and you will lose the bet you placed. Jump into action for a fun-filled adventure, on LeoVegas Mines!
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