Take Off with JetX Crash Gambling Experience

Fly high but not too high with JetX crash gambling game from SmartSoft. Take on the odds as the jet makes its way into the sky. However, you don't just have to settle for one bet, you can place two bets simultaneously in this dynamic crash gambling experience. The best part being that you'll be playing along with other people, to whom you can communicate with via the chat window. Something that is a little different perhaps?

Special Features

How can you get insights into the odds of the jet continuing its flight into an area where the big prizes are won? The answer is simple the Statistics Window! Let's break down how this window works and what you can gain from it in your quest for jet-powered prizes!

Statistics Window

The best way to figure out what might happen in the future is to examine the past! Which is why the Statistics Window within JetX crash gambling game is a very valuable tool. It can show you several categories of different user’s journeys. The statistics include the username, the bet, the odds, and of course the win total. Within the same window you can also view your current settings and bets.

What's it Like to Play JetX Crash Gambling Game?

If you're used to playing traditional payline-based online pokie machines, you might find JetX to be somewhat of a departure excuse the pun. The fact that you can never tell at which point the jet will explode, gives the game a continued sense of excitement. Sometimes it will go in your favor and other times it may not. The flight simulation aesthetics that encases this game, give it a very professional feeling, and set you up for a dynamic crash gambling experience. The light and twinkling soundtrack is always abruptly interrupted when the jet explodes creating quite a comical element to what feels quite serious in other ways.


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How to Win JetX Crash Gambling Game

The concept of winning JetX crash gambling experience is quite factual and to the point. Essentially, you just need to release your bet before the jet explodes, this is the long and short of it really! The win total will be calculated by multiplying the current flight coefficient and the made bet. To get your winnings, you'll need to hit the Collect Button before the total bet is considered lost due to the explosion.

How to Play JetX Crash Gambling Game

There are three things to consider as you attempt to play JetX crash gambling game. The first is that you'll need to place one or two bets before the jet takes off. Next, you'll need to wait for as long as you can for the odds to get higher and higher. Lastly, you'll need to hit the Collect Button and cash out before the jet bursts into flames. Happy flying!
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