Bonus Buy Slots at LeoVegas New Zealand

Bonus buy slots differ from the traditional online slots that players enjoy. This type of slot machine is commonly found at online casinos and offers players the opportunity to acquire exclusive bonuses without spending hours spinning the reels.

Bonus buy slots have become a preferred choice for regular players because they provide direct access to bonus rounds.

Also known as 'buy slots,' these machines offer a distinct experience compared to traditional slot games. Players can dive straight into the excitement of a slot game's bonus action, which is undoubtedly the most thrilling aspect. Moreover, bonus rounds are where players can potentially rake in substantial cash payouts.

Bonus buy slots provide players with more control over the game by eliminating the luck factor associated with receiving a bonus. So, how do bonus buy slots work? Let's dive into the fascinating world of buy slots.

Exploring Bonus Buy Slots

Bonus buy slots have become a popular choice among players at online casinos. These slots allow players to directly purchase access to the bonus round or free spins feature, eliminating the need to wait for bonus features to trigger.

Traditional slot machines come equipped with bonus features that players can unlock by landing specific combinations of symbols. Bonus rounds not only offer higher payouts than those in the base game but also provide features not available during regular spins.

Obtaining a bonus in a traditional slot machine often depends on luck. However, a bonus buy slot removes the luck factor, enabling players to acquire the special round and exclusive gameplay by simply paying for it. The cost of bonus buy slots varies depending on the game.

Playing bonus buy slots offers several benefits, including::

  • Immediate access – The most significant advantage of playing buy bonus slots is the direct access to bonus rounds. Players can skip regular gameplay and go straight to the bonus round, without spending hours hoping to trigger a bonus feature.

  • Unique features – Buy slots typically include exciting bonus features that enhance the overall gaming experience.

  • Gaming options – Online casinos understand that players are eager to play bonus rounds, so they offer a variety of bonus buy slots.

  • Buy-in options – Buy slots come with different price points. The amount players must pay to purchase the feature varies depending on the game and the bonus prize.

  • Strategy – Some players use the bonus buy feature as part of their strategy to increase their chances of winning more prizes.

The Mechanics of Bonus Buy Slots

Bonus buy slots closely resemble traditional slots in online casinos, featuring a base game with reels, symbols, and paylines. Playing bonus buy slots is akin to spinning the reels of any standard slot game.

Players can access bonus rounds and features in the same manner as traditional slots. However, the significant distinction lies in the fact that bonus buy slots offer slot enthusiasts the option to skip regular gameplay by paying an additional fee.

Once the buy-in fee is paid, players are immediately transported to the bonus round. The bonus round may introduce new symbols, characters, and paylines. During the bonus round, the player's objective is to land a winning combination. Special features within bonus rounds can result in higher payouts compared to the base game.

Winnings from the bonus round are added to the player's cash balance. After the bonus round concludes, the base game resumes. However, players have the option to purchase the bonus feature again, with some choosing this option multiple times in succession. This eliminates the need to spend time playing the base game in an attempt to trigger bonus rounds and free spins.

The cost of bonus buy slots primarily depends on the available cash reward. The larger the prize, the higher the buy-in cost. Additionally, the price tag is influenced by the bonus round features, prompting slot developers to create exclusive gameplay for buy slots to justify the cost.

Like all slot machine games, there is an element of risk and reward. Players can pay the buy-in cost to access the bonus round directly, but there's a possibility that the added price may exceed the winnings obtained in the special mode. In fact, expediting the bonus game does not guarantee a win.

The Variety of Bonus Buy Slots

Bonus buy slots enable players to win cash rewards, which are obviously not guaranteed. Nevertheless, the excitement of going straight to the bonus rounds is priceless. Online casinos host a variety of buy slots and below is a shortlist of some of the most popular.

Book of Destiny

Book of Destiny is an ancient Egypt-themed buy slot. Created by Print Studios, Book of Destiny takes players into the depths of an ancient Egyptian tomb on an exploration. This 5x3 slot is full of scatter symbols that unlock exclusive features. Book of Destiny comes equipped with 10 paylines and plenty of extras for slot players to explore along with the bonus buy feature that takes them right to exclusive gameplay.

Money Train 2

Created by Relax Gaming, Money Train 2 is a 5 reel, 40 payline game, featuring a steampunk theme, something players may not be too familiar with. With many online slot developers focusing on Egyptian, Asian, and Viking-themed games, it is nice to see Relax Gaming go in a different direction. Players have the potential to win 50,000-times their stake.


Pirots is a 5×5 grid slot with avalanching reels. The symbols pay when players match the same colour gems and birds. The latter walk and collect gems, allowing more symbols to fall onto the screen. Pirots presents players with the chance to win 10,000-times their stake. The gameplay is quick and makes Pirots completely engaging.

Gates of Olympus

Players go on a trip to Greece's highest mountain in this bonus buy slot game. Gates of Olympus packs an assortment of exciting features, including multipliers of two-times and 500-times the initial stake. Additionally, the tumbling reels and free spins help players to win up to 5,000 times their stake. The unlimited number of free spins is one of the game’s best features.

Jammin Jars

Jammin Jars is a colourful collapsing reels slot game, developed by Push Gaming. The rather simple gameplay takes place on an 8-reel, 8-row grid. Players create winning combinations by landing groups of 5 or more matching symbols. Giant falling symbols and wilds can increase multipliers. The Jam Jar Multipliers increase the multiplier by one. The Free Games feature boasts a multiplier that grows infinitely, while the maximum payout of 20,000 times the stake is definitely worth the jamming.

Bonus Buy Slots FAQs

What are Bonus Buy Slots, and how do they work?

Bonus buy slots enable players to directly purchase access to the slot’s bonus round or free spins feature. Buy slots eliminate the luck factor in slot machines. This option avoids playing a slot game for hours hoping to land a bonus. Instead, players can trigger the bonus features by paying for them.

Are Bonus Buy wins guaranteed?

Bonus buy slots don’t guarantee any win, but buying access to bonus rounds provides players with the chance to earn payouts. Buy slots come with risks and rewards. The purchase amount could be higher than any winnings during the bonus round.

Can Bonus Buy features be triggered during free spins?

The bonus features can still be triggered during free spins. However, paying the bonus buy cost allows players to bypass the base game.

How is the cost of Bonus Buy determined?

The cost of the bonus buy slot is determined by the available cash rewards. The features and bonus round also dictate the fee of the bonus buy.

Are there any strategies to increase the chances of winning with Bonus Buy?

Players should use their usual slot strategy when playing bonus buy slots. The latter are like traditional slot games. The only difference is the buy-in feature, which allows players to go directly to the bonus round of the game.

Are Bonus Buy Slots available on mobile devices?

Bonus buy slots are available in online casinos and come in a variety of games. Players can access buy slots on mobile devices, tablets and computers.

What are some popular Bonus Buy Slot titles?

In addition to the listed games, popular bonus buy slots include San Quentin, Sweet Bonanza, White Rabbit, Super Fruit Smash.