Generous Jack

Push Gaming

Jack-Up Big Wins with ‘Generous Jack’ Slot

Learn the ways of a gentleman with Generous Jack online pokie from Push Gaming. From top hats to well-groomed moustaches, this is the realm of the well-mannered and generous gent. Structured in a different style to traditional online slot machines, you'll enjoy the new and innovative ways you can use this slot “win what you see”. As any good gentleman would do, be sure to open the door to the Free Spins Feature and the Win What You See Feature.

Special Features

The special features in this ‘Generous Jack’ online slot are a great way to up your win total. The game is aptly named as these special features are most definitely generous in nature. So, here's a look at how the Free Spins Feature and the Win What You See Feature can benefit you in your quest for online betting glory.

Free Spins Feature

In order to trigger the Free Spins Feature in ‘Generous Jack’ online pokie, you'll need the Jack Symbols to live up to their name and be generous. Meaning, if you can collect three Jack symbols, you'll receive three free spins. When the feature kicks off, all the active rows of the game will remain that way during the Free Spins Feature. However, you can always win more than the initial three free spins. To do this, simply fill more of the Free Spins Meter. This fills up a little more each time a Jack Symbol lands. The stages of the Free Spins Meter step up from three free spins to five free spins to seven free spins and then up to ten free spins.

When What You See

The Win What You See Feature in ‘Generous Jack’ is quite an interesting way to accumulate wins. You may not have seen anything quite like this before. Essentially, if two numbers land next to each other they join and are treated as the number you see in front of you. For example, if you landed a 5 Symbol and a 0 symbol, followed by a Dud Symbol (on an active row), these wouldn't be treated as two separate numbers - they would come together in a visual sense and be treated as 50. Meaning, your base bet would get multiplied by 50. However, if the Dud Symbol falls between the two separate numbers ( once again, on an active row), they will just get added together and your base bet would get multiplied by the two numbers combined.

Free to Play Mode

Thanks to the Free to Play Mode in the LeoVegas online casino NZ you can get access to heaps of top casino games and jackpot games at no cost. Playing for free – with just a few quick changes to the game settings – will open you up to a whole new world of online pokies. However, should you want to start betting and winning real money once more, you can always return to the traditional settings whenever you like.

What's it Like to Play ‘Generous Jack’ Online Slot?

Playing ‘Generous Jack’ is a bit like stepping back in time and wandering into a secret casino in the early 1900s. Decorated with era-definingly red wallpaper and other assorted gambling knickknacks, the golden reels stand out beautifully and give a real sense of flair to the visual experience of ‘Generous Jack’. However, another big part of what makes the slot game feel so nostalgic is the gentle ragtime piano soundtrack that twinkles away in the background. A truly transportive experience awaits those that choose to spend their time in this ‘Generous Jack’ online slot machine.

Push Gaming

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Jacked Up

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How to Win Generous Jack Slot

To win ‘Generous Jack’, you need to think a little differently to traditional online slot games. Firstly, you can only win on rows that you have activated. Once you have activated a row, you are then able to land the number wielding casino chips on it to create “win what you see” styled wins. Each chip has a multiplier value of its own but can also form a new higher number with other chips. Here's a quick look at what each chip is worth independently.

- 9 Chips – 9x

- 8 Chips – 8x

- 7 Chips – 7x

- 6 Chips – 6x

- 5 Chips – 5x

- 4 Chips – 4x

- 3 Chips – 3x

- 2 Chips – 2x

- 1 Chip – 1x

- 0 Chips – 0x

How to Play Generous Jack Online Slot

To start playing ‘Generous Jack’ online pokie machine, you'll need to begin by placing a bet. To get this sorted, head down to the betting window in the middle of the game controls at the bottom of the screen. Clicking this window, will present you with a bunch of different preset bet amounts to choose from. What you want to do is click one of these bets and watch it appear in the betting window. This will now be your official bet. Next, you must start the reels spinning by tapping the spacebar on your keyboard or by clicking the Spin Button in the game controls.
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