San Quentin xWAYS

Nolimit City

Make a Run for It with San Quentin xWays

Lock up some serious prizes with ‘San Quentin xWays’ pokie from Nolimit City. Challenge yourself in one of the hardest environments known to man and walk away with potential wins of up to 150,000x your bet amount. As far as online pokies go – that’s pretty good! With up to 243 ways to win, this is a serious game with some serious looking inmates. With so many dangerous players around, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Lock Down Spins Feature and the Jumping Wilds Feature to make your time inside worth it.

Special Features

In a place like San Quentin, you need to always be on the hunt for new ways to improve your situation. When it comes to ‘San Quentin xWays’ slot, it’s all about making good use of the special features on offer. The main ones to look for are the Lock Down Spins Feature and the Jumping Wilds Feature. So, without further ado, let's breakdown how both can help you increase your overall take.

Lock Down Spins Feature

To activate the Lockdown Spins Feature in San Quentin xWays slot you'll need to land either 3, 4 or 5 Bonus Symbols. These look like a prison lookout tower and have the word ‘Bonus’ written on them in big yellow letters. The enhancer cells will be open for the entire feature and behave in the same way as usual. When the feature starts, the first thing you'll need to do is to work out how many spins will be awarded. The symbols present in the enhancer cell positions will determine exactly how many spins you’ll receive. As the game progresses, you can land additional Bonus Symbols to win additional spins and extra Jumping Wild Symbols.

Jumping Wilds Feature

The Jumping Wild Feature in San Quentin xWays pokie is a great way to multiply your prize. Unlike regular symbols, Jumping Wilds can randomly pop onto a new reel position with each new spin. If you manage to land a Bonus Symbol on the same reel as a Razor Split Enhancer, it will double its multiplier. The maximum multiplier available is 512x, but there are many others that could occur too. Remember that these can also generate extra spins!

Free to Play Mode

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What's It Like to Play ‘San Quentin xWays’ Pokie?

‘San Quentin xWays’ is no laughing matter. The only character who is smiling is Crazy Joe - and that's probably not a good thing! You get the feeling that you're in a dangerous situation, but let's face it, that's why it's such a thrilling online betting experience. Set in the prison yard of the famous San Quentin prison, you're under constant surveillance from the six security cameras which sit above the barbed-wire fence. The symbols include all the iconic prison equipment, everything from makeshift weapons to slippery soap – it’s all on full display. The rhythmic guitar-based soundtrack switches randomly between Spanish acoustic to heavy, distorted metal in a flash which creates a very tense atmosphere.

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How to Win San Quentin xWays Slot

As previously mentioned, there are 243 ways to win ‘San Quentin xWays’ slot, all of which involve landing matching combinations of game symbols across the five reels. With that in mind, let's take a proper look at how match each symbol is worth when paid out in combination of three or more in accordance with one of the preset paylines.

Red Character:

5 – 1.00

4 – 0.30

3 – 0.10

Orange Character:

5 – 0.80

4 – 0.25

3 – 0.08

Purple Character:

5 – 0.70

4 – 0.22

3 – 0.07

Blue Character:

5 – 0.60

4 – 0.20

3 – 0.06

Green Character:

5 – 0.50

4 – 0.18

3 – 0.05

Soap Symbol:

5 – 0.40

4 – 0.15

3 – 0.04

Lighter Symbol:

5 – 0.30

4 – 0.12

3 – 0.03

Weapon Symbol:

5 – 0.30

4 – 0.12

3 – 0.03

Handcuffs Symbol:

5 – 0.30

4 – 0.12

3 – 0.03

Toilet Paper Symbol:

5 – 0.30

4 – 0.12

3 – 0.03

How to Play San Quentin xWays Slot

To start playing ‘San Quentin xWays’ online slot, click on the dollar sign in the bottom left- hand corner of the screen. As this is where you can place a bet. When it opens, you'll see a large range of preset bet amounts to select from. However, before you do, make sure to check out the minimum and maximum bet amounts as these differ between pokie games. Once you're happy with your bet amount, you can click the Spin Button on the right-hand side of the screen or tap the spacebar or enter key if you prefer.
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