Gates of Olympus

Pragmatic Play

Open a Gate into Another Realm with ‘Gates of Olympus’ Online Slot

Ascend into the world of immortals, with ‘Gates of Olympus’ online slot from Pragmatic Play. Set the ancient flames alight as you try your hand against 6 almighty reels in the hopes of winning up to 5000x your bet. So, what are you waiting for?
Get spinning and appease the powers-that-be by maximizing your prize with the Tumble Feature and Free Spins Feature.

Special bonus Features

When it comes to playing games with the ancient and almighty, it pays to know the rules of the game! Get the most out of this powerful online slot game by smashing the Tumble Feature and Free Spin Feature and hitting the multiplier symbols to enter the free spins round.

Tumble Feature

After every spin, and after all winning combinations are paid, the Tumble Feature will make all the winning symbols vanish. At which point, all the non-winning symbols will tumble to the bottom of the game and leave vacant spaces for new symbols to fall into.
This will repeat over and over until no new winning-combinations occur because of the initial tumble. The wins will be tallied as soon as all the tumbles that result from the base-spin have been played.

Multiplier Feature

Multiplier symbols can land with values between x2 and x500 and they boost the total win from the entire tumbling sequence.

Free Spin Feature

To activate the Free Spin feature, you’ll need to land 4 or more Scatter Symbols anywhere on the screen. When this happens, you will start off with 15 free spins.
However, if you land 3 or more Scatter Symbols during the spins, you will get extra free spins and your total number of free spins will increase again by 5 each time. Also, keep an eye out for the special reels that come into play during the free spins bonus round.

Ante Bet Option

The player has the option to increase the bet multiplier by 25% to x25 of the bet. It increases the chance of hitting the scatter symbol.

Free play demo Gates of Olympus slot

Did you know that you can play ‘Gates of Olympus’ slot online for free in demo mode? That's right, free! Use the controls to switch between betting with real money or coins. Also, you can play with Free Play Mode activated without needing to register or download anything to your device. How easy is that!

What’s inside the ‘Gates of Olympus?

Open your eyes into a world of higher powers. Stand in amazement as you find yourself surrounded by burning columns of wisdom and ancient knowledge. Let the inspiring and ever-rising music overwhelm your earthly senses, as you set the wheels of fate into motion with every spin. The slot’s regal color palette is muted and understated, and yet still evokes a feeling of immortal strength and eternal wisdom. Now that’s fancy!

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How to win ‘Gates of Olympus’ Online Slots

In ‘Gates of Olympus’ online slot, the total number of matching symbols which are present on the screen at the end of a spin, will determine the total value of the win. So, with that in mind, let's have a look at what each symbol is worth and how much each symbol can win.
All these values are only true for the bet value set to $2.

12-30 = 100
10-11 = 50
8-9 = 20

12-30 = 50
10-11 = 20
8-9 = 5

12-30 = 30
10-11 = 10
8-9 = 4

12-30 = 24
10-11 = 4
8-9 = 3

Red Stone:
12-30 = 20
10-11 = 3
8-9 = 2

Purple Stone:
12-30 = 16
10-11 = 2.40
8-9 = 1.60

Yellow Stone:
12-30 = 10
10-11 = 2
8-9 = 1

Green Stone:
12-30 = 8
10-11 = 1.80
8-9 = 0.80

Blue Stone:
12-30 = 4
10-11 = 1.50
8-9 = 0.50

Scatter Symbol:
6 – 200
5 – 10
4 – 6

How to Play ‘Gates of Olympus’

So, it's finally time to tighten your toga and play Gates of Olympus. To begin, you'll need to select your bet amount using the plus and minus symbol situated next to the Spin Button.
Once you've selected an amount that is right for you, you're ready to hit the Spin Button and watch your Olympus-styled fate unfold.
You can manually stop the reels from spinning at any point by hitting the spacebar or enter key on your computer’s keyboard.

Which provider developed Gates of Olympus?

Gates of Olympus is an online slots game developed by Pragmatic Play.
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