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Dragon Tiger Baccarat Guide

Dragon Tiger Baccarat is a simple gambling game that is similar to standard Baccarat but with some unique aspects. Read our guide to learn more about rules, odds, house edge, and strategies.


How to Play Dragon Tiger Baccarat

Similar to regular baccarat, Dragon Tiger centres around predicting the outcome of the cards drawn, not around who holds the highest cards. Popular among new players, high-stakes gamblers, and those who enjoy streak betting, the game is fast-paced and overall simple to pick up and play.

Baccarat is played using eight 52-card decks or six, depending on the game version. Cards are pre-shuffled and dealt face-up from a dealing shoe. The dealer draws two cards, one for the Dragon's hand and one for the Tiger's hand. You bet on which hand you predict will land the higher card.

Bets are placed before the cards are drawn. A winning bet will be awarded if your chosen hand (Dragon or Tiger) lands the higher card. Ties result in a 50:1 win. Different types of bets will have differing odds - more on this later.

How is Dragon Tiger Baccarat different from regular Baccarat?

Regular baccarat players are likely to enjoy Dragon Tiger Baccarat, as the games share more similarities than differences.

While the primary focus in both Dragon Tiger Baccarat and regular baccarat is to bet on the hand landing the highest card, there is a distinction. In regular baccarat, the winning hand is the one closest to the number nine, whereas in Dragon Tiger, it's simply the higher-value hand.

Dragon Tiger Baccarat is distinctive in that contrary to other card games, aces are low-valued. The rest of the cards are ranked in the same way as poker, with the King holding the highest value of 13. At no point in the game do you handle cards, nor do you ever play against the dealer or other players. You are simply battling your predictions against the eventual outcome drawn.

Dragon Tiger Advantages and Disadvantages

Below listed some advantages and disadvantages of Dragon Tiger compared to other baccarat variants:

Advantages of Dragon Tiger:

  • It’s an uncomplicated and fun game to play, so beginners can easily familiarize themselves with its features and mechanics.
  • You can bet small, which minimizes risk, making the game ideal for those with limited bankrolls.
  • Game rounds are quick, allowing results to be revealed at a faster pace than other games. Speed can be a crucial factor for players with limited game time.

Disadvantages of Dragon Tiger:

  • Standard payouts are even money, so unless you’re betting big, you’re unlikely to win large amounts.
  • Dragon Tiger, with a fast-paced round lasting only 40 seconds (25 seconds to play, 15 seconds to bet), requires careful consideration. Swift decisions are crucial, especially during losing streaks, to avoid quick consequences. Keep a watchful eye on your bets and evaluate whether participating in every round is worthwhile.
  • Given the game's fast pace, you may find it less engaging unless you've formed a social connection at the table or are experiencing a winning streak.

Dragon Tiger Baccarat Odds, Payouts and House Edge

In Dragon Tiger, the total winning amount depends on the bet placed. The betting range runs from $1.00 to $10,000, with different bets offering different returns. Bets with the highest odds are the least likely to land, so it’s up to you to decide what kind of game you’d like to play! The three main bets to make, including their payouts are:

Dragon or Tiger to Win: 1:1

You place a bet on the hand (Dragon or Tiger) that you predict will land the highest card. A win pays even money.

Tie: 11:1

A Tie bet will win if the Dragon and Tiger cards are equal in value. Wins pay 11:1 or 8:1, depending on the version being played.

Examples of other baccarat side bets include:

Dragon or Tiger Small: 1:1

Here, you place a bet on the prediction that the winning hand will have a value lower than 7, whilst remaining the highest card. Wins pay even money.

Dragon or Tiger Big 1:1

A bet that the winning hand will have a value higher than 7, whilst remaining the highest card. Wins pay even money.

Dragon or Tiger Suit 3:1

Here, you place a bet by choosing the suit of the highest card to land. Wins pay 3:1. If the number 7 is drawn on either a small or big Dragon Tiger bet, you lose regardless.

Suited Tie: 50:1

The Suited Tie bet will win if the Dragon and Tiger cards are equal in both value and suit. Wins pay 50:1. As with all casino games, Dragon Tiger has a house edge, giving the casino a slight advantage during play. There’s no guarantee that the casino will win, nor do they have any control over outcomes and winning amounts. Cards are randomly drawn by the dealer from the dealing shoe, so every round provides another opportunity to land a win. Ties and suited ties have the highest odds, making them the hardest wins to land.

Winning Strategies for Dragon Tiger Baccarat

Like many online casino games, Dragon Tiger relies on luck. Nonetheless, players have access to aids for building tactics and strategies. That’s where the history function comes in. It shows recently drawn cards, which can help with your predictions of future hands.

You could try card counting, though this is a strategy more suited towards experienced players. By counting cards and calculating which ones are still in play, you can make an educated guess of the number of cards missing and their value, and then place your bets.

A suit-based playing style might also be an option, tracking suits that have come up in the game thus far. Much like card counting, this might help you predict the outcomes of cards in future rounds and allow you to make an informed choice on when and how to wager on the suits.

Some players like to pace themselves financially in Dragon Tiger due to the speedy nature of the game. You could choose to stick to a singular bet, rather than varying it at each round for less risk.

It’s also an idea to avoid betting on a tie result as it’s more likely that you’ll lose money instead of gain. With a house edge of 32.77%, you might not want to take your chances and risk a loss. In comparison, the Dragon and Tiger bet sits at 3.73% house edge, which is significantly less precarious and potentially more rewarding.

Ultimately, whatever strategy you decide to adopt will depend on your bet amount and frequency and your available balance to play.

Play Dragon Tiger Live at LeoVegas

There are various Dragon Tiger Baccarat games available at LeoVegas including Pragmatic Play's Dragon Tiger Live and OnAir Entertainment’s Blazing Dragon Tiger.

Both games can be played on all devices, with portrait and landscape modes available on mobile. They are both excellent versions with live dealer and multiplayer aspects of the games allowing for a more enjoyable, social experience

In most versions of the game, you’re guaranteed to spot a Dragon and a Tiger on either side of the table, sometimes flexing their muscles when the game has come to an end, Blazing Dragon Tiger or lighting up when a win has been made. An Asian theme is celebrated throughout Dragon Tiger games on LeoVegas, so expect a visual feast from the tables to the studio background.

With a variety of Dragon Tiger Baccarat games to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice when playing at LeoVegas.

Dragon Tiger Baccarat FAQs

Is Dragon Tiger a good game?

Regular players of baccarat will find Dragon Tiger a walk in the park while new players of the game won’t struggle to get to grips with it quickly. Although Dragon Tiger is a simple game to play, its simplicity doesn’t take away from the fun. Often described as a two-card baccarat, this game is increasing in popularity globally. Because the majority of Dragon Tiger options are live dealer games, the player experience is made all the more worthwhile due to the social benefits.

How many decks are in Dragon Tiger?

Between six to eight decks are used in Dragon Tiger, depending on what version of the game you are playing.

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