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What is Formula One (F1)?

Formula 1 is the world's richest and premier racing event, providing the best-in-class international standard for single-seater cars.

It attracts millions of viewers from around the world with events throughout the globe. It has been a staple of the sporting calendar since 1950 when it was first referred to as the World Drivers' Championship.

A total of 20 cars go at breakneck speed around courses of varying difficulty and nuance - each battling to finish on the podium. LeoSport is one of the premier providers of F1 betting - check out our review of the sport to set up your Canadian Grand Prix betting strategy.

Before the race begins, qualifying(practice sessions) must take place. Drivers jostle for the pole position on the starting grid.


How many teams compete in the F1?

There are ten teams represented by motor brands such as McClaren, Ferrari, Renault and other well-known trademarks.

How many drivers compete in F1?

Each team is allowed to enter two drivers - that means there are 20 riders in total.

F1 Drivers & Teams

Formula 1 is a unique sport in many ways. One man may drive the car, but an entire team of engineers works at breakneck speed throughout the race to change tires, fix mechanical problems, issue race instructions and much more.

The most popular teams in the sport's history include Ferrari, McClaren, Mercedes, and Williams - all of which have been operating over the last few decades and have built up some big reputations. The most successful team in the sport's history is Ferrari, with 16 constructors' titles and 15 driver titles. However, they haven't won it since 2017, and other teams are closing the gap.

The most successful F1 driver of all time in terms of individual races won is Lewis Hamilton - the British Driver recently passed Michael Schumacher in the all-time victories list.

Hamilton is also tied with the Swiss icon in the number of World Championships each has won - at the time of writing, they share seven titles apiece.

F1 Drivers Championship

The Drivers Championship award is given to the most successful individual over a season. The rankings are sorted via a points system throughout the year - the higher you finish in a Grand Prix, the likelier you are to finish top.

F1 Constructors Championship

The World Constructors' Championship is awarded to the constructor with the most points from finishing positions throughout the year.

The Constructors are the builders of the vehicle in the race and comprise a team of highly-skilled engineers.

F1 Schedule 2022

It's a gruelling schedule for both the constructors and the drivers throughout the F1 season. Here is a look at some of the main events in the F1 calendar.

  • 17th - 19th June (Round 9): Canadian Grand Prix
  • 1st - 3rd July (Round 10): British Grand Prix
  • 21st - 24th July(Round 12): French Grand Prix
  • 9th - 11th September (Round 16): Italian Grand Prix
  • 7th - 9th October (Round 18): Japanese Grand Prix
  • 18th - 20th November (Round 22): Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Canadian Grand Prix

The Canadian GP has long been a fixture of the F1 calendar. After hosting its inaugural championship in 1967 in Mosport Park Ontario, it moved to Montreal in 1978, where it continues to showcase the event.

F1 Betting Lines

At LeoVegas Sports Betting, we offer a spectacular selection of sports betting markets on the F1. When you bet with us, you know you're getting great F1 odds on the biggest races.

Here are some examples of Formula 1 betting opportunities with LeoSport:

GP winner(Race winner) - Throughout the entire duration of the F1, we will update our race odds on the favourites and longer-odds selections. Simply pick who you think will be the overall champion.

Best finishing position - Back which driver you think will finish in the best position in qualifying for a Grand Prix.

Championship Winner - Have a hunch on who will top the podium at the end of the season? This is the market for you!

How to Bet on F1

Wondering how to bet on F1 with LeoVegas Sport? It's easy! Simply navigate to our dynamic search function and type in Formula 1. You will see our great selection of F1 betting odds, from outrights to upcoming events.

F1 Betting Tips

Red Bull is pulling away from the chasing pack - it looks like their title to lose.

You can still get around 1.35 on Max Verstappen to win the Driver Championship - we reckon that's as good a bet as any.

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