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UFC Betting Guide

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How to Bet on UFC Fights

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What is the UFC?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship - otherwise known as UFC - is arguably the premium combat sport in the world at the moment. Boxing purists may recoil at that statement, but mass investment from sponsors, television companies, and media personalities in the age of social media is propelling it into the stratosphere - making it the largest Pay-Per-View (PPV) event provider in the world.

An amalgamation of several different fighting styles, including boxing, karate, and judo, the rules allow for both striking and grappling techniques by the fighters both on their feet and on the floor.

It was founded in November 1993 by businessman Art Davie and Brazilian martial artist Rorion Gracie. Its president is Dana White and is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

UFC Rules

The rules of UFC are quite complex, with some intricate factors at play - three judges take three different angles in the Octagon to focus on the fighter’s overall technique, their ability to land strikes, defence capabilities, and much more. Judges award points to fighters and if the fight goes the distance, they must revert to their scorecards to decide the winner.

Other ways in which a fight can end include:

  • Technical Knockout (TKO): The referee or a doctor can step in at any time if a fighter is deemed to be no longer able to protect themselves.
  • Submission: If a fighter is in a hold that is unbearable for any longer, they can tap out - either on the body or the fighting mat.
  • A Knockout: A fight ends when a competitor is rendered unconscious.

How many UFC events have there been to date?

The amount of money spent on the showtime events in this sport is enough to water the eyes - particularly in recent times.

Below is the list of the top three most expensive UFC fight nights:

  1. Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor - $180million (2.4 million pay per view purchases).
  2. Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor - $90 million (1.65 million pay per view purchases).
  3. Frank Mir vs. Brock Lesnar - $82 million (1.6 million pay per view purchases).

What is UFC fight night?

A UFC fight night is exactly as it sounds - it is the evening in which up to ten UFC fights take place, building up to the main event at the end of the card.

They can take place in arenas all over the world, but some of the biggest cards in history hold their place in Las Vegas.

What are the different weight divisions in UFC?

This sport requires their competitors to fit within a weight class - there would be no use in a 300 lb fighter taking on a 105 lb fighter for obvious reasons.

Currently, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has 12 weight categories, eight male and four female.

Find the classifications and the qualifying weights for men and women below.


Men: Up to 105 lbs.

Women: Up to 95 lbs

Super Flyweight

Men: 105.1–115 lbs

Women: N/A


Men: 115.1–125 lbs

Women: 95.1–105 lbs

Super Bantamweight

Men: 125.1–135 lbs

Women: N/A


Men: 135.1–145 lbs

Women: 105.1–115 lbs


Men: 145.1–155 lbs

Women: N/A

Super Lightweight

Men: 155.1–165 lbs

Women: N/A


Men: 165.1–175 lbs

Women: N/A

Super Welterweight

Men: 175.1–185 lbs

Women: N/A


Men: 185.1–195 lbs

Women: N/A

Super Middleweight

Men: 195.1–205 lbs

Women: N/A

Light Heavyweight

Men: 205.1–225 lbs

Women: N/A


Men: N/A

Women: N/A


Men: 225.1–265 lbs

Women: N/A

Super Heavyweight

Men: Over 265 lbs

Women: N/A

The sport of UFC is one of the most vicious in professional sports - and that isn’t just in the ring! There is intense competition to market yourself as a star attraction for fighting fans. The most popular are usually the ones with the biggest social media presence, a real character in the ring, and the key ingredient of sensational fighting skill.

Some of the other sports biggest names in the sport include:

  • Conor McGregor
  • Nate Diaz
  • Khabib Nurmagomedov
  • Ronda Rousey
  • Amanda Nunes
  • Jon Jones
  • Michael Bisping
  • Daniel Cormier
  • Kamaru Usman
  • Alexander Volkanovski

UFC Betting Lines

The most popular UFC betting markets often focus on the method of victory in a fight or the round in which a fight ends. That is because the odds tend to be bigger than the two-way moneyline bet.

UFC Betting options at LeoSport include:

  • Outright
  • Moneyline
  • Totals
  • Victory Method
  • Winning Round

UFC Betting Odds

You can check the latest UFC odds here.

UFC Live Betting

You can place your UFC bets on all the big fights live with LeoSport! Watch the action unfold and react in kind to how it develops. Is a fighter struggling to deal with their opponent’s fighting style? Can you sense a knockout coming soon? Will a submission stop the bout?

Have your say with UFC live betting at LeoSport!

UFC Betting FAQ

What is the best UFC betting market to bet to get a return?

The safest option is to go with the moneyline market. Use your judgement and your betting nous to back your favourite fighter - the odds may be shorter (unless you're backing the underdog) but you have a much better chance of winning rather than selecting a round in which the fight will end.

How is betting on UFC different from betting on Boxing?

The main difference between UFC betting and boxing betting is the fewer number of rounds in UFC. It condenses the action, and the varying number of fighting techniques increase the amount of ways in which a fighter can suffer a TKO.

Can you live bet on UFC?

During MMA or UFC events, you will see live betting odds and can make an instant wager on the game.

What is the difference between MMA and the UFC?

The organization overseeing the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting competitions is the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA for short, is a combat sport in which the combatants do not all use the same fighting techniques. UFC competitors frequently have background in multiple fighting styles.

For instance, Anderson Silva, a former champion from Brazil, was skilled in a variety of fighting disciplines, including boxing, judo, capoeira, muay thai, taekwondo, and had a black belt in jiu-jitsu.

When was the UFC founded?

The organization that runs the Ultimate Fighting Championship was founded in 1993. The UFC organization's goal was to create a free-for-all event where participants may engage in various martial arts, including most of them, such as Karate, Wrestling, Boxing, Judo, Taekwondo, and the well-known Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, inside an Octagon.

As the competition gained popularity, new regulations were implemented, leading to the emergence and development of mixed martial arts, also known by the abbreviation MMA.

When was the first UFC fight?

On November 12, 1993, the debut UFC match took place. The McNichols Sports Arena in Denver, Colorado served as the location for the inaugural UFC sports fighting event. Teila Tuli and Gerard Gordeau, two MMA fighters, engaged in their maiden UFC match. The inaugural world mixed martial arts competition had a total of eight combatants.

What is the UFC's fighting style?

The UFC doesn't have a unique fighting style. The competition was created to unite different types of martial arts in the same competition. This is what we call Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, an acronym for Mixed Martial Arts.

What does UFC stand for?

The acronym UFC stands for ‘Ultimate Fighting Championship’.

What salary does a UFC fighter get?

Although the MMA competitors in the UFC do not get a set payment for each fight, many people are curious about how much a UFC fighter makes. Each fighter in the UFC is contracted to a certain number of fights and is paid a set sum of money each time they enter the Octagon. The prize money for each match ranges from $10,000 to $3,000,000.

Each fighter's compensation under their contracts is based on their degree of expertise, notoriety, and prior victories.

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