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How To Bet On French Open : Complete Guide

Summary: French Open is on of the four major Tennis Grand Slam tournaments that takes place from end of the May till beginnnig of June. The main betting markets are Match Betting, Set Betting and Outright Betting. The favourites for 2024 are Carlos Alcaraz and Iga Swiatek.

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How To Bet On French Open: Step by Step

Betting on the French Open with LeoVegas is a quick and easy process. We have attached a step-by-step guide on how to join LeoVegas and start your French Open journey - we are using a match between Carlos Alcaraz and Novak Djokovic as an example within the guide.

  • Sign Up to LeoVegas Sportsbook by opening an account.
  • After you have joined the pride, simply deposit funds via our numerous quick and easy methods.
  • Find the ‘Tennis’ tab in the ‘Live’ or ‘upcoming’ section in our sportsbook. Alternatively, you can use our dynamic search function and type ‘French Open’ into the search bar to find hundreds of markets on the tournament.
  • In this instance, you’ll then select the Carlos Alcaraz vs Novak Djokovic game.
  • Choose the pre-game on in-play betting market of your choosing, enter your stake, and place your bet
  • Wait for your bet to settle and good luck!Want to see how you bet is getting on in real time? Well, logged-in users can enjoy live streaming for every single game of the French Open. This means you can make in-play decisions while you watch the game on both desktop and the LeoVegas mobile app.


French Open Betting Markets

Match Betting

Match betting, also known as the moneyline bet, is one of the simpler forms of betting that LeoVegas offers. Simply stake on who you believe will win the match, and if the player you backed is successful, your bet lands.

Set Betting

Slightly more in-depth than the moneyline bet, Set Betting is wagering on who you believe will win that set. This means that the winner of the entire match is irrelevant. If you believe that a player will win the first set, and they do, that’s another winning bet for you.

Game Betting

One of LeoVegas’ most popular in-play betting markets is Game Betting. This type of wager relates to betting on who you believe will win an individual game within a set. The result of the set and game are inconsequential, as long as you predict who will win the game, you will have made a correct wager.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting tries to level the playing field between a perceived favorite and underdog. For example, if Novak Djokovic is placed at a -2.5 set handicap by LeoVegas, he would have to win by three sets for your bet to win. Alternatively, whoever Djokovic’s opponent is at +2.5, they would have to avoid defeat by three-straight sets.

Over/Under Betting

Over/Under betting on the French Open will usually relate to how many sets you believe the game will finish in. Therefore, the result doesn’t matter, but the duration of the game does. If the line for Over/Under is set at 3.5 sets, you will wager on whether you believe the match will have above or below this amount.

Spread betting

Spread betting is commonly used when wagering on how many games a player will win by. For example, if a player is viewed as -1.5 against the spread, they’d have to win by two games or more for your bet to land. Similarly, betting on the player who is less-favored at +2.5 means they’d have to not lose by three games or more.

Outright betting

Who do you think will win the French Open? Well, when you make your decision, this would be known as the Outright bet. This simply means that you stake on the overall result of a tournament rather than a specific game, set, or match.

Factors to Consider When Betting on French Open

Player Form

Like any sport, recent form should be a considered factor when betting on the French Open. If a player is entering the tournament off the back of a few victories, they are more likely to continue their momentum into the French Open.

Head-to-Head Records

If you’ve heard of the phrase “having somebody’s number” then you’ll know how important head-to-head records are when it comes to sport. Some players just struggle to beat certain individuals. Therefore, when you are looking to bet on the French Open, you should check whether a player has beaten their opponent on numerous occasions and use it to help inform your wager.

Court Surface

The French Open is the only major played on clay. Clay is viewed as one of the most physically demanding surfaces to play on, so it should definitely be taken into consideration when placing your bet on the French Open. Players like Nadal have become masters of the clay in previous years, whereas Novak Djokovic prefers to play on hard court or grass.

Weather Conditions

Weather has a huge impact on a game of Tennis - especially on clay courts. If it has been raining, the ball will bounce much lower and the speed of shots will reduce, whereas a normal warm surface won’t affect the game as much. When betting on the French Open, take into account which player may react to this change in surface slightly better.

Injury Status

Injuries are synonymous with sports and unfortunately it will affect some players during the French Open. For example, Rafael Nadal had to withdraw from the tournament in 2016 with a wrist injury. Therefore, before making your French Open bet, check a player's injury history to make the most well-informed wager.

French Open Schedule

The first round of the French Open is scheduled to get underway in the end of May for both men and women. After the first round concludes, the second round begins ,and the main tournament continues until June when the finals are taking place.

French Open History and Rules

The French Open is one of the four major Tennis Grand Slam tournaments - sitting alongside the US Open, Wimbledon, and the Australian Open. However, the French Open was the first men’s tournament to be held back in 1891 and it’s the only major tournament with tennis matches to be played on clay.

Most rules regarding the French Open are similar to other Majors. 128 players participate and need to win seven-straight games to be crowned French Open champion. Both the men's and women’s tournament winners will be given the same amount of prize money.

Recent French Open Champions


Rafael Nadal - Nadal and the French Open need no introduction. The Spaniard has been crowned champion at Roland Garros no fewer than 14 times, with his first title coming back in 2005. Despite recent injury struggles, he remains the one to beat at the French Open, and can add a 15th win to his haul in 2024.

Novak Djokovic - One of the most successful players of all time, Djokovic has won a hatrick of French Open titles, winning at Roland Garros in 2016, 2021, and last year in 2023. Winner of a record 24 Grand Slam titles overall, the Serbian is one of the most feared opponents in the game, and will be one to watch, as ever, in the 2024 edition.

Gustavo Kuerten - Affectionately known as "Guga", Kuerten is a Brazilian tennis legend whose dazzling career saw him win the French open three times. Known for his graceful Kuerten remains an icon of Brazilian sport, and was chosen as a torchbearer for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.


Justine Henin - A Belgian tennis star, Henin dominated the courts with a fierce determination coupled with an elegant playing style. With seven Grand Slam singles titles to her name, including four French Open wins (2003, 2005, 2006, 2007), she is known as one of the sport's most formidable champions.

Serena Williams - One of tennis’s all-time greats, Serena Williams won 39 Grand Slam titles, 23 of which came in singles. Winning the French Open on three occasions, Williams is one of the game’s biggest ever stars, winning her final major in 2017, before her retirement in 2022.

Simona Halep - Winner at Roland Garros in 2018, Halep has won two Grand Slam titles and was ranked the world number one for 64 weeks between 2017 and 2019.

Live Betting On French Open

LeoVegas is letting you get closer to the action during the French Open with hundreds of live markets for you to enjoy. Whether you are spotting a swing in momentum, or simply have a hunch about the upcoming set, you can place your bet on one of LeoVegas’ live offerings.

French Open Betting FAQ

What types of bets can I place on the French Open?

LeoVegas provides hundreds of pre-game and in-play markets on Tennis betting. Whether you simply want to wager on who you believe will win a game (moneyline), or you’d like to place your wager on the outright winner of the entire tournament (outrights), LeoVegas has you covered.

How do players qualify for the French Open?

128 players qualify to play in the French Open, but there’s various ways for players to qualify. Firstly, if a player ranks high enough in the world rankings, they’ll qualify automatically for the tournament. The other two ways to qualify are via qualifiers and players selected to be ‘Wildcards’.

Who is the favourite to win the French Open 2024?

The current favourite for the french open is Carlos Alcaraz. Despite struggling with recent injuries, the 20 year-old still enters the tournament as the one to beat. After making the semi-final at Roland Garros last year, Alcaraz went on to become Wimbledon champion, and will be looking to claim his third Grand Slam title this year.

Is Nadal participating in the 2024 French Open?

Rafael Nadal will make his Roland Garros return in 2024. Having missed the 2023 tournament due to a hip injury, the 14-time champion will be looking to add to his unprecedented haul, and claim glory in Paris once again.

Who is playing in the 2024 French Open?

Overall, 128 men and women will be involved in either draw for the French Open. However, the standout names from the men’s bracket are the legendary Rafa Nadal, multiple Grand Slam winner Novak Djokovic, Carlos Alcaraz, and Holger Rune.

The women’s bracket is headlined by 2023 champion Iga Swiatek, and includes the likes of Jessica Pegula, and teenage sensation Coco Gauff.

Who has won the most men's singles titles at the French Open?

Rafael Nadal has been the king of the French open for almost two decades. Since 2005, Nadal has won fourteen French Open titles, missing out on only four tournament victories.

How many French Opens does Djokovic have?

Novak Djokovic has won two French Open titles in his career. He won his first in 2016 and his second in 2021.

Who has beaten Nadal the most?

When it comes to the French Open, Rafael Nadal has only been beaten three times since 2005. The Spaniard has been defeated twice by Novak Djokovic and once by Robin Soderling.

How many sets do they play in the French Open?

In the French Open singles, the men’s games are best of five sets, with the women’s games being best of three. All doubles matches, men’s, women’s and mixed, are best of three sets.

Why is there clay at the French Open?

The French Open is played on clay courts primarily for tradition and historical reasons. The venue has featured clay courts since its inception. The clay surface provides a unique challenge for players due to its slower pace and higher bounce compared to other surfaces such as grass or hard courts. Additionally, it allows for longer rallies and strategic play, which many fans and players appreciate, and it also makes the French Open unique from other Grand Slam tournaments.

What is the best day to go to the French Open?

The best day to attend the French Open depends on personal preferences. Generally, the early rounds offer opportunities to see top players in action on multiple courts, while the later rounds feature higher-stakes matches on the main courts. Ultimately, it is about balancing the preference of which players you wish to see, and how many games you would prefer to take in.

Does Federer have a French Open title?

Yes, Roger Federer has one French Open title to his name, winning in 2009, when he completed the career Grand Slam.

How is Wimbledon different from the French Open?

Both Wimbledon and the French Open are part of the tennis Grand Slam, alongside the US and Australian Open. The main difference between the two is the court surface - while the French Open utilises a clay surface, Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam to be played on a grass court.

Is there a dress code for the French Open?

Yes, there is a dress code for players at the French Open, although it's not as strict as some other tournaments. Players are expected to wear appropriate tennis attire that is predominantly white or light-coloured. Additionally, there are guidelines regarding logos and branding on clothing. While there is no specific dress code for spectators, it's generally recommended to wear comfortable clothing suitable for outdoor activities, as the tournament takes place in the spring/summer months in Paris.

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