What are featured games?

Featured Games are your gateway to standout slot experiences here at LeoVegas. We’re simplifying your choices by highlighting handpicked games that promise an extraordinary gaming experience.

Whether you're drawn to the nostalgia of classic favourites or crave the excitement of cutting-edge releases featuring the latest in gaming mechanics, our Featured Games offer a diverse selection. It's a curated collection where every slot is a gem, ensuring that no matter your preference, a thrilling and rewarding gaming experience awaits.

What makes these games stand out from other games?

Our Featured Games transcend the ordinary. Every slot chosen has been evaluated by our team of Lions for its paw-worthy visuals, compelling storylines, and enticing payouts. They deliver on all fronts, with stunning graphics often showcasing modern animation, and a narrative weaved in so that you are fully engaged in your gaming experience.

Our partnership with the best slot creators in the industry means that no details have been overlooked, from design to game play. And as the King of Casino Mobile, they are guaranteed to deliver a top tier experience whether you’re playing on a desktop at home or on roam with your mobile.

Game Spotlights

Our Featured Game section doesn’t have a bad play in it. We’ve chosen the best of the best, with everything from a retro reeled Immortal Ways Diamonds slot to the highly creative and whimsical scenes you’ll find within Animafia.

Take Slot Mill’s Lucy Luck Crimson Diamond and its pulsating action that can earn you a cool 10,000x your stake. Make it your duty to discover hidden gems on this tumbling, animated game board that is sure to delight with its movie-esque soundtrack. Or, perhaps you’re in a nostalgic mood - then Immortal Ways Diamond is no longer your hidden gem! It’s a full fledged retro reeled, updated game board filled with sparkling 7s, cherries and classic symbols that pack a payout punch with four Jackpots waiting to be won.