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Mysteries of Egypt description

As one of the world’s largest empires at a time when a lot of history was undocumented or unverified, ancient Egypt remains one of the most mysterious periods in human history. It’s a time that generates plenty of historical interest, its history filled with curses, otherworldly phenomena, ethereal energies and highly notable architecture and figures.

Where does that fit into slot gaming? Who knows. But there’s no denying that the Mysteries of Egypt slot game captures the entire essence of what makes this theme the most popular slot theme in the world and one of the most popular here at LeoVegas, where there are hundreds of mythology-based slot games.

Red Rake Gaming is still finding its feet in the industry. While they’re not going to grab all the headlines with the relatively meagre 2,000-coin maximum potential win amount and predictable 5x3 reel layout that’s on offer here, we’ve scratched beneath the surface and found a few things we quite like about this design.

Mysteries of Egypt bonus features

When first firing up the Mysteries of Egypt slot game and flicking through the standard 15-square grid, music and design, our hopes quickly pivoted to the bonus features. Occasionally, you’ll find that the base game will be thin because more time and energy has been spent on the bonus features. However, with the Mysteries of Egypt online slot, the two bonus features are just as basic as the primary offering. While wild symbols and free spins are standard for slot games, you’d expect there to be a little bit more of a kick, especially when choosing such a crowded theme. Many of the top names in the industry have had a fantastic go at creating ancient Egypt-themed slots, so while it might not be top-tier in terms of innovation, many slot gamers don’t want over-the-top, superfluous designs. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

Wild Multiplier

You’ll find plenty of Egypt-heavy symbols in this video slot. To unlock the wild multiplier, it’s the good old scarab beetle. Although Hollywood may have convinced a few people these harmless insects can be deadly, they were seen as more of a pest back in the days of Tutankhamun. If you land three or more scarabs, the wild multiplier will trigger and give you a tidy little return of up to 500 coins.

Tutankhamun Bonus

Speaking of the boy King himself, as arguably the most notable name and face in ancient Egypt, you’ll have no trouble finding references to him throughout many ancient Egypt-themed games. Like the wilds round, you must land three Tutankhamun symbols to trigger the free spins. The initial round provides seven free spins but can be retriggered, leading to the maximum potential win of 2,000 coins.

How to win on Mysteries of Egypt

Nefertiti, Ra and Anubis are the symbols you want to land to get a nice little return on the Mysteries of Egypt slot game. With 25 pay lines across the 5x3 reel layout, there are plenty of chances to trigger a win.

It’s the demigod-like figures that can pay out anywhere between 5 and 50 coins, depending on how many you trigger. Anything written on papyrus or scriptures you can basically disregard. Aside from the bonus features, the kings and queens and mythological beings are the fastest ticket to win the Mysteries of Egypt slot game.

How to play Mysteries of Egypt

Once you’re on the LeoVegas website or app, you can search for the game under the slot section. Simply wait a few seconds for it to load and select your stake and pay line. You can access the website via your PC. If you’d rather use your phone or tablet, the Mysteries of Egypt slot game is compatible with all Android and iOS devices manufactured since 2016.

Game info about Mysteries of Egypt

It’s the undercurrent of mystery that flows around ancient Egypt that helps to drive home the ambiguity and mystique of the games that are steeped in its history. Red Rake Gaming ensured that the symbolic design, backdrop, music and feel all played heavily into this. There’s no fusion of themes; it’s very much Egypt-based.

Impressively, despite the reasonably one-dimensional design, this 2016 slot game has continued to attract an audience here at LeoVegas online casino. Nearly eight years since the release of this Red Rake Gaming slot, it outperforms many more prominent titles with the same theme.

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