Jeff & Scully


Jeff & Scully

Many conspiracy theories have made media headlines over the years, capturing the attention of even the most sceptical sort. The list of books available on this subject is vast, and thanks to streaming services, you can watch documentaries and films on practically any conspiracy theory you’re curious about at the touch of a button. So why not make a conspiracy-themed video slot? That seems to be the thinking behind ELK Studios’ Jeff & Scully slot game.

This mystery-driven slot plays out on a seven x seven grid, set in front of the Nevada desert landscape, an ode to the highly classified Area 51. Two inquisitive characters, Jeff & Scully, surround the grid as they gaze at the conspiracy theory-related symbols, which include aliens, astronauts and the pyramids, to name a few. Wins are determined by the game’s unique Area Win mechanic, with potential payouts reaching up to 10,000x your bet. Play this slot and more at LeoVegas.

Jeff & Scully Bonus Features

There’s no doubt that the game’s unique Area Win Mechanic is a stand-out feature, with payouts varying according to the area size (three x three, four x four etc.) Area wins of more than 24 symbols will increase Multipliers and Instant Pay Coins.

But ELK Studios has backed this up with loads of other features to enhance your gameplay experience. Feature Symbols, Respins and Bonus Rounds are included in the game’s offerings.

Feature Symbols

There are two Feature Symbols available to land in the game, the Jeff and the Scully.
Jeff Symbols activate the Jeff Feature, and you will score a payout for every symbol in that area.
A Scully Symbol Area Win triggers the Scully Feature which exchanges symbols and brings you closer to landing more wins.

Bonus Game

If you collect three Bonus Symbols in an Area Win, you will trigger the Bonus Game. In the Bonus Game, Multipliers and Instant Pay Coins become Sticky Symbols. Multipliers multiply the winning values and Instant Pay Coins payout the value of the coin.

Super Bonus Game

Collect four Bonus Symbols in an Area Win to trigger the Super Bonus Game. Multipliers and Instant Coin Amounts will grow on each free round.

How to Win on Jeff & Scully

To win, you need to land four matching symbols in an area that forms a four-sided shape.
Regular paying symbols include a cow, an alien, a JFK sign, a pyramid, an astronaut, a plane and the two central characters, Jeff and Scully. If you land four matching symbols and land an Area Win, payouts can amount to 0.05 to 1x your original bet. The maximum number of matching symbols you can land in an Area Win is 49, where payouts can reach up to 5x to 25x your original bet.

Wild Symbols can take the place of any regular symbols on the grid and potentially score wins.
The possible maximum win for this game is valued at 10,000x your starting bet. However, it is important to remember that every slot game is a game of chance, and a win is never a sure thing.

How to Play Jeff & Scully?

If you’d like to find out more information on the game’s features, rules and paytable before playing, click on the three-lined button at the top left of the playing grid.

When you’re ready to play, click on the coin stack button at the bottom left to set your bet. Once you’re happy with your chosen bet, click on the large spin button at the bottom right. If you prefer to let the game run automatically once you’ve selected your bet, you can click the auto spin button at the top right of the grid and choose to let the game run its course over 10, 25, 50 or 100 spins.

Jeff & Scully is available to play on both iOS and Android devices, including mobiles, tablets and computers.

Game Info about Jeff & Scully

Jeff & Scully was released on October 3rd 2023 by ELK Studios. It is an innovative and experimental slot, inspired by various conspiracy theories. The unique and quirky theme makes the game stand out amongst the numerous Western and Ancient Egypt-themed slots. With its sharp, film noir-inspired graphics, and its suspenseful soundtrack, Jeff & Scully immerses you in its world of intrigue.

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ELK Studios are firmly securing themselves as quality creators of distinctive, original and eccentric games in the slot world. With Jeff & Scully, they’ve really gone all out to make sure they stand out from the norm. You can check out more of the developer’s slot catalogue at LeoVegas, including Hong Kong Tower, Wild Toro and Taco Brothers.

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This game is licensed outside of Malta.