Instant Win Games UK At LeoVegas

When joining LeoVegas as one of our players, it has to be said that the main port of call might not be our Instant Win games page. With so many powerful categories such as online slots UK or the best Live Casino UK games, it can be easy to forget about what else we have to offer. However, in our opinion, the Instant Win section really is a hidden gem in the King of Casino crown. There are so many fantastic games here that really should not be overlooked, and therefore we are here to let you know much more about the wonderful world of Instant Win games.

What Are Instant Win Games?

If you have never heard of Instant Win casino games before, the clue is in the name in terms of how they work. These games provide our players with the opportunity to win money straight away. The easiest way to explain how most of these games work is that they are essentially online versions of popular scratchcards. The appeal of these games is often down to the fact that as the player, you can find out if you have won or not immediately, rather than potentially needing to wait a few rounds before finding out, as is the case with some other online casino UK games. There is plenty of winning potential in a very short space of time, which many players tend to prefer.

Play Instant Win Casino Games Online

If you have ever ventured to your local corner shop and purchased a scratchcard, you kind of know what to expect when playing these Instant Win games online. It goes without saying that there is much more razzmatazz in the offerings available here at LeoVegas, which encompasses the entire online gaming experience. As well as the potential for landing big wins, these online scratchcards also provide brilliant visual graphics and sensational sounds, to add a sense of entertainment to proceedings. For those of you that do enjoy the aspect of physically scratching away the foil, our gaming providers have looked to replicate this via the in-game mechanics, so that when you click to reveal that aspect of the game is still strongly apparent.

Our Instant Win List of Games

In terms of the magnificent list of Instant Win games that we offer our players here at LeoVegas, there are so many to choose from. For example, Gold Rush from Hacksaw Gaming provides a glittering online scratchcard experience, with instant wins of up to a whopping £10,000 available to be claimed. Place your bets and scratch away, keeping an eye out for the two golden nuggets, which would mean a spectacular win. Also, you could try out Lucky Scratch where you look to find winnings under the golden horseshoes. If you are able to match three numbers on the card, you can trigger a win equal to the value of that number with 11 different amounts available to be won.

The Best Online Scratchcard Games Around

If you are a fan of sports, then you may prefer to head to our sports betting section where you can bet on top events from around the world. However, there are a number of stunning scratchcards with a sporting theme, essentially creating an ideal mix of sports and casino games. This includes Football Frenzy from Core Gaming, which includes football players and three top trophies can be won. If you are able to land the Golden Goal trophy then a big win could follow, and make sure to look out for extra balls on the field and the penalty spot for an entertaining mini-game.

Instant Win FAQs

How To Play Instant Win Games

Our instant win games are some of the easiest to play on the site, and that is very much done on purpose. We realise that our players that are looking to play instant win games want a simple experience, so in order to play these games they are often as simple as choosing your stake and then clicking the scratch button to reveal the symbols.

How to Win On Instant Win Scratchcards

In order to claim a win on our online scratchcards, all you need to do is to match the required symbols to then potentially be awarded an instant prize. If you are a winner, the game will clearly display your winnings on the screen. That’s not all though, as in some games there may also be additional features included, such as win multipliers or even Free Spins that could help you towards a win.