Epic Gems

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Description of Epic Gems

The Epic Gems slot machine is a mining-based online game from GameVy. It is not a typical slot game, but rather a scratch card-based game where you click on squares on the grid in order to hopefully reveal the precious gems. There are 40 gems on the grid, but watch out as four of them are hiding mines that will explode if you click on them, which will end the game. The goal is to find as many gems as possible without clicking on the mines. Your payout will depend on how many gems you reveal. The jackpot is awarded if you can find all 36 ‘good’ gems and avoid all the mines.

What are the special features of Epic Gems?

Epic Gems is a very simple scratch game, but there are some bonus features that you can look out for.

Epic Gems Jackpot

The jackpot in Epic Gems varies but is always shown so players will be able to see the amount they can win if they manage to find all the gems without hitting any mines. Keep in mind that the jackpot amount may be capped, so it may not exceed a certain amount. There are also payouts along the way, depending on how many gems you reveal before you hit a mine. The jackpot win will be awarded when the player has identified the number of gems required to reach the specified jackpot.

Game info about Epic Gems

This is a very straightforward game that is based on a scratch card concept. However, wins are completely random, and there is no way of predicting which are the ‘safe’ squares and which are hiding the mines. Despite the tension involved in knowing any click could reveal a mine, this game has a great gem-theme that is completed with the visuals.

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How to win in Epic Gems base game

Unlike a classic slot machine-type game, there are no winning symbols to watch out for. Each click reveals either a ‘good gem’ or ‘bad gem’ which also hides a mine. Payouts begin as soon as you reveal one good gem. As more good gems are found, the payout increases.

How to play Epic Gems

To start the game, select a bet amount. Then start clicking on the squares to find the gems. The good gems you find will disappear, while the bad gems will be hiding the dreaded mines, which will explode if you pick them and end the game. The current jackpot available is displayed on the right-hand side of the grid along with the value of the next gem to be revealed.