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Description of Bully4U

Bully4U from Realistic Games is a classic fruit machine slot offering a maximum win of 500x your stake. The Bully4U slot machine is a classic 3-reel game with three rows and just five fixed paylines, formed when three or more matching symbols land side-by-side on the reels. The payout will vary depending on the symbols that are matched.

Realistic Games has kept things very simplistic with this retro game. There are no free spins, and no fancy graphics or animations. It seems they are aiming for a nostalgic, back-to-basics vibe with an old-fashioned, classic slot in digital form.

What are the special features of Bully4U?

Bully4U is a slot with straightforward gameplay, and very little in the way of special features, but there is a bonus feature of sorts.

Full House Bonus Feature

The only real bonus feature in Bully4U occurs when any symbol that lands on the reels is entirely surrounded by another symbol. That is, if one symbol is on the central reel and another symbol is occupying all the other spaces on the reels, above, below and to each side of it.

This results in players being awarded a Full House. All eight of the matching symbols will transform to match the symbol in the middle. This can result in a payout as high as 500x the original stake, depending on the face value of the middle symbol. You’ll need the Lucky 7 as the middle symbol to get the highest payout.

Game info about Bully4U

The Bully4U slot was originally released by Realistic Games in February of 2018. The game is clearly designed as a retro 80s-style slot machine game with very few bells and whistles, so some players will find it a trip down memory lane, while others may find it very over-simplistic and lacking in interesting features compared to most modern slot games.

There are no animations and no storyline or plot built into this slot. There is not even any music to accompany the game, just the sound of the reels clicking as they fall into place. While this adds to the ‘real slot machine’ feel of the game, it is not what many players have come to expect from digital slot games.

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How to win in Bully4U base game

This slot has the classic fruit symbols found on old school fruit machine slots plus the familiar bells, bars and Lucky 7s. To win, you’ll need to land three or more matching symbols on a payline. The symbols pay out as follows:

Cherries and lemons: 3x your stake
Oranges and blueberries: 5x your stake
Grapes: 10x your stake
Bells: 20x your stake
Watermelons: 30x your stake
Bar symbols: 40x your stake
Lucky 7s: 100x your stake

How to play Bully4U

To play Bully4U, you simply choose your bet amount by clicking on the up and down buttons in the bet field, then click the spinner to spin the reels. The game buttons have been placed in the same way they would be on a real mechanical slot game, contributing to the retro feel of the game. The minimum bet is 0.25 and the maximum is 25.