Leprechaun Heist

Blue Guru Games

Join the Leprechaun Heist and Feel the Thrill

Are you growing tired of jolly leprechauns surrounded by rainbows and pints that dominate Irish mobile slots? Oh boy, do we have a treat for you! Leprechaun Heist online slot by Blue Guru Games has a plot and atmosphere worthy of a Scorsese movie, so get ready to witness some adrenaline-inducing action, wrapped with a catchy soundtrack. Departed, who? It’s the Leprechaun Heist that has stepped into the spotlight with a maximum prize of 6,706x!

Leprechaun Heist Slot Features

A game without bonus features is like a St. Patrick’s without a beer! Leprechaun Heist slot machine packs quite a punch with a few simple, yet riveting features you can rely on!

Exhilarating Free Spins

To trigger the Free Spins bonus in the Leprechaun Heist slot, you have to fill the metre on your right. The metre is triggered only after you land 16 consecutive cascades on the same spin. The round kicks off with 8 free spins, but it is possible to win more, each time you land 16 consecutive cascades. And yes, this game is all about cleaning the board as much as you can, as often as you can! In the bonus round, you also get multipliers between x2 and x5.

Amusing Ammo Level Ups

The metre next to the gaming grid can help you score extra perks during the game. The metre activates on the 4th cascade and continues as follows:

- Random Wilds requires 4 cascades and adds a random number of wild symbols to the board.

- Symbol Upgrade requires 8 cascades and upgrades a random symbol to a higher value.

- Symbol Transformer requires 12 cascades and transforms one random symbol into another.

- Heist Free Bonus Round activates free spins after 16 cascades.

Leprechaun Heist Free to Play Demo

Leprechaun Heist demo slot online won’t teach you how to rob a bank, but how to successfully play this unorthodox Irish game. Play the demo game with virtual coins instead of real money, to see what it looks and feels like, how mechanisms work, and whether Leprechaun Heist is the game for you. All this is available without a deposit or a sign-up!

Leprechaun Heist Theme and Design

Leprechaun Heist (2023) is a leap forward, especially where leprechaun games are concerned. Instead of green valleys, rainbows, and pots of gold, it takes you to the gray streets of Dublin or perhaps Boston, to experience a heist amidst a St. Patrick’s celebration!
The leprechaun gang is wild, the crowds are dancing, and the soundtrack is worthy of Dropkick Murphys!

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How to Win Leprechaun Heist

The Leprechaun Heist slot is played on a 5 x 5 gaming grid. A win is triggered when you land a cluster of 8 symbols of the same kind. Symbols are as follows:

- Red robber – x30, x25, x20, x18, x16, x3, x2.50, x2, x1.50, x1

- Blue robber – x18, x15, x12.50, x11, x10, x2.40, x2, x1.60, x1.20, x0.80

- Green robber – x15, x12, x10, x9, x8, x1.80, x1.50, x1.20, x0.90, x0.60

- Golden bars – x10, x9, x8, x7, x6, x1.20, x1, x0.80, x0.60, x0.40

- Necklace, Cash – x3.50, x3, x2.80, x2.60, x2.40, x0.60, x0.50, x0.40, x0.30, x0.20

- Red, Blue and Green Pendants – x3, x2.60, x2.40, x2.20, x2, x0.50, x0.40, x0.30, x0.20, x0.10

- Dynamite – Wild symbol

How to Play Leprechaun Heist

Press the Spin button (big one with the rounded pointer) to start the game. Adjust the stakes to your liking by hitting the two pointers located next to the bet amount. If you like, activate 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 auto-spins. Open the Menu to find out more information about the game.
This game is licensed outside of Malta.