What are featured games?

If you're a dedicated streaming enthusiast in search of your next binge-worthy TV show, then you understand the importance of seeking recommendations, exploring 'most-watched', and discovering hidden gems based on your preferences. Featured Games are just that for online slot enthusiasts - only our Lions have done the hunting for you!

We’ve curated a collection of the most engaging and entertaining online slot games, ready for you to simply jump in and enjoy! Whether you’re keen on jackpots and megaways or interested in classics and fan favourites, Featured Games cater to every gaming palate.

How do we select our Featured Games?

In a sea of slots, how does an online slot make it to this coveted list?! Our team of Lions hunted down these Featured Games and selected ones that embody all the characteristics of a thrilling entertainment experience!

To make it into this mix, an online slot must possess what we refer to as ‘royal’ criteria. Boasting stunning visuals, immersive bonus rounds, modern mechanics, player popularity, and high payout potential, these games are guaranteed to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience! And, as the King of Mobile Casino, you can bet your right paw these games play optimally on mobile!

Any given slot on this list comes recommended by our team! Jump in and see what we’ve picked for you!