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Orphelins Bet Guide

In roulette, there are three main call bets, also known as French bets, you can wager on: Tiers Du Cylindre, Voisins Du Zero and the Orphelins bet. The latter offers a useful approach to the game and is a great strategy to know if you’re a roulette enthusiast.

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Essentially, the Orphelins bet is a set of wagers covering specific grid sections on a roulette table with a mix of strategic straight-up and split bets. You’ll find two types of Orphelins bets, the Orphelin In Plein and the Orphelin En Cheval.

To set an Orphelin In Plein bet, place eight straight-up bets on eight numbers. But this can be a pretty risky move, which is probably why it isn’t all that popular. On the other hand, the Orphelins En Cheval bet has you placing a mix of five split and straight-up bets across eight numbers on the table. This is the most common Orphelins bet you’ll come across and the one we’ll be focusing on in this guide.

If you’re playing in person at a land-based casino, then you can announce your intention to place an Orphelin bet to the croupier, and they will set up your chips however you like. But if you’re playing at an online casino, you’ll have to do this yourself. The Orphelins bets in online roulette games are generally found in the racetrack view and can be set with the click of a button. The Orphelins bet is generally available in French Roulette and some other European game variants.


What is Orphelins Bet?

The Orphelins bet is a five-chip announced wager, covering eight numbers on the table. Its title name, ‘Orphelins’, comes from an old French word meaning ‘orphans’. It’s quite an apt name, given that the eight numbers within the bet are known as ‘orphans’. This is because they exist outside of the number range covered by the other main Roulette bet systems, Tiers Du Cylindre and Voisins Du Zero.

Traditionally, this bet was not available on main tables, since it was often applied by specialist players who had to call it out if they wanted to play it. Because of this, it is known as a call or announced bet.

Mechanics of Orphelins Bet

The mechanics of the Orphelins bet give you the chance to put together strategic moves within the game. If you execute it properly (and get lucky), this wager can potentially lead you to some great payouts.

The bet itself is generally available on European Roulette tables (the ones with a single zero) and focuses solely on the numbers known as orphans. These include one, six, nine 14, 17, 20, 31 and 34. These numbers are divided across two sections of the wheel, with one, nine, 14, 20 and 31 on one side and six, 17 and 34 on the other. They’re found on opposite sides of each other, right in between the areas used by numbers from the Tiers Du Cylindre and Voisins Du Zéro bets.

But the Orphelins bet isn’t just about setting bets that cover these eight numbers with five chips. It also makes sure that the chips you place cover the highest paying odds to maximize any potential payouts. Straight-up bets will get you payouts of 35x your stake, whereas split bets get you lower wins of 17x your bet.

In considering a scenario where all 37 numbers (including the single zero) land once within 37 rounds of the game, then you have a one-in-four chance of winning with the Orphelins bet. But as always, strategy can only take you so far and luck plays a massive part in winning or losing at online casino games.

Orphelins Bet Pros and Cons

There are loads of great advantages that come from using the Orphelins bet in roulette, and these include:

  • Better table coverage – You cover eight numbers on the wheel using five chips through the Orphelins bet, giving you better table coverage that could increase your chances of success.

  • A balanced distribution of numbers – The orphan numbers are spread around the wheel, creating a more even distribution of bets that covers different areas on the table.

  • Potentially great payouts – When compared to other bets like red/black or odd/even, you can get much better payouts if the ball lands on numbers included in your Orphelins bet.

    That’s not to say that the bet doesn’t have its setbacks. There are a few disadvantages it brings to the table, such as:

  • Small number range – While the Orphelins bet does have great coverage, it still includes a relatively small amount of numbers on the wheel, which can affect your winning probability when compared to other bet types.

  • Higher house edge – All bets in roulette have a built-in house edge, which effectively means that in the long run, casinos will turn a profit from this kind of bet. The house edge for the Orphelins bet is generally higher than that found in even money bets.

Orphelins Bet Strategies

The key to executing the Orphelins bet effectively is knowing when to use the bet and how much to wager.

If you’re using the Orphelins bet and notice that the ball is frequently landing on your orphan numbers pockets, then you could increase those bets. This option is only recommended if you haven’t had more than two to three losses in a row. Similarly, you could adjust your bet amount depending on the patterns that emerge.

Before going all in with your strategies, you may want to try them out in a low-stakes environment, first. Simulate and test your approach in low-stakes or demo games at online casinos to get a better understanding of your approach, assessing the long-term profitability of the bet without placing your funds on the line.

Ultimately, your best approach is to keep an eye on the game’s progression, adapting your bets according to the outcomes of previous rounds and keeping good management of your bankroll. Luck is just as important as strategy, so you’ll need to factor that into your calculations, too!

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