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Roulette Neighbours Bet Guide

Summary: To place a roulette neighbours bets bet, players must choose one of the numbers from the sequence and two numbers on each side of the selected number. If you tell the croupier "4 and the neighbours", your bet would include 15, 19, 4, 21, and 2. By placing a neighbouring bet, you cover a 5-number section of the roulette wheel with just one bet.

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Roulette is not a simple game of chance. While you cannot determine the results of a roulette game based on where the ball will land, you can decide to play bets that potentially improve your approach to the game. The availability of various betting options and numerous strategies when playing these casino games are some of the reasons why roulette is one of the most popular casino games.

In addition to options such as inside bets and outside bets, other roulette betting strategies include options such as neighbours and section roulette bets. We've prepared this in-depth guide where you can learn everything you need to know about the neighbours bet and how to use this strategy.


What Is a Neighbour Bet?

A roulette neighbour bet is a popular betting strategy when playing roulette. It allows you to place a single bet on up to five neighbouring numbers on the roulette wheel. To place a roulette neighbours bets bet, players must choose one of the numbers from the sequence and two numbers on each side of the selected number.

For instance, if you tell the croupier "4 and the neighbours", your bet would include 15, 19, 4, 21, and 2. By placing a neighbouring bet, you cover a 5-number section of the roulette wheel with just one bet. Neighbour bets are categorized under "announced' or “called" bets since you need to announce your bet to a dealer in a brick-and-mortar casino so that the croupier can place them on your other gambler's behalf.

Where Can You Play Neighbour Bets?

European Roulette favours the player more than American Roulette. Unlike American Roulette, which has a high house edge of 5.26% due to its two green 0 and 00 pockets, European Roulette has a slightly lower house edge of 2.7% as it has a single green 0 pocket.

While the house edge is the main difference between European and American Roulette, there are other differences. One such difference is that European the Roulette table allows you to place neighbouring bets. When playing European Roulette, you will find neighbour bets around the edge of the racetrack.

Another version of roulette that allows playing neighbouring bets is French Roulette. A variation of European Roulette itself, French Roulette also takes additional bets. These two versions of roulette have a racetrack above the main betting area, a betting layout extension resembling a racing circuit.

Apart from the numbers, it also has sections that have French names. Being a variation of the European version of the game, French Roulette also offers these additional bets.


How Much Do Neighbour Bets Cost?

When placing neighbour bets, your total stake is divided by five, and each fifth is placed on each of the five numbers. Using our earlier example of betting on "4 and the other neighbours bets", if you make a total wager of 25, it translates to 5 on each of the five numbers, 15, 19, 4, 21, and 2, in the neighbours bet.

When playing, know the minimum stake that can be on how many neighbours are made in each table so that if the minimum on inside numbers is one, then the minimum neighbour bet is one, and the total stake for a neighbour bet will cost you 5. When placing neighbour bets, decide how much you want to stake on each number, then multiply your stake per number by five to get your total bet amount. Ensure that your total amount can easily divide by the numbers you want to bet on.

Neighbour Bets: Odds, Payouts, and House Edge

Think of neighbour roulette bets as a combination of straight-up bets on single numbers, like placing chips on five single numbers in a row. In roulette, the most important odds are the odds of hitting a single number and how it pays.

European Roulette and French Roulette tables have 37 numbers on the wheel, and the chance of landing any number is 1:37. After factoring in a house edge of 2.70%, the payout odds of any single number are 35:1.

In a land-based casino, if you give the dealer a 25 chip, they would place it on the number 4 on the racetrack. That's a stake of 5 each on the numbers 15, 19, 4, 21, and 2. Betting on five numbers out of the 37 numbers on the wheel gives you a success probability of 7.4:1 (13:5%). If the ball lands on any of these numbers, you get a 35:1 payout on a five-number bet.

Taken as a whole, a standard neighbour bet will pay about 6.2:1. Hitting one number pays you 175, and you lose 20 on the other four numbers. You had staked 25, and winning 175 gives you a net profit of 150.

How to Play Neighbour Bet Online?

While in land-based casinos, you have to announce or call a neighbour bet to the dealer, all you have to do when placing a neighbour bet at an an online roulette casino is to choose the number on the roulette racetrack. Most online European Roulette tables have a racetrack section. However, it may be on a different screen or needs to be activated through an icon in the game menu.

If there is no racetrack to play roulette on, it means that that table does not accept neighbour bets. You'll have to find another table with a racetrack. Note that most American Roulette tables and a handful of European or French Roulette tables do not offer the racetrack.

  1. Locate the racetrack: If it isn't already in view, you may need to toggle an icon in the game menu to bring the racetrack up.
  2. Select the number of neighbours: By default, most tables will have two neighbours. Use the plus and minus button toggles to increase or decrease the number of neighbours.
  3. Choose your bet amount: Use the chip icon to set the stake amount.
  4. Pick a number: Choose any number on the racetrack that you want to become the centre number of your bet.
  5. Hit Spin: Click on the spin button and get a payout of 35:1 if the ball lands on any number on your neighbour bets.

Note: If you wish, you can play multiple neighbour bets at the same time.

What Are Section Bets?

The main purpose of the racetrack is to help you place call bets online. The French terms on the racetrack help you to place section bets online roulette tables. Unlike land-based casinos, where you need to announce the neighbour bets to the dealer, you cannot announce when playing online and thus have to use the racetrack to place your bets.

These are also neighbour bets, however, they are slightly different in the sense that they cover sections.

Section bets include:

1. Les Orphelins- "The Orphans": The Les Orphelins is the smallest bet that covers the eight numbers, not in the Les Voisins du Zero and Tiers du Cylindre bets. It needs five units and covers the following numbers:

  • One chip covers the number one straight up
  • One chip covers the six/nine split
  • One chip covers the 14/17 split
  • One chip covers the 17/20 split
  • One chip covers the 31/34 split

When playing the Les Orphelins, the payout available is up to 35:1.

  1. Les Voisins du Zero- "Neighbours of Zero": It is a 9-chip bet and a combination of a corner, street, and splits covering 17 numbers from 22 to 25 on the other end of the wheel.

It covers as follows:

  • Two chips cover the zero, two, and three corner
  • Two chips cover the 25 to 29 corner
  • One chip covers the 4/7 split
  • One chip covers the 12/15 split
  • One chip covers the 18/21 split
  • One chip covers the 19/22 split
  • One chip covers the 32/35 split

It pays a maximum of 17:1 when you win on this bet.

3. Tiers du Cylindre- "Third of the Wheel": It is a 6x2-number split that covers the 12 numbers that lie from 27 to 3

Here are the options it covers:

  • One chip covers the 5/8 split
  • One chip covers the 10/11split
  • One chip covers the 13/16 split
  • One chip covers the 23/24 split
  • One chip covers the 27/20 split
  • One chip covers the 33/36 split

If you land any of these numbers, the Tiers du Cylindre pays out at 17:1.

Roulette Neighbour Bet FAQs

How Do Neighbour Bets Pay?

Neighbour bets are a group of straight bets where each bet pays 35:1 of your stake when the ball lands on that number. As a nine chip bet as a whole, a standard five-number neighbour bet pays 6.2:1.

When Are Neighbour Bets Suitable?

Neighbour bets are convenient for any player who wants to cover a specific section of the wheel. Neighbour bets are perfect if you hate near misses, as they allow you to have specific areas on the wheel. It is an easier and quicker way to place multiple bets at once without all the hustle of checking the nearby numbers and betting on each one.

Are Neighbour Bets Available on All Roulette Tables?

No, neighbour bets are not available on all roulette tables. While you'll find racetracks from where you can place neighbouring bets on most European Roulette tables, most American Roulette tables don't offer them.

What Is the House Edge on Neighbour Bets?

In their elementary form, neighbour bets are simply bets on the house advantage of single numbers next to each other on the wheel. Every single bet in a neighbour bet has a house edge of 2.7%.

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