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No Bust Blackjack Strategy

You may think blackjack is a game of luck, and while this is true, there are strategies you can apply to help structure your sessions. There’s never any harm in trying something new to improve your game. Needless to say, it’s a good starting point.

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That's why we decided to look at an increasingly popular strategy used by players, the no bust blackjack strategy. From how no bust blackjack works to the ins and outs of using it, we’re here to help explain everything.

Where do we start? Let’s jump into the no bust blackjack strategy, and how you use it when you play.


What is the No Bust Blackjack Strategy?

The no bust strategy in blackjack is a safer approach compared to other strategies in blackjack. And once you get into it then it’s pretty simple to follow. The clue is in the name– avoiding going bust.

There are two key reasons why players adopt this approach.

First up, If you go bust, you lose. By playing with the no bust strategy, blackjack players avoid that outcome. The other point is that you’re still in the game, meaning you still got a chance of winning. Because even though you can't go bust, the dealer still can.

You still have a chance of winning, even if your hand isn’t that great. That’s better than nothing, right? Just keep in mind that this doesn't mean you’ll win every hand - if the dealer doesn't go bust, and manages to get a better hand than you, the dealer will win.

How Does the No Bust Strategy Work in Blackjack?

The no bust blackjack strategy works by minimizing the risk of going bust when playing the game. For those new to the game, going bust is when your hand exceeds the value of 21, which is the target you're trying to get with the cards you're dealt.


Each card has its own value, with number cards equal to the value on the card, face cards (jack, queen, and king) worth 10 and an Ace is worth 1 or 11. If you get dealt two cards and haven't got 21, you can then choose to 'hit' which sees the dealer give you another card. If you had an eight and a seven, your total would be 15. If you choose to draw another card and it exceeds the value of six, your hand will go bust.

This strategy takes the risk away from all of that happening by stopping you from going bust, which would be an automatic loss if it happened. To work, the strategy requires you to not take the chance of drawing another card if there is the slightest chance that doing so could mean you go bust.

How to Use the Blackjack No Bust Strategy?

The no bust strategy in blackjack is incredibly easy to use, even for newbie blackjack players. Here are the three key steps you need to follow if looking to use this strategy when playing the game.

Always Stand on 12 or More

If the dealer hands you two cards that total twelve or more, you don't take another card. Although, if you're on twelve there are nine different cards that you could draw which won't bust your hand, there are still four other cards that could come out which will bust your hand. And the chances of going bust increase significantly the higher the value of your hand.

Instead, you should stick with your current cards to avoid the possibility of going bust and removing the risk of an instant loss.

Hit on 11 or Below

If you have a value of 11 or below from the two cards you are dealt, there’s no chance that you could go bust by drawing another card. So, this is the time when you would decide to 'hit', meaning the dealer gives you an extra card. If the value of your cards is below 12 still, then you can hit again. But once the value exceeds 12, that’s the time to switch to the above rule and stop drawing additional cards.

When you’re below 11 it also opens up the game for a chance to use different strategies without going bust. Let’s say you have two tens for example, or two face cards, you could choose to split them which doubles your bet and gives you two hands. You then get dealt a new card to each, giving you an additional chance of trying to hit 21.

The other thing that you can do is double your bet, where you place down an equal amount to your original bet to draw just one more card. If the hand wins, you win double what your original stake was. This is best used when the value of your hand is 11 because there are four different cards available that could boost the value of your hand to 21.

Avoid Taking Insurance

If there’s an ace showing in the dealer’s hand you’ll be given the option to buy insurance in the case they have a blackjack (21). The cost of the insurance is the same as the value of your bet, and if the dealer does have 21, the insurance pays out 2:1. However, the odds of a blackjack appearing are low, so it's better to not waste your money betting on this and sticking to the no bust blackjack strategy.

What are the Pros and Cons of the No Bust Blackjack Strategy?

It goes without saying life isn’t simple, and it’s the same thing here too. And the no bust strategy in blackjack is no different. Here are some of the key benefits and disadvantages of using the no bust strategy when playing blackjack online at LeoVegas.


  • This strategy offers a more conservative approach to the game that avoids chasing the highest hand possible. This more cautious approach helps to minimize the risk of losing by removing the chance of going bust.
  • Unlike more complex strategies, following the no bust strategy is easy, even for newcomers to blackjack. It’s easy for new players who are just starting out and want a clear plan to follow during the game. It’s also useful for experienced players too.
  • It basically reduces the likelihood of making risky moves and keeps you in the game when other players could go bust. You still have a chance to win if you’re in the game


  • You won’t always be drawing extra cards to ensure you don’t go bust. This means you may miss out on some potential wins. Don’t beat yourself up if you feel like you’ve missed out on an opportunity. The game is more than one single hand, and this isn’t a common thing.
  • No strategy is foolproof and you’ll experience losses from time to time. No one has the power to predict the future, and luck can still outplay strategy. So if you do experience losses, make sure you have set your bankroll to know when to stop because gambling responsibly is especially important.livecasinowobanner.gif

What are the Other Similar Betting Strategies That can be Used in Blackjack?

There are plenty of other blackjack strategies outside of no bust blackjack, and depending on what you prefer it may be too safe, even though it may be perfect for others. If you’re thinking of experimenting with alternative strategies, or are looking for some with a more high-risk high-reward approach, keep on reading.

Martingale System

The Martingale system is used by many players and is a betting strategy that revolves around doubling your bet after each loss and then reverting back to the initial bet after a win. It’s more high-risk than the no bust strategy and requires a large bankroll as it relies on hoping to secure enough winnings to cancel out previous losses.

Paroli System

The Paroli system is a strategy that doubles your bet after each win and returning to the initial bet after a loss. This method aims to take advantage of winning streaks while reducing losses during periods of consecutive losses.

Oscar's Grind System

Oscar's Grind system revolves around placing fixed bets and increasing the bet size after each win similar to the Paroli system, however, it’s more conservative as you don’t double your bet each time. Instead, you just up your bet by one each time.

Fibonacci System

The Fibonacci system is a progressive betting strategy that follows a sequence of numbers. This means each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers. Here, players adjust their bets based on the Fibonacci sequence, increasing the bet after a loss, and returning to the initial bet after a win.

And there we have it, everything there is to know about the no bust blackjack strategy. As you can guess, it’s a style of play that’s ideal for players who don’t want to take high risks, and although it doesn't guarantee wins, it can help minimize losses by removing the chance of going bust.

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