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How to Play Online Bingo

Feel like a game of bingo online? You’re in the right place! Online bingo has taken the bingo community by storm as more and more bingo enthusiasts are discovering the joys of playing their favourite game from the comfort of their home or even on the go! For boosted fun, at LeoVegas we also reward new players with a Bingo Welcome Offer, worth up to $1,000 in real money and 200 Free Spins!

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In case you’re new to the whole online bingo scenario or simply would like to make the most out of it, then this guide was made for you! Continue reading to discover how to play bingo online, the different types of online bingo games available, how to win at bingo, what unique features await you and much more!


How to Play Bingo?

So first things first, let’s start with a quick introduction or a refresher on the basic rules of a standard bingo game. One of the main reasons why it’s so popular is because it’s incredibly easy to understand and play. Plus it’s a game of chance!

Whether you’re playing bingo online or in a physical bingo hall, it all comes down to matching numbers listed on your tickets with the numbers randomly drawn by the so-called Bingo Caller, either crossing off lines or covering a specific pattern on your tickets. The first player/s who match/es the ticket numbers with the called numbers on the required winning pattern win/s the game round! Easy right? But it gets better! Apart from the game pot, some of our bingo rooms at LeoVegas even come with whopping jackpots!

Another thing to keep in mind is that the type of bingo game you are playing determines how many numbers your ticket consists of. That’s because bingo is not always played with a strict number of balls, rather it can be played for example with 90 balls, 75 balls etc...But we will delve deeper into these different types of bingo games in a later section!

Getting Familiar With the LeoVegas Bingo Lobby

Now that you’re up to speed with the basics of how to play bingo, let us show you the way around LeoVegas Bingo! Once you get there, you’ll be greeted with our external Bingo Lobby filled with different game tiles which represent the different bingo rooms we have available. As you can see, our Bingo Lobby is not just any Bingo Lobby, hidden inside the rooms it’s a savannah-themed Bingo! 🦁

Each game tile displays important details about each available room, mainly:

  • Name of the room
  • The variant (for example, 90-ball)
  • The countdown until the game plays out
  • The number of players who have bought tickets for the game
  • The ticket price
  • The prize that’s on offer
  • The jackpot that’s on offer (if applicable)

How To Win at Online Bingo: The Winning Conditions of the Different Bingo Variants

90-Ball Bingo

This refers to the classic bingo game and is the most popular variant in the UK. It’s also the variant which most of our bingo rooms follow at LeoVegas Bingo, with our Lion’s Roar - Jackpot Room, Lion’s Den - Heavy Weight and Lion Queen - Super Heavy Weight bingo rooms all home to 90 balls!

When picking one of these games, your ticket will consist of a 3x9 grid with 27 squares in total, with only 15 out of those 27 containing numbers. While the first column contains numbers from 1-9, the second column contains numbers from 10-19 and so on, up to 90. With each round of the average 90-ball game, you’ll get three winning opportunities and these are:

  1. By crossing off the numbers on one line
  2. By crossing off the numbers on two lines
  3. By achieving a Full House i.e. crossing off all three lines on your ticket!


75-Ball Bingo

While the 90-ball variant is the most common bingo style in the UK, the 75-ball variant is the one that’s especially popular in North America due to its faster pace! In this type of game, each ticket consists of a 5x5 grid where each 1 of the 25 squares contains a unique number except for the centremost square which is “free”! In this variant, the first column contains numbers from 1-15, the second column contains numbers from 16-30 and so on, up to 75.

Winning in a 75-ball bingo game such as in our very own Life Begins at Leo - Country roads bingo room doesn’t depend on completing one line, two lines or achieving a Full House. Rather it comes down to completing a pre-determined pattern on your bingo card. One example is the ‘4 Corner Cross’ which requires you to cross off the leftmost and rightmost numbers on the top and bottom lines of your ticket.


80-Ball Bingo

While not as popular as the 90-ball and 75-ball variants, this variant is just as thrilling as it offers an innovative take on bingo! It is traditionally known as ‘Shutter Bingo’ as when played in physical bingo halls, players used to cover their numbers with a small shutter board. In this type of game, your ticket will consist of a 4x4 grid, with all 16 squares filled with a unique number. In this case, the first column always includes numbers from 1-20, the second column includes numbers from 21-40, the third column includes numbers from 41-60 and finally the fourth column includes numbers from 61-80.

You can see this type of game as somewhere in between the 90-ball variant and the 75-ball variant as winning here is possible in various ways such as by crossing off any line, any 2 lines, any vertical line, any 2 columns, the fours corners, the four middle squares and more! Fancy giving this a go? Check out our Leo’s Legs - Boom Box bingo room!


30-Ball Bingo

Got a need for speed? Then our Lion on the Line - Zoom Room bingo room is the place to be! Also known as ‘Speed Bingo’, 30-ball variations are designed with thrill seekers in mind! In this type of bingo game, your ticket would consist of a 3x3 grid where all 9 squares are filled with a unique number. The first column contains the numbers from 1-10, the second from 11-20 and the third from 21-30. There’s only one winning condition and that is to complete the Full House! Up for the challenge?


Now that you’re more familiar with the kind of games which you can treat yourself to in our Bingo Lobby, it’s time to pick the one that tickles your fancy the most and get the ball rolling! Not yet part of the pride? Open an account with LeoVegas today, hit play on your chosen game and let the fun begin!

Did you know? You can play up to 3 different rooms at the same time and you can switch between them in one click from the top of your screen, next to the ‘Home’ icon.

Once you get to your chosen game, this will be your view if there isn’t an ongoing game:

Lion's Roar Bingo Room No Ongoing Game

See that red box in the top left corner? That’s the progressive jackpot amount! On the other hand, the top right corner displays the prize pot that’s available for the particular game you’re playing and by clicking on it, it even shows you a breakdown of the prizes available. Hit the information icon for more game details. From there, you can even access a list of previous winners for the games you’ve actually been present for. In the case there is an ongoing game, this will be your view:

Lion's Roar Bingo Room Ongoing Game

Each game usually takes 5 to 6 minutes so the wait could serve as the perfect opportunity for you to purchase your tickets for the next round and get ready to play!

How to Buy Online Bingo Tickets

Buying online bingo tickets at LeoVegas is easy, quick and very user-friendly. Simply hit the orange ‘BUY TICKETS’ button in-game to get started. The cost per ticket, the game’s prize pot along with a timer (counting down the days, hours or minutes until the sale of tickets closes down) are among the information you will see upon clicking the ‘BUY TICKETS’ button.

There are various ways to select the amount of tickets you want to buy. First of all, you can opt for a predetermined amount, for example 30 tickets. Secondly, you can type in the amount manually or use the ‘-’ and ‘+’ buttons to get to the amount you want. There’s also a slider you can use to make your selection faster. Each game comes with a maximum number of tickets which one can buy per round, which normally ranges from 100 tickets to 120 tickets.

How To Buy Online Bingo Tickets

Once you’re happy with your selection, click ‘BUY TICKETS’ again and at this stage a confirmation message will pop up. The tickets you buy will then be displayed with a green tick next to them. In addition, once you make a purchase, a ticket number will be generated for each of the tickets bought.

Once the game starts, the Call Board pops up on your screen displaying all the numbers that are being called out. If you want the full experience, keep your sounds on but for a more quiet game, it’s also possible to turn off the sound from the ‘Settings’ icon.

As the numbers are being called out, on the top left corner of your ticket, you would be able to see how many more numbers you have to cross off before you could win a prize. Throughout the game, you'll see messages popping up on your screen to notify you that there has been a winner. In the case more than one player wins, the prize is split between them accordingly.

Bingo Prizes

So now you know how to win in bingo, but what are the prizes on offer? Depending on the bingo type, each game can have a variety of game pots. The amount of prize associated with each pattern is either a percentage from the players’ total bets, a fixed amount or a mix of both.

As previously mentioned, besides the game pot, some games also come with extra prizes for the winner of the game. For instance, if the game is won in a certain number of calls, the winner would also take home the sum of a Progressive Jackpot or a Fixed Jackpot! With Progressive Jackpots, if no one wins the jackpot, its value grows over time by taking a percentage from the players’ tickets cost and adding it to the jackpot pool. As their name implies, Fixed Jackpots have a guaranteed value that remains the same each time.

Some of our promotions sometimes come with a so-called ‘Community Progressive or Fixed Jackpots’. In such cases, a percentage of it will go to the jackpot winner while another percentage goes to all the other players who bought tickets for the particular game, either shared equally or proportionally to the tickets purchased.

Bingo Features to Look Out For

Besides the obvious benefit of getting to play bingo from the comfort of your home or while on the go, playing bingo online also offers you a variety of unique features to further personalize and improve your online bingo experience. Let’s have a look at some of them together!

  • Filtering & Sorting: This one satisfies all your organisational needs! Available from our internal lobby view, this feature allows you to filter by game type, for instance to be able to see only 90-ball rooms. You can also sort in a variety of ways, for example by ‘Time (Starting first)’, ‘Progressive Jackpot (Biggest first)’, ‘Ticket Price (Lowest first)’ and much more.

  • Daub Shape, Daub Colour & Your Avatar: Yes! From the ‘Settings’ icon in-game, apart from being able to turn on or off the sounds of the Bingo Caller, you can also choose from a selection of daub shapes and daub colours. In case you were wondering, by default, the game automatically daubs all matching numbers on the bought tickets but in case you want to go back to basics, you can even switch off the ‘Auto-Daub’ setting and do it manually! Finally, it is also possible to change your avatar!

  • Pre-Buy Function: Are you a fan of planning ahead? If so, our ‘Pre-Buy’ option was designed for you! In this way, you can organise a bingo night with your friends ahead of time making sure everyone gets tickets up to 30 days in advance! Alternatively, you can take advantage of this function in case you won’t be able to join a bingo event that is being held at a particular time. Yes that’s right! Your presence in the bingo room at the time the game is being played out is not obligatory for your tickets to play in that game!

There are two ways to pre-buy tickets: either from the actual game by clicking the ‘PRE-BUY’ button or from the side menu by clicking ‘Pre-Buy Tickets’. You will then be directed to a different view where you can choose which room you want to buy tickets, for which date and for which time.

Play Bingo Live Online at LeoVegas

Playing bingo online at LeoVegas Casino goes beyond our wide selection of branded online bingo games and their unique features. Apart from rewarding new players with a roaring Welcome Offer, we also treat our bingo players to fantastic bingo offers and regular promotions, not to mention our occasional Free Bingo Games where all players joining would receive a set amount of Free Tickets to play with and win real cash prizes!

So what are you waiting for? Take your online bingo experience to the next level with LeoVegas by hitting the button below!