Play live roulette at LeoVegas

Reinventing the wheel is a monumental task, to say the least. How about reinventing the roulette wheel though? Well, that’s far more achievable! At our live casino, you will experience online roulette reborn as a completely immersive and highly enjoyable game. Whatever type of roulette online game tickles your fancy, you’re bound to find it right here, whether that be the French or American versions of the game. Perhaps you’re looking for fast play tables or slot side bets? Take a seat at the Hippodrome Casino or one of Evolution Gaming’s splendid studios, such as the ever-popular Lightning Roulette, where you will find everything you need. Professionally trained croupiers are standing by each and every table, so why keep them waiting? Immerse yourself in live roulette at LeoVegas.

Much like the live roulette wheels, you’re always on the move. The good news is that you can play online roulette on mobile. Exciting to play with beautifully crisp HD streams, the pleasures of roulette online fit perfectly in the palm of your hand! Download the LeoVegas App and enjoy the same great features you can expect on a desktop, such as the ability to save your favourites and open recently played tables. Recognised as 'Live Casino of the Year’ in 2018 and 'Mobile Operator of the Year' in 2019 at the International Gaming Awards, you're guaranteed to have an effortlessly smooth and enjoyable live gaming experience.

Live roulette – how it works

Do you want to feel as if a roulette table has been transported directly from a casino to you in your own home? Do you want to lounge around in your comfortable attire, safe in the knowledge that the dealer and the other players can’t see you? Do you want to stake on the wheel while also having your favourite roulette betting strategy handily open in another tab on your computer screen? All these things and more are possible when you play live roulette.

When you log on to our site and start playing live roulette games, you’ll be connected to a professionally run roulette game in a high-tech studio. All the games are hosted by expert croupiers who aim to bring you the best possible betting experience. One amazing thing you’ll notice about playing live is that there’s an excellent social element to the games – you can chat with other players and the dealer. This makes it feel like you’ve stepped into a real-world casino.

Live roulette offers a great hybrid experience, where you’ll see real-world and digital elements on the screen at the same time. Our online roulette games lobby is packed full of choices, and we’ve aimed to provide something for everyone. No matter what type of roulette game you like playing, you’ll find it here. You might even find an online roulette bonus with extra cash to play in our promotions section.

Let’s dig into the components of a live game.

Live dealer roulette

The core feature of live roulette is the dealer, who acts as the face and the focal point of the game. The highly trained experts host the game in a lively fashion and aim to make it engaging for everyone. They take you through every step of the action, announce when it’s time to place your bets, and alert you when the ball has landed in its final place.

At LeoVegas, we pride ourselves on having some of the most smartly dressed and professional croupiers in the industry. We have a range of men and women, and you can sometimes check the thumbnail to choose a specific dealer to play with. They change every 20 to 40 minutes as well so that you can enjoy their diverse hosting styles.

The dealer’s number one aim is to entertain you and make sure you have a fun time playing roulette, game shows, or card games. If you think they’ve done a good job when you finish betting for the day, you can tip them if you want. You are by no means obliged to, however.

Live roulette vs classic online roulette games

There are a few key differences between live roulette and classic online roulette that you need to know. The virtual versions of the game are fully digitalised and use random number generators (RNG) to determine where the ball lands. This is not the case with the live-streaming options. When you play our live games, you’ll be connected to a real table operated by a croupier.

This means that you’ll see the wheel spinning and witness when they drop the ball on the track. The range of high-definition camera angles means you’ll always be able to observe where the ball is. The game is played in a studio that has been specially built for live streaming. This means that the cameras and microphones will always pick up on the things you need to see and hear.

There are benefits to each type of gameplay, and depending on what you seek in a roulette game, you may find you prefer one over the other. We would recommend playing a few different ones until you settle on your favourite. That’s why we’ve aimed to provide as much variety as possible, so you have every chance of finding the game that’s right for you.

Virtual Roulette Benefits

  • Rapid-fire games that are always ready to start when you are
  • Can easily open up multiple games in different tabs
  • Have a computer-game feel with immersive elements
  • Refined over years at the forefront of the gambling industry

Live Roulette Benefits

  • Can speak to the dealer and other players
  • Has a truly authentic feel
  • Dealer can give advice about how to wager
  • Players can see all the action taking place in real-time

How to bet on a live roulette game

When you log onto one of our live roulette games, you’ll see the dealer, the live chat, the roulette wheel, and the virtual betting area all in view. There are options to change the settings, so you see less. When each round starts and the bets have all been taken, there will be a greater focus on the wheel. No matter what device you choose to play from, you’ll find these games to be intuitive and easy to navigate.

When you’re ready to start placing bets on the roulette games, you’ll have to choose the value of the chips you want to place and put them down in the betting area by clicking or tapping. You’ll then be able to see how much you’ve wagered on a particular outcome.

Follow the steps below to start betting on live roulette games here at LeoVegas today:

  • Open an account with LeoVegas
  • Search live roulette and choose from one of the many options
  • Enter a live roulette game and wait for the next round to start
  • Choose where you want to place your bets
  • Watch the wheel spin and wait to see if you have won
  • If you win, you can cash out by going to your account

Live roulette payouts

There are so many different bets that you can place on the roulette wheel, each with its own payouts. Before you start wagering, it’s imperative to know all the different payouts, as this can influence the way you bet. For instance, betting on a single number would be a high-risk, high-return option, while wagering on red or black is a low-risk, low-return bet.There may be different payouts and odds for the variant you are playing, with some of the more new-fangled options offering multipliers, but generally, the two key differences that you need to watch out for are between European and American roulette games.

Standard roulette pay table

The lefthand column shows the types of bets you can place, and the right hand side shows their different payouts.

  • Single number - 35:1
  • Two numbers - 17:1
  • Three numbers in a row - 11:1
  • Four numbers in a row - 8:1
  • Six numbers in a row - 5:1
  • Column of 12 numbers - 2:1
  • Dozens - 2:1
  • Red or Black - 1:1
  • Odd and Even - 1:1
  • Bigger or Smaller - 1:1

Inferior odds in American roulette game

American roulette games follow the same payout structure as European roulette offerings, but the odds are not quite the same. Because the American version has an extra pocket for zero, it changes the probability of winning a single-number bet.

Instead of it being 35/1, it’s actually 37/1. However, the game still pays out at 35:1. This means that the optimal option could be to join an European roulette table or a French roulette table with the single zero. The American version has its merits, as it can be exciting for players who want to bet on zeros since it gives them two chances of hitting it.

Roulette casino game betting limits

One of the most important things you should be aware of is that our tables have betting limits. This means that you can’t stake more than a certain amount. It’s crucial that you familiarise yourself with these, as it will mean that some betting strategies aren’t optimal. For example, the Martingale system requires players to double their wager every time they lose. If the table has a betting limit, you may reach a point where you can’t double it anymore.

If you want to know the betting limits for our tables, check the information section of the game you’d like to play. You could also contact our customer support team if you need extra assistance. You should also know that there are minimum bets for the tables. However, our handy site functions mean that you can filter games based on your betting preferences and budget. The minimum bets go as low as 0.10, with the highest maximum bet set at 50,000.

Knowing the minimum and maximum bets of a table means that you can manage your bankroll effectively and plan an approach to a table before you start playing. Our table limits also help to stop people from betting too much and potentially losing a large sum of money.

Try a Variety of Live Roulette Online at LeoVegas

Are you itching to start betting on the wheel? Well, hold your horses for a little bit longer, as there’s still more that we can cover. In this section, we’ll give you some details about the range of live roulette options you can choose from at LeoVegas. We’ve got a bunch of classic offerings, along with a few exclusive ones that can’t be found elsewhere. If you're looking for something unusual, there are even some special roulette online games that might tickle your fancy.

Classic roulette games

We have a vast array of European and American roulette tables available anytime, anywhere. When you head over to our live roulette section, you’ll be able to view all their thumbnails and see which one you find most appealing. Here are a few options that you should check out if you want to play roulette in its traditional form.

LeoVegas Roulette

If you want a standard European version of roulette online, check out LeoVegas Roulette. This is the game in its classic form, and it’s a great entry-level option for beginners.

Macao Live Roulette

Macao is one of the world’s most famous gambling cities, and the buzz of the city is reflected in Macao Live Roulette. For many, a trip to the far east is merely a pipe dream. Games like this bring the experience to you in your own home, so you don’t have to travel.

American Live Roulette

For fans of the double zero and the increased chances of the ball landing on green, you should play American Live Roulette. This online roulette game is prevalent in the States, and American players may be more used to the wheel in this format.

London Live Roulette

For a classic roulette game with a London theme, head over to London Live Roulette. You’ll find iconography from the English capital, along with well-spoken dealers.

Exclusive games

Here at LeoVegas, we’re proud to offer some highly exclusive roulette games that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. We aim to provide a VIP experience that makes you feel well taken care of. These games are available to high rollers and newcomers alike – all our customers are catered to.

LeoVegas Live Roulette

LeoVegas Live Roulette is set in the themed LeoVegas room with the iconic lion visible in the background. The most notable thing about this game is the progressive jackpot that can reach astronomical heights and pays out to one lucky winner at random times. Could it be you?

Leo Roulette Show

Most of the live roulette games you’ll encounter come with only one croupier in charge of the wheel. We decided to spice things up with Leo Roulette Show, which puts you in touch with two expert dealers dictating the action. This one is also available in Italian, and you can choose depending on your language preference.

Live VIP Roulette

If you choose to play Live VIP Roulette, you’ll be whisked away to our opulent VIP studio. In here, the dealers are attired in even fancier threads than usual. You’ll also see gold decorations adorning the walls in the background. This game caters to fewer players than most offerings, meaning that you’ll have a more intimate experience with the dealer.

Special roulette games

The great thing about the live-streaming boom is that it has enabled game developers to get creative and expand on the traditional forms of roulette. This has brought about some brand new ways of playing that offer unique twists on the traditional format. We have plenty of special roulette games at LeoVegas, and a few of our favourites are listed below.

Mega Fire Blaze Roulette

This live European roulette by Playtech is fueled by a Fire Blaze Bonus round where you could win up 10,000x your stake. The key here are the Fire Numbers picked every round. These numbers will trigger the Fire Blaze Bonus if the ball lands on them. The bonus round is an action-packed game with multipliers and rechargeable lives. You're in for a blast at this live dealer table!

Hippodrome Casino Roulette

The Hippodrome Casino in London is one of the most iconic gambling houses in the world. If you want to feel as if you’re right there in the thick of the action, you should check out Hippodrome Casino Roulette. Unlike our other games that are streamed from studios, this one is actually broadcast from the world-famous casino itself. You can’t get more authentic than that, can you?

Live Double Ball Roulette

Is one roulette ball a little too boring for your taste? Never fear because you can now up the ante by playing Live Double Ball Roulette. In this variant, two balls will rattle around the track at the same time. This means that you’ll have double the chance of your bet coming off. However, you need to know that this format cuts the odds and payouts in half. Make sure you read the rules carefully before playing so you know how it differs from traditional roulette.

Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is one of the most popular new ways of playing the game. The fresh feature introduces some serious excitement that spices up the wheel and leads to serious payouts to lucky players. After the bets have been placed, a lightning animation will strike one or more numbers on the wheel at random. If you have placed a single number bet on a lightning number and the ball lands there, you will win massive multipliers on your stake.

Live roulette tables in your language

With roulette being one of the most popular games in the world, players in all online casino markets want to enjoy it. That’s why we aim to offer the game in a range of languages. Most of our games are in English, but there are options to change the language of the betting area for greater familiarity and ease of interaction.

There are also a few roulette games that have croupiers with languages other than English. For example, you’ll notice that we have games in Turkish and Hindi, among numerous other tongues.

Play live roulette games on your mobile

No matter what device you prefer to use to log onto LeoVegas, your enjoyment of the live roulette games will be the same. Many people these days choose to play roulette online from their mobile, so we’ve ensured that the titles are all optimised for the smaller portable screen. You’ll be able to see all the same things on your smartphone or tablet as you would on a desktop.

There are two ways for LeoVegas customers to play live roulette games from mobile. One is to download the LeoVegas app. This is ideal if you like to organise things on your phone in this way. You simply tap the app, and your favourite table games will load up in a matter of seconds. Alternatively, you can play LeoVegas through your smartphone browser. Our pages use HTML5 software, so they are perfectly geared to fit the smaller screen when you access them from your mobile.

There are loads of advantages to playing from a mobile. For one thing, it’s highly convenient, and you can pull it out and start betting wherever you are. You're no longer restricted to sitting at a desktop computer! Playing on mobile can also make the game more sociable instead of less - if you're hanging out with friends, why not all play at the same time? On top of all that, online roulette fits the bill when it comes to mobile gaming. It can be played in short bursts with little time investment required. That makes it the perfect time filler on mobile.

Advice for playing roulette online

Hopefully, the information on this page has helped you get a good grasp of the live roulette options we have here at LeoVegas. Before you get cracking, though, we do have a few final pieces of wisdom that we’d like to pass on to you. After all, our number one priority is that you have the best time possible when playing the game with us. Have a look at some of our top tips below.

Talk to someone if you need help

Always remember that playing live roulette games here at LeoVegas, or anywhere for that matter, should be fun. If you ever feel like you’re not enjoying yourself, it may be time to take a break. We have a friendly support team here if you ever need to talk to anyone, so there’s no need to feel like you’re on your own.

Set yourself some ground rules before you start

The people who get the most enjoyment when they play online roulette are the ones that give themselves some clear ground rules before they start playing. This is a game of chance, and nobody can predict the outcome of the wheel. You can, however, choose how much money you are willing to lose. Always stick within your budget and walk away if you get on a losing streak.

Likewise, it makes sense to set a winning target. A lot of players tend to chase lucky streaks and fail to walk away before the tide turns. If you give yourself a target amount to win and then stop when you reach it, it is likely that you will be happy – and that’s the most important thing, after all.

Make sure you have a good internet connection

Checking your internet connection before you begin is imperative. There’s nothing worse than being ready to place your bets and then finding that the WI-FI signal is down. Using a fast internet service also improves your overall enjoyment of the game. You’ll be able to see the wheel spinning in real time, and you won’t miss any of the excitement when the ball lands in its final position.

Check out your options first

Don’t just jump into the first live roulette game you find. Instead, take it easy, kick back, and give yourself a chance to have a thorough look through our options. We have so many games for you to choose from, each with diverse features designed to allure different types of players. Depending on what you like, you’re bound to find a title that’s perfect for you.

Be sure to read the information for each game so you know what you’re getting into. Some variants have slightly altered rules, and it’s crucial that you know about them before you play. The general aim of the game is the same, but sometimes the odds can change. For example, American Roulette has two green pockets for zero. This means that the odds of getting red or black shift slightly.

When you’ve selected a game, you don’t just have to dive in and start betting straight away. Instead, you can observe the wheel for a bit and see if the game is right for you. You may also be the kind of player who wants to try to spot a pattern before playing. If you’ve set up an account with us, you can watch the game for a while before you place any of your own chips down.

Find your live roulette table

Time to play live roulette. If you haven’t opened a LeoVegas account already, join the other thousands of players who love our live roulette options. There’s something for everyone here, and you will have a good time.

What is the difference between American and European roulette?

The difference stands in the number of zeros available. In American roulette, you can bet on both zero and double zero, while in European roulette there is only one zero. The house edge is therefore higher on American roulette.

Is there a way to play a multiplayer roulette version?

Yes, live roulette tables are a perfect option for that. Multiple players can join the same table and interact with the dealer and each other. The bets are placed in real-time and the results are the same for all participants.

Are there any other roulette games apart from the standard?

Yes, you will find some interesting versions online. You could try for example Live Lightning Roulette or Mega Fire Blaze Roulette with special multipliers, Gold Bar Roulette and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Roulette for a game show touch, or Age of the Gods Roulette for a mix with slots. There are many more variants to explore.