Nexus Roulette

OnAir Entertainment
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Roulette is a popular live casino offering, and if you’re looking for a game with a twist, why not try Nexus Roulette from OnAir Entertainment? Featuring four automatic game wheels, one main wheel and three with added bonuses, the game is set in a themed studio and offers players the chance to win up to 5000x their stake on a single straight-up bet. The game also features all of the other traditional roulette bets that players would expect to see, and it also offers other unique features, including racetrack and favourite bets.

Nexus Roulette Game Description

Tired of classic roulette games? You have come to the right place! Nexus Roulette is an innovative game show based on traditional roulette with a live host. This release by OnAir Entertainment promises a slightly different experience from a game of this kind. Four roulette wheels with a standard number of pockets (37 each) are available in the Nexus Roulette live game./n The main objective is to predict the correct number ending in the wheel’s pocket. The more correct predictions you make, the higher the prize./n Live Nexus Roulette offers various ways to play with multipliers, including the maximum payout multiplier of up to 5,000x. This is another original release from OnAir Entertainment in which players get the best of two worlds – live host games and classic casino games. Compared to other live roulette releases, Nexus Roulette OnAir Entertainment has advanced visuals, including a modern studio, a high-quality stream, and more betting options.

Nexus Roulette Bonus Features

We already noted that Nexus Roulette is not a standard casino game. The creators decided to include a few twists that make it different. Of course, the main feature is the presence of one main wheel and three bonus wheels, something you can’t find in other roulettes./n Despite the number of wheels, you can place bets on one field with numbers from 0 to 36. Once the automatic wheels stop spinning, you'll find out the result. The player always wins when a bet they made matches the result highlighted on at least one wheel./n The prize will be higher if there are more wheels with winning combinations. For instance, a straight-up bet won on the main wheel will provide 29x the player’s bet, but if the Main Wheel outcome matches any Bonus Wheel result, the payout is worth 50x the stake./n In addition to all the traditional bets inside bets, Nexus Roulette has unique bets linked to its specific gameplay./n Firstly, the Nexus Bet promises rewards whenever any number repeats across two or more wheels, even if the player didn’t bet on that number./n Secondly, when you play Nexus Roulette, you can use wheel sum bets that pay between 2x and 365x. The result is based on the summed value of all the numbers highlighted on the four wheels.

How to win on Nexus Roulette

This game differs from other classic live roulette games, but you still need to place bets (most of them found in other roulette games) and wait for the outcome. For example, straight-up bets are reserved for those who want to wager on a single number. As mentioned, the payout rate, in this case, is 28:1, but the ratio increases when you get additional hits./n We also have classic colour bets promising 2:1 (or 4:1 if all four wheels display the same colour) payouts. Players should check the pay table at the Live Nexus Roulette to learn more about the potential prizes with line bets, column bets, nexus bets, and wheel sum bets. The critical thing to remember is that the maximum win limit of 5,000x the stake can be reached when you guess the correct number, which is displayed on all four wheels at once.

How to play Nexus Roulette

Playing the Nexus Roulette live game is simple and fun. Before any spin, the live host will invite you to select a bet and use the casino chips on the main screen to set the stake. Several chips with different values make it easier for players to choose specific stakes. After that, they should wait for the wheels to start spinning./n In addition to computers, you can play Nexus Roulette on almost any modern mobile device powered by iOS or Android.

Nexus Roulette Game Info

OnAir Entertainment added Nexus Roulette to its extensive game portfolio on 21 February 2023. Players noticed this game stands out from the start thanks to its high-quality streams from a futuristic-looking studio./n Of course, the friendly yet professional hosts make this game even more fun. There’s also a text chat available to all players, and the hosts read the messages and make comments. For additional information, a help section and a history report can help you analyse the previous winning combinations.

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